#1409 – Roccat Apuri – Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee Video Review

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The Roccat Apuri is a USB hub that also doubles as a Mouse Bungee. It’s any other USB2 hub in the sense of performance, but the Apuri has looks and design to boot. It come with 4 USB2 ports and when used with the power adapter it provides 2A on each port. It can be used passively, but the USB cable only provides 500mA per USB port. The mouse bungee works well at keeping the cable out of the way, but can be removed it so desired.


Jani Haantaus says:


SweModerNab says:


Lycosa says:

No its not…. fak you want all new tech. USB 2.0 is good. And this product is not very new its atleast year old.

Knuvoba says:

One thing about roccats products are interesting, some of them have a finnish words, example: savu, means smoke. Apuri, means helper. Kone, means machine. Kova, means solid/hard. Isku, means hit. Taito, means skill. Raivo, means rage. Arvo, means price and Kulo/kuulo, means hearing. Btw im finnish 🙂

Kaj Olsen says:

So I’d be paying for looks.
Apple, is that you?

siralanlordsugar says:

If I suppose it works on PC, will the USB 2.0 work on a MacBook on all 4 ports

Ayyesha says:

On amazon uk this is £18 and the razer bungee is £15, so for £3 extra your gettting some sexy blue leds and 2 usbs.

John says:

What is the power plug for that comes with it? I’ve only used the USB and everything seems to work without it.

Luddmeister says:

@blowtell3 logitech g5 v2

teeblack06 says:

looks like the CM Scorpion has some competition

MangoTangoFox says:

If it had red LEDs, and was USB 3, I would definitely buy this. Too bad… :/

Thomas K says:

I’ve had this thing for years now, It feels like having a wireless mouse.
I mostly use it to charge my phones and devices and dont have the usb connected to the computer

Nightpool says:

I love Roccat.

Raj Hariya says:

can we use it just with the PC without AC current. using it as a USB hub

MothBird says:

I’ve got a usb hub with 28 ports. 4 pf them are usb 3

хoxлы турки says:

I have no space on my table for it.

Trucking Vapes says:

Would you consider that i might want to plug other devices into something like this? Seeing as how USB3 has backwards compatibility I don’t see why this shouldn’t be Usb3.

Charlie Walton says:

I have this

Pablo Gratas says:

Who agrees with me that they should make an apuri xtd with USB 3.0 and adjustable lighting!

Jimboo says:

мормышка епт!

iFight says:

You have a very special way of pronoucing “U-S-B”

radzio2k says:

another glowing shit

akblader says:

nice product, good features, the price is quite high though 🙁

Hayabuuza says:

Razer Copperhead i think.

Lycosa says:

I can live withotu bungee no problem but maybe i buy

Quannix says:

Wassap bro?

Tuberuser187 says:

The price isn’t to bad if you think how much you pay for a simple stylised plastic bungee without any features _(£8-15)_ and how much a stylised powered USB hub _(£5-20)_ the £22 price of the Roccat Apuri isn’t all that bad.

Red code says:

I have one and it’s great product, I’m also using RAT 7 mouse..

Smooth Buscemi says:

Because it was released years ago.

Trucking Vapes says:

USB2….. Lame

blowtell3 says:

what mouse do you have?

Charlie Walton says:

If anyone is thinking if buying this is doesn’t work with windows 7, 8

MangaMaster99 says:

is it weighed down with weight or just rubber on the bottom?

Niubility says:

This Apuri sucks so bad… I bought one around 5 years ago and now it’s like sticky and gooey as hell… the “skin-like” coating gets all gluey after years of usage. And it attracts dust and dirt like those freaking rolls of dust and hair remover for clothes that you can get at IKEA. What kind of stupid product designer decided to give that hub a coating that becomes essentially glue after years of wear…


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Zs0lt1 says:

Hi, can you turn off and on, those blue light? Looks cool though.

Max Stavro says:

Really? Is that because most mice and keyboards and other USB connections are for USB 2? Please, tell me how you are able to type on your keyboard or move the cursor on your screen?

Max Stavro says:

If usb 3 was backwards compatible then why doesn’t my Corsair M60 work when I plug it in. USB3 is meant for running external HDDs right and read faster.

TopWiews says:

can i plug it in both the ac and the usb connection?

TheOne AboveAll says:

I will buy this simply because it has a similar logo to that of thundercats, thundercats is ma jam.

Jani Haantaus says:

wtf apuri is finnish and means helper

setite says:

Is there an American version now? I ordered the british version but I can’t use the power adapter. I tried cracking it open and soldering it to an american usb adapter to no avail. I should see if I can buy the US adapter.

qxezwcs says:

Mediocre product. Not great at all. Pretty expensive for a USB hub with bungee.

Saifu Kun says:

if i connect the ROCCAT Apuri by usb can i use other things like connect mouse , keybored and cam in it ?

latuman says:

“Apuri” is finnish and means “Helper”. Rokkat uses finnish words in their peripherals.

Lycosa says:

Ye a h its the Apuri.

Jack Young says:

If you could turn off the LEDs I’d buy it. Don’t want them on during the day.

Charmanderaznable says:

Stupid people can’t use their mouse if their wire isn’t being lifted up off the desk apparently so this does just that.

Casper Ko says:

Can you attach both the mini USB to your computer and the power adapter so you can transfer data and charge really quickly

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