Best Type C Dongles for Mac & PC

It’s the year of the dongle, folks. Are you ready for your not-so-wireless futures to begin?

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Brian Peppers says:

I like to play with my dongle

HomebrandMusic01 says:


Samarth Pokar says:

What should we buy to connect the new MacBook Pro 2016 to HDMI monitor? Buying the original adapter and cable from apple is costing almost £90 instead we can buy USB C to HDMI Cable (6ft/1.8m), CHOETECH ( which costs only £16. Should we buy the third party cable?

Alternatively, can we buy Anker USB-C to HDMI Adapter (

Even if we ignore the price or original apple cables and apple adapters, the other options available are very convenient.

I have watched a couple of videos which informs that buying a correct USB c cables is very important. What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

crazzylee says:

Linus gets with the lol

Matteo De Vellis says:

What happened to the bizhub? I can’t find it anywhere.

John Walsh says:

Can anyone give a general answer to – if you can connect any 2 USB ports together, will it work? ie. Type A on my laptop/hub and Type C on a peripheral (hdd enclosure).

xøñχt says:

Can you help me? I’ve got a laptop (HP Envy 15-as100) with a USB-type-C port and I bought a *USB-C -> VGA* adapter (which I need for screen projectors), but it didn’t work, because apparently my laptop’s port doesn’t support “Display Port”.
Do all adapters of this kind require the “DisplayPort” or is it possible to find one that doesn’t need it and works with the regular USB type C port?

Hei Man Chan says:

just wonder, do Oneplus 5 work well with these hub? rumor that oneplus 5 type-c port is a bit strange and funny

Anna S says:

The link to the juced systems hub is broken.. :/

StevenHerbs says:

Bought the Juiced Systems Bizhub. Missing HDMI functionality on my notebook. Plug it into my gaming rig to test HDMI functionality on that – it began installing drivers, my computer suddenly restarted, and then it appears that corrupted my display drivers and I ended up in a boot loop with endless BSOD’s. Safe Mode doesn’t work as I end up in the BSOD again. “System Thread Exception Not Handled” Windows Recovery can’t reapair anything because the drive is “protected”. CMD through Recovery can’t do anything with Bootrec.exe because of I/O error. Not exactly “plug-and-play”….. Time for an unwanted fresh install……..

calvin goh says:

Hi Linus, Currently i am using the following usb c hub for my mac, its very compact without any cables and it matches well with the mac colour.

BjornFSE says:

@LinusTechTips I need a Thunderbolt USB C adapter that has USB but also has Thunderbolt Pass-through
could you do a video on if any of these or if there’s any other types out there that can support this.
(The thunderbolt pass-through is the KEY POINT here)

epicmoffe says:

Can you do a similar video with thunderbolt 3-dongles/expansions instead?

Mei Chen says:

Verbatim Type C Hub – Technology you can trust

Vulcan says:

The razer blade at the very start of the video annoys me as it is covered in fingerprints

朱锦文 says:

Their same point:Made in China

Ayla Xue says:

Good video

Jack says:

but..but none of the dongles are rgb… 🙁
liek if u cri everitim

Jeff Morgan says:

For MacBook Pro 2016 Dongle Gate get the Hyper Drive dongle!!!

saudigamer says:

juiced hub looks exactly like the satechi, are they the same ?

Rocky Shumacher says:

Subscribed to YT RED to avoid ads. Thanks, a$$#*_3.

darkyen 00 says:

The future is wireless, wireless everything.

Case White says:

Pretty sure Linus is the PC

Josh Cannon says:

Curious if these work with a Nintendo switch

justin lex says:

Should include the hyperdrive

Ivan Lam says:

The juiced
is a copy of the satechi one

ScriptedGames says:

wow those are small dongles

Amer AlMutawa says:

I tried searching about the difference between Thunderbolt 3 type C and USB type C however can’t get a clear answer if they are the same or not. Hope you guys could help, will it be possible to add TB3 or USB type C to Asus Z79 pro gamer MB?

Nathaniel Johnson says:

Lol lit as fire

BBCR123 says:


ryan tiernov says:

Thanks Linus I know the struggle of trying to find a good dongle

yanjun dong says:

just waiting everything type-C

The Renegades Official Channel says:

I sexually identify as an attack dongle

Janik Janko says:

What model are those ssd ?

qrion13 says:

Don’t get the Hootoo if you have an external hard drive, because it’ll fry it.

Razerr says:

Does anyone know where you can buy Linus’ custom portable SSD’s.

TheMetAllHead76 says:

Hyperdrive eliminates all your dongle problems!!!!! 🙂 your welcome for sharing it! It looks nice it works well it fits with the laptop. with that said your video is now outdated! 🙂

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