10 Port USB Hub Review

Save 90 bucks

amazon link- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00475WJEY/ref=oh_o00_s00_i00_details

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clearwater says:

Excellent review bro. Thanks

TheBeardyBoy says:

jim, when ur editing; are you editing from a drive that is connected via usb?

loosingmymemory7 says:

I bought that exact same hub but it did not work, it either never detected the usb device or it would reset constantly every 5 seconds making it useless, so does yours still work?

ABowlofWeetabix says:


Kevin Fegan says:

@1sttobylopez and others, I know this video posting is old, but… your comments here are showing up here with “replies disabled”, so nobody, including myiphonejournal·(the orginal video poster) can reply to your questions.

1sttobylopez says:

Ya here’s one. If your just use it as a multi tap for your computer you don’t need to use the power plug right? Don’t more stuff to plug in!

Michael Warbux says:

Have you lost any speed w/ that hub? Sometimes with larger hubs you’ll see a decrease in transfer speed. Especially if you’re using 1 or 2 external hard drives.

1sttobylopez says:

Ya um… do you ever answer questions? !

alejandrotopo says:

jim, i have a question that you may answer, where can i buy a Unlocked Iphone 4S for the cheapest. i dont live in US.

Luc Campbell says:

i got the 16 port hub for christmas and it was like 60% off the original price

Rodrigo Salgado says:

Do you know if works to connect two printers?

Kevin Fegan says:

Wow, this hub, (still from Amazon), is available for $6.72. Still includes free shipping and the USB cable and AC adapter.

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