Best USB Type C Hub 2017 – USB-C Dongles for Mac & PC

*My NEW Favorite* – Here is another hub I’ve been using that has worked really well for me! I haven’t had the video issues with it at all. Check it out!
HooToo Shuttle Dongle:
MINIX Dongle:
Aukey Adapters:
Juiced Systems USB-C Dongle:

In this video, Timothy reviews 3 USB-C dongles and a set of adapters to help your new usb type c enabled macbook pro or razer blade PC laptop stay connected. Regain that USB hub, SD card slot, micro SD slot, HDMI, and ethernet adapters.

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Fernando Franco says:

Takes too long to get to the actual reviews…

divinemsm716 says:

I purchased the MINIX NEO C-X, USB-C Multiport Adapter with HDMI from Amazon. It has all the features of the Juiced dongle and is available in Space Gray for $70. It works great and is the only dongle I need. Thanks for the review.


Hi Timothy it’s been 6 months since you review these hubs, is there anything that has come out since then that are better than what you have reviewed. I like the Juiced Systems USB-C Dongle as I’m looking for C-Type, USB, HDMI, SD, Micro SD & ethernet connection. Is there something better than this Juiced system at the moment for all these connections I’m looking for?

Riccardo Strano says:

I bought an Avotch hub usb 3.0 – type C, but as soon I connect it, my wi-fi…die!!. Pls could you tell me a good hub working with WI-FI with no conflict?…Thanks

woofinu says:

On the HooToo, are the three USB 3.0 ports equivalent? I noticed that two have a USB symbol next to them, and the third near the SD card reader, have a different symbol (lightning?).

StillDaylight says:

Sold out. Arghhhhhhhh

Matteo Marchelli says:

What are your plans about new Mavic (dji in general) videos? Are you gonna be able to try the Phantom 4 Pro to do a well done comparison as you can do?

ilikethingsfromjapan says:

can i plug the dongle into the wall socket end and then use my longer apple charge cable. I just dont want to have to look at a dongle and all that crap on my desk… and will it sill power my 2016 macbook pro 15 inch with touch bar? 87w

Carly D-G says:

This is great. Exactly what I have been hoping for! You are extremely easy to listen to and give awesome info. Thank you 🙂 Subscribed!

Krishna Rai says:


isame 00 says:

I really like the aesthetic of the last one you showed, it isn’t too bad, considering if you need an ethernet port and gotta buy an adapter that will cost around 20-30$ plus another dock. I’ve seen a lot of the ones satechi makes, but they’ve never had ethernet. I think 80 dollar is a good price for everything you’re getting.
This video was really helpful and if I ever buy a macbook I will go back and see the if you can still buy the one from juiced systems, by the way I saw that they ship for FREE to my country (it’s in europe! Far away from the US).

Arjun David says:

I have a Hoo Too shuttle and it has all the ports except mini sd card slot. However it gets hot which makes me worry about it

Rick Ruehl says:

Wow a touchbar. No touchscreen yet. Does that reverse to be a 2 in 1? Love my Dell.

Darrell Wood says:

have you tested speed.

DGLS_Official says:

Stop buying dongles and just replace the damn cables.

I’m surprised by how many people do it the dumb, cumbersome, expensive way

boodboy says:

are you aware of any USB-C dongles that can send 4k @ 60hz and have the power pass-through? great videos by the way !

Anthony DP says:

What graphics do you run Battlefield 1 on? Wondering because i just purchased a 15 macbook pro

Nicolas Huart says:

Are you aware of any usb-c to usb-c hub? Like a splitter or multi-plug for usb-c only? I’ve updated my external HD cables to usb-c and now I simply need a hub 🙂

paniti pichetkul says:

hi i wonder if i use usb hub type-c with 2tb wd extenal hdd? or which usb hub u can suggest me. THANKS

Ariozo says:

My favorite is for sure Hyper Drive for the 2016/2017 MacBook Pro.
Looks good and have the ports you need, and does not cost so much.

Stanley Yung says:

Do you have problem with slow wifi connection in bootcamp with windows 10 without anything dongle plug in? Also, if you plug in your dongle, does the wifi drop? I am experiencing slow wifi connection in my 15inch touch bar mbp and if I plug in my dongle, I won’t even be able to connect to wifi….. Does it happen to you?

His says:

Am trying to figure out how to get better reception of public wifi on my Dell Inspiron 3520 laptop. You have a recommendation? or maybe I ought to buy a more newer model of a laptop?

Heidi Chan says:

Juiced only outputs 30Hz with 4k

An RN says:

hmmm red beard! 😉

Tresa Trammell says:

What would you recommend to get my video from my Mavic Pro to my Ipad?

JoaoRaiden says:

Hey timothy, I have a x360 spected 15t, it already has a SD port on it.. So all I need is a USB-C dongle/hub with ethernet + USB A port on it.. I can’t find anything, all the ones I find come with things I don’t need like SD, micro SD, VGA, HDMI (Spectre has that too).. Can you recommend me the least worst option?

Joseph Jones says:

Great review. I have a Razer Blade 2016 Windows laptop (1080) and have been looking for a solution that supports true 4K output at 60hz (4K, not UHD) and have been so far unsuccessful. Many devices claim to support full 4K (4096 pixels wide) at 60hz, but so far all have failed. A direct USB-C to DisplayPort cable works, but nothing with additional ports has (even when nothing is plugged into those ports.) The search continues.

RyansCuts says:

i just bought the J5 usb type c multi adapter…when i plugged it in nothing worked?? any ideas? it says you only need to download the driver if using the ethernet.

Luddy33 says:

I got the BizHub as well and love it. Just to clarify what Timothy said at 8:17 about the HDMI – it wasn’t necessarily explained wrong, but was perhaps misleading. The BizHub HDMI port is 1.4, and therefore will run 4K, but only at 30 Hz. It will however run 1080p at 60 Hz., which is what I believe he was referring to (I’m guessing his monitor isn’t 4K). To run 4K at 60, you need to have HDMI 2.0 (or Thunderbolt 3, Mini Display Port, etc.).

Andrew Scott says:

It can;t be called a USB type C hub unless it provides more USB type C ports than it consumes. The problem is there are very few devices that do this and none that do power over usb-c for charging.

Fathimath S Ibrahim says:

Have you tried the Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter 4K W/Ethernet..? It has got colours as well.. I haven’t tried it yet but thought of purchasing.. Just searching for some reviews.. I did check out the one you mentioned and its all out of stock..

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