Anker USB 3.0 13-Port Hub + 5V 2.1A Smart Charging Port

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9 Port Hub:

This is the dude I was talking about at the end,

This is the video I was talking about at the end,

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Alucard says:

Wonder what the best 13 port usb 3.0 hub is for pc’s and laptops to use for 4-8 external harddrives?

Marwan abdul hamid says:

Can I use it with PS4?

E Mon says:

Tell me more about that port located on the far right edge of the hub, next to the hub labeled “13”.  You referred to that port as “that guy”.  What is “that guy”?  What is it’s purpose?  Is it a 14th port or does it have an entirely different function?  Also, this video seems to have been published 2nd Quarter 2014; what is the update on this particular device today, 4th Quarter 2015?  Still working?  Or is it now kaput?  Thanks.

Eric Johnston says:

all ports both charge and transfer.

VapeTime says:

holy moly why is this a thing lol

Bryan Allison says:


محمد الزبيدي says:

انا من العراق كيف اصل الى هذا المنتج

Amor Helena says:

does it only have to be 3.0

Wildflower Studios says:

I got a music studio and im wondering if this could work with interfaces????

STNL_Stainless says:


SABZ World says:


하비홀릭 ( Hobbyholic ) says:

thank’s for good infomation !

PilferMusic says:

0:51 MY GAWD that giggle eheheh I love my Anker stuff as well

Sam Bradley says:

What person needs 13 items plugged in? This product just endorses wastefulness.

tablatronix says:

Needs some switched ports.

Mafr0 says:

Exciting? Really?

Agent Office says:

scam can’t power them all

Cameron Psychosis says:

Do peripherals work with this?

R Alcroft says:

Do you not find these very noisy when charging from the 2.1A ports???

Berner Salvador says:

Hello good review, all of my dj gear is 2.0. Will this hub be compatible with my 2.0 devices ?

MHD Bedo says:

I know its old Videos but I have similar one when I connect 2 HDD on of them with external power and move data between them its become super hot is it normal ?

Amor Helena says:

can any laptop handle this?

Robert Zullo says:

USB Charger-Adaptors – Have no built in Electrical Isolation Safety.
Find out how you can get a SAFER USB charger-adaptor here;

Azni Wahab says:

hello are its support 2tb hard drive

Eric Johnston says:

better to get one with all ports charging.

anthoffable says:

your giggle is amazing…not quite as amazing as Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson)…but still awesomely hilarious.

Amazona's Unboxing And Reviews News says:

Thanks for the video.

gary rendano says:

I love Anker products

rahat rahat says:

can i use the hub without plugin the ac adapter??

rejean desjardins says:

Good review

Christopher Hauck says:

anybody who knows electricity should be crying now 12v is not 5v! 12v 5a is 60w and 5v 5a is 25w so the actual maximum power is more like 12a 5v but that is the absolute maximum the adapter can support

Phantom Wind says:

You want to look at one, dude? check the orico and get owned.

Jian Qiang Lim says:

Hi i ask you.
Can connect 5 of external hard disks to usb 3.0 13ports on laptop/computer ? I want All 5 files open on laptop/computer. Not 1 by 1.

Muhammad Sherally says:

hahahah your reviews have this vibe… lol .. awesome

Hubert Lubaszka says:

2:00 well, whatever 😀

iTEK/RiidDisBuk says:

nice device

thihal123 says:

Too many electronics

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