Belkin SuperSpeed USB 3.0 4-Port Hub Review F4U058tt

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I remember buying Belkin USB accessories way back in my Windows 98 days, so it’s no surprise to see they’re making hubs for the latest USB 3.0 standard.

This latest product is a no-frills way to add additional high speed ports to your USB 3.0 enabled PC. This hub will allow four devices to be connected through a single port on your PC.

I tested the hub with a run-of-the-mill Western Digital 1 terabyte USB 3.0 drive running a video speed test from Blackmagic Design. The drive, connected through the Belkin hub, delivered the same throughput as it does when directly connected to my computer.

The only gripe I have with the Belkin hub is its rather flimsy plastic casing and the enormous “wall wart” power adapter that comes with a cord that’s not long enough. I like to leave my USB hubs on my desk and run power to a strip on the floor, and this cable is just too short for that.

Beyond that if you’re in need of more USB ports and have a computer equipped with USB 3.0, this is a good choice. Even if you’re running USB 2.0 devices, the added bandwidth this hub provides back to the computer will result in fewer bottlenecks and better performance.

DISCLOSURE: provided me with this product through their Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.


Poelie.YT -daily vids. says:

does it work with a mouse and keyboard????????

Gozzo98 says:

By usb hub has broke my hardware 🙁

Kevin Still says:

If I connected 4 Usb 3.0 4tb drives to this, and i am transfering data from my pc to the drive or between each drive does it slow it down?

Ian Ng says:

OMG you have an Apple Newton and 5.25″ floppy disk in the background! Do you work in a museum as a side job?

James Vannordstrand says:

Ok so what the hell is wrong with mine. I have a 3 port usb 3.0 hub and whenever I have multiple devices plugged into it they don’t work well. For instance. I’m pressing multiple keyboard buttons and mouse buttons simultaneously and many of the commands aren’t executed. wth. It is like it can only do so many before it stops accepting commands.. not ideal for any situation. Is this just maybe a bad hub or wut…

David Land says:

Hello Lon. Thanks as always for the great review. You’re pretty much my first stop for any tech product reviews these days so I’m really grateful for all your effort. All the best, David.

Dale Emery says:

Lon, thanks for your reviews. Please take this as advice, I don’t like useless haters.
1. This is a USB 3.0, you should have tested a 3.0 device! (YOU are the hardware geek after all, it’s obvious from your bookshelf.) Using a “generic 1TB drive” is not helpful. 2. It’s a 4-port hub, plug in more stuff and test the bandwidth with 4 things connected for crying out loud! 3. Actually, what did you talk about in the “review” that actually reviewed it? Sorry, but I fail to find anything helpful.

Teck Kimborowicz says:

If anyone has bought a USB 3.0 Hub and trying to use it with windows Vista but has Driver problems, see my video in my Youtube channel for the solution

T.J. Hayes says:

Not necessarily Lon, the difference in speed from leapfrogging them would be unnoticable in any real sense of the word. But perhaps, slower, in that it literally is having to travel farther, as you pointed out.

But it more depends on the bandwidth ceiling, which I wish he would have tested…. Say, you have 4 SSD’s in external cases all plugged into the port. That ceiling is gonna get hit and THEN you will notice a big difference. If they each had their OWN port on the pc… then no issue

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