BEST USB-C Hub / Dongle – What to buy??

We compare over 20 devices and show you which are fastest & most stable options for mobile and in office use.

Best TRAVEL option – Charjen Pro Flush mount –
2nd best Travel option – Charjen Pro cable (Not as fast but no issue with computer case)

Best STUDIO option – OWC 13 port Thunderbolt 3 hub –
2nd best STUDIO option – OWC 10 port –

Check out KB Covers at Amazon:

SSD used:
SSD Housing:

Others tested up to round 2:
juiced systems:
lets com:
unitek built in cable:
unitek detach cable:
verbatim cable:
verbatim flush:

For full test results check


Built 05 STI says:

The charJen needs power if your running that many items.

jbukuts says:

what case is on his macbook?

Kunal Mehta says:

Hi Matt, that was a real comprehensive test review, thank you. I was doing some research and the HooToo Shuttle (100W PD) and Havit ( consistently came up as potential buys. How would you rate these two against the Chargen Pro (Mobility choice) in your video?

Also, do you need to keep the hub plugged into power to ensure steady power delivery to the devices that are plugged in?

Thanks in advance.

anarky4321 says:

“USB-C is going to be the dominant interface in the coming years” – i think you are wrong

Saira MacLeod says:

thank you for doing this review, very informative and well explained. I wonder how the Hyper would have performed on the stress test. It might have been eliminated for lack of speed but I wonder If it would have supported more devices at once?

Its the once everyone is raving about after all!

Jimmy Rao says:

Thanks for the video! It helps a lot in my search for a dongle and saves me lots of time!

Helen Zong says:

We produce that Chinese one. 15 kinds of type C hub available. whatsapp:+86 18015821583

Felipe Costa says:

The test was amazing… I’d love to see more about studio options… it was focused more on the smaller options…… maybe we could check the Belkin and the Caldigit…… there are cheaper ones like the El gato that would be wonderful for us to see against the OWC………… who would win the battle!? The Belkin or is the OWC the real deal???

My Name Gabe says:

Oh, apple are the idiots… how about you try making a billion dollar company!!!

Joe Beard says:

OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock gets 5 stars at Amazon and 1 4.5 due to a skew of a 1 star. Very impressive. Also cheap at about £160. Thanks for all your hard work in testing, Matt.

knchen says:

did you try plugging the power adapter in the charjenpro hub for your stress test? i think you mentioned this already but there’s probably not enough power going to the external drives which might be why they’re ejecting

Kid Pyromania says:

keep pumping this stuff out!

Brian Hofmeister says:

Does anyone else lose think it’s odd that the iPhone lost its headphone jack… but when the designers were making the call on absolutely necessity for a laptop, they decided to include it.

xsgtcrazyx says:


Th3Whit3Stripes says:

amazing test and very professional, thank you very much!

Jack Skellington says:

OMG, there are still people using Apple devices??? Why???

M Alkhamis says:

he lookS like the father of mr robot

Hester en Lilly Laporte says:

Comparing, did you watched the …, see it is true…., see

Rubeun Gracias says:

This didn’t answer some question I needed answering.

1- you didn’t show if you can charge your laptop via USB Type C Port on the hub it self.

2 – how much did the Type C heat up as I noticed SD card are very hot when plugged into the SD card reader on the hub. there is a test that needs to be done to show if the heat is because of the charging wire connected or without the charging wire connected.

You have tested on a MAC book that had one charging port and two other for transfer. something like the Asus Transformer Pro only has once USB Type C Port that is used for charging or file transfer can you do the test some thing I suggested above.

Dalton Hanaway says:

Awesome video thank you so so much now I know what to get for my computer

Supreme Master 2000 says:

you can buy small individual USB 3 to USB C and vice versa adapters off the Net for under $20 American. The adapters are the size of an American nickel and simply plugs into the desired port. The transfer speeds are good. I have tried this and it works. I was able to add a USB C port to my old laptop this way. The vice versa adpater can put a USB 3 port on a USB 3 device.

Hester en Lilly Laporte says:

The childdeseases are added to new things, becasue how else can they make more out of something new, peop[le will buy new anyway,imortant is that you have what the other has. You surely do not want to hear that the whole neigborhood says:”He has an old phone”

Samuel Lee says:

Great review!

Ryan TV says:

I love how you rip the new MBP in the beginning and then push it at the end and your tune changes.

Robert says:

Could you try testing the chocolate hub I like the idea of qi wireless but I want to make sure it can stand up to the competition.

Bark BA says:

You are one of those guys who don’t have any friends… also you are really selfish

jareth Xzeruz says:

so which one can output 1080p@144hz ?

Grant Wolz says:

Why didn’t you plug in the power pass though though the devices? It seems like for many of them to work they need power though the hubs power passthrough and not just though the laptop.

young guru says:

what hard drive is that?

Joe Beard says:

Hi Matt, the back of your Laptop has what, in my opinion, looks like a key design below which what appears to be “Blackrapid” is this the same company as ” Black Rapid” and do they now do laptops, please? I ask because we have found their harnesses to be superbly made and comfortable, we opine. Many thanks, Joe & Janice.

Stefanos Vaggalis says:

is there any type c hub that works with samsung galaxy s8 ??? (other than samsung dex)

felipe367 says:

The only thing stupid is you and your shitty video.

Erik Leon says:

Thanks Mr. Granger!!! your video resume in one second my decision !!

Luddy33 says:

At 6:29 – I love the way he laughs and then says “Thee Cack-Cock”… I know, I know, it’s QacQoc – really funny though… 🙂

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