Western Digital My Passport 2TB USB 3.0 portable hard drive review

Get WD My Passport: http://gear.lv/H0RlQF
Western Digital has updated its My Passport line of external hard drives, and we give you a look at the new 2 TB version in this episode. The My Passport line of hard drives are portable, making them easy to bring with you and have on-the-go, and for the first time, you can have an amazing 2 terabytes of storage with you. It’s also fast, supporting USB 3.0 speeds. Take a look at the device in this episode of Unboxing Live!

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Clasma ' says:

I have 2 TB on  a USB take that bitches!

Rani Vercammen says:

hey, can you maybe help me because i don’t know much about extern hard drives but i want to buy one. I am looking for a hard drive to put movies on (by conecting it on my computer, because the movies are on my computer) and then play them on my tv. Is that possible with this hard drive, when my tv doesn’t have a usb port. It only has HDMI and coloured round ones. any tips?

اشرف حسونه says:

كيفية تقسيم الهارد وعمل باسورد والتحميل على الموقع 100 gb

Bubi says:

Is is compatible wit Mac OSX?

Vivid Darkness says:

How long is it supposed to last before it breaks down?

anthony mercado says:

Is the harddrive in side the case 2.5 or 3.5

ArteOnez says:

What are u talking about ? Macs been have 3.0

Ric Flair says:

Mine tops out at 1.8 Terabytes. 🙁

Alex Got Beats says:

Hey i’ve been checking these out on amazon and ebay and noone is mentioning its rotation speed but i find it important to know so i’m clueless is it 5400 or 7200rpm?

Aliena Yavorsky says:

I don’t understand how to retrieve my files on my Passport.

Maluki Mbesa says:

This thing is $75 Thank you Lord,
I’m glad I found this so late 😀

Garden Belly says:

Wow!  What a waste of valuable time.  How many times do I need to hear about the various colors they come in?

Edwin Garcia says:

Hi Andru, it is a plastic or aluminum housing? Have PC and MAc, can I storage both type of files at the same time? thanks for sharing

christopher daniel says:

$250 you have been rip’t off

Tomas Peranic says:

Can this be used on windows 8?

MyKillerson says:

does this work with xbox one?

milk tea says:

mine does not allow me to put anything ??

tinostarks says:

holy crap this is $85 now…

Norbert Rivera says:

3:03 …And i paid $114.00 in B&H for the same portable HDD of 2TB.
check it out.

Juan Mata Gonzalez says:

Can this be used on Linux

msharath Manju says:

Will WD Elements Portable 1TB USB 3.0 detect and recognized in TV’s..??

Mati12ful says:

hi how long do u have this ? it is still working ? cuz i heard this passport can last about 6 years

CrispyBaconKB says:

My pirtalbe hardrive was only 65 bucks and it eas 500gb

Daniel Salazar says:

can this work on the Wii U

NeW758 says:

Soooo what dose it do :0

heem.93 says:

What do think of Toshiba 2TB Canvio® Connect Portable Hard Drive ? I’ confused a little bit.  I’ve got two WD hard drives, one is 1TB and the other 500Gb.  The last one is gone.  I”m afraid tht would happen again to my new one If bought it.    

Brean Targaryen says:


Jay Plejaren says:

Got mine for £64 at currys. Real bargain 🙂

Claudio Celano says:

i love small gadgets

Choon Wah Yee says:

249 dollar.this are the old model.new passport are slim.ultra.see you.my cloud ,are better.

Bigqua91 says:

Can this be used for xbox one?

fatih özmen says:


Victor Doig says:

they’re at $69.99 now at e-bay. its remarkably small though question is, haven’t seen or heard anything here on heating or inner fan system -if at all, you did mention comparing the 4tb my book unit but didn’t referred to the 2tb passport. those things get hot, wonder how they relieve the heat? untreated heat means lesser product lifetime… also, heard any expansion plans to 3tb -or more- passports?

Carlos Rey says:

How does this compare to the new Ultra speed wise?


Robert De Los Santos says:

rma = return material authorization

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