Anker USB 3.0 9-Port Hub + 5V 2.1A Smart Charging Port with 12V 5A Power Adapter

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Touch Screen Laptop:
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brownboii305 says:

Great video! Keep up the good work and i cant wait to see more videos of your gadgets and especially more stuff for the nexus 5. Thanks for letting us know about teracopy its super fast!

chris miggz says:

Whats goin on josh hope you and ur family had a great holiday happy new year. I just both the asus transformer t100 wat you think about it you think is was worth it ive been using it and im enjoying it no complaints yet beside the dam trackpad lmao but if you could let me know wat u think about it thanks bro

Sam Bd says:

plz sir.
i have a laptop
and i have a usb hub but it discconcted many time daily.
i use printer scanner thumb device . dongle.
plz suggest me any good hub for laptop and also
plz shre link to buy….plz plz

Calvin Ho says:

For people wanting to buy this… Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with portable USB3 hard drives like the WD Passport external drive. Incompatible with WD drivers. I emailed Anker and they confirmed this.

Nathan Deneault says:

just pulled all my studio out of containers, watched your review to find the power source 😛 thanks for posting!

43Connor says:

i guess that im one of the 1% that has a hp without the blue thing

King Coopa says:

Can I use this for a mac ??

Victor J. Villanueva says:

Your videos are freaken awesome!

paul mc cay says:

Hi, thanks for the video. Quick question… when you transfer files from one device on the hub to another device on the hub directly (without transferring them to the desktop first, for example) what kind of speeds do you get? Do they match the 140 MB/s you were getting in the video above. I’m interested in that I’d be looking to transfer large batches of files between two 3.0 external hard drives but only have one USB 3.0 slot on my laptop. Wondering if it was therefore worthwhile buying a hub. Thanks

JD Transport says:

What USB hub gave trouble???

lordfredplus says:

Lol @ galaxy nexus

Nilanjan Maity says:

provide me the like

jason sommerfield says:

Josh, just my opinion but I think u should quit so much trying to make everyone happy!! You saying “frickin” is part of your charm and is YOU!! It wouldn’t be a wwjoshdew video if we didn’t have to occasional “nerdgasm” and “frickin” haha just my 2 cents. You know I will be a long time sub and supporter either way man!!

Jason Feriani says:

That’s absolutely friggin awesome! There I’ll say it for you every video you decide not to say “friggin” 😉

Mameluko Paria says:

Great vídeo! Does the Number 9 slot charges at the same time it s transfer data? I need to play music with the iPad with several midi devices conected to this iPad. Thanks for your helpfully vídeo!!

Vijay Raj says:

u “frickin” nube, that brick is an ac “frickin” adapter. please prepare before making your videos.

Assasin Creeperlp says:

Can i use it for a 7.1 headset

Samuel B. Addo says:

Can this be connected to smart TV USB port …?

Dikai Tng says:

I’m using a windows 8.1 tablet. What would I have to do to make it work? I only have one micro USB port on my tablet.

MooseJuan says:

Thinking about getting a hub for my laptop as well because I game on my laptop and I literally have no ports left but I’m wondering if this distributes sufficient power for my very power hungry corsair k70 keyboard and will it cause lag in response time?

theowl21 says:

so can you only charge stuff on that one usb port or can you charge stuff on all the usb ports just on is dedicated to only charging

BazzJunkie says:

Whatever you do don’t stop saying fricking cool. Because that’s you 🙂 and one of he reasons I subbed you. Pure and true “nerdgasm” 😛 keep it up josh, really like your videos 🙂



Dowdly says:

This looks great it’s just unfortunate I can’t get it shipped to Ireland.

BTechTalk says:

Something like this is really useful, it’s really fast + it doesn’t cost all that much. Great job on the video, oh and don’t worry about the quality. It wasn’t that bad.

Calvin Ho says:

does this HUB support multiple WD My Passport hard drives that rely on USB3 to power it up? I have about 6 so far and wish to have all my drives load up on my Mac. thx

Sherif Atef says:

thanks for this nice video, but i ask if this hub is safe to connect My book ( segate 4T) and external HD at the same time.
and also ask if any laptop can take power from this hub

veritassdg says:

hey man. dont change how you talk because a user bitched you say a word to much. screw him

devlin Lynden says:

and macs its white for the usb 3.0

Tyler Bigwin says:

Totally off topic but what are your thoughts on crypto currencies and would you ever mine them

nobletea 3400 says:

god people are so picky its like its their own person thats what i hate about youtube

Victor J. Villanueva says:

It kind of looks like a Wiimote. Lol

iGamer77z7 says:

I don’t care how often you say “freakin” you shouldn’t change how you act in your videos based off of one negative comment. I subbed because I liked your style and I don’t want that to change. 🙂

Shiv Kumar Sharma says:

Can i use it with Multiple MIDI controller setup ??

A3roTV says:

Can I just use it as a USB hub, without the charging cable, like it’s just a connector from my devices to my laptop directly, or does it need it’s own power supply?

Also, I read somewhere that Anker’s powering system can burn your plugged in devices. Are all ports powering USB devices, or only the last one that’s kind of black? 

Sorry for shit ton of questions lol, I just want to be sure. A detailed answer would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

KSUTKOWSKI - Visual FX and Digital Production says:

What did you have before this HUB? The one that was connecting and reconnecting…..

Kristiyan Dimov says:

This is great device (USB Hub, charging hub at high amperage). One thing tho I did not heard – when the AC connects the Anker is okay, but what about outgoing male USB cable. Is it only for data or could charge the laptop somehow? Would be nice if it does this trick.

Cristobal Viel says:

i use a macbook pro with usb 2.0´s only  , will work ? or requiere another cable ?

Manuel Rios says:

very useful, thanks!!!

Matt Halpain says:

awesome product review.  

Jay Holm says:

Yeah, nothing wrong with saying “frinkin”. Some people are just weird!

Thibo De Volder says:

i have 2 3.0 usb ports on the left and 2 regular ones on the right

lordfredplus says:

Good stiff man. Keep up the great work… But do you even lift?

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