WD’s new My Book and My Passport external drives

Read the CNET review here – http://cnet.co/2dJLUDN
CNET editor Dong Ngo shows off a (his) new collection of external hard drives, namely the My Book and My Passport from WD.

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armaan811 says:

Will this work as an external HD for PS4 Pro?

ZaeQ says:

do you have a review for my book?

Kiyaga Edwin says:

recovery is a night mare……………………………….

Pepe Vélez says:

mmmmm.. not green…

OneLife Network Team _ Greece - Ελλάς - Κύπρος says:

hi.this Hdd have a Led to see he working?.thank you

Daniel McMahon says:

Watched this just for the “Because I’m Dong Ngo”

Ernie Manning says:

couldn’t the connectivity issue be resolved by picking up a USB 3.1 to type C cable? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UUBQ710/ref=pd_cp_107_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=8P8NRKAR9NBSVF2RN0H1

Jogibaer says:

Is it possible to change the 2,5″ HDD inside respectively opening the case easily without destroying it?

Dango Ruiz says:

My man Dong always delivers.

dr. whet farts says:

Hmm, getting an Ultra version instead, maybe the Metal one. 3 years warranty and better looks.

James He says:

Remember in the old days when 8 terabytes costed 299.99 dollars?

Evelyn Garcia says:

I bought the 2TB My Passport today and when I plugged it into my computer, I got a pop-up window saying “the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. I wasn’t able to transfer anything to the hard drive because the same window kept popping up. I tried using Chkdsk command in command prompt but that didn’t work. I ended up having to format the drive and install the applications that were supposed to come on the drive, such as WD Security, from the website which was a pain since it took me a while to find everything. Besides going through all of this, the hard drive doesn’t seem too bad. It transferred all of my photos, which were shot in RAW format, pretty quickly. I’m not too sure whether I trust the drive enough to use it as my main storage because of what I went through at the beginning. Has anyone else had this issue though? If so, has this happened again after already having transferred files to the drive?

FastLikeUNO says:

They are each just named after different sized mediums of text containment… wtf

rewanji says:

Hmmmm… USB 3, plastic case? Nah…

Vishal George Titus says:

What is difference between WD My Passport Ultra and My Passport?

brad mcdonald says:

So is this compatible with xbox one?

Manol Chalakov says:

2:30 min video for 30sec of info 😀

Urooz Virk says:

how does My Passport compare to Seagate Backup Plus Slim/Ultra?

john M says:

So where did you dong go?

Doko ko says:

I Dong Ngo what you’re talking about

Steven Moreira says:

Is this new My Book faster than the current My Book? Or is it just a 2016 refresh with a new look?

way310 says:

Let Ngo One stop you!

Phong Dang says:

DaBooty looking nice these days!

typoprone says:

New design is sooo ugly. I won’t be buying any more WD drives.

†GuArDiAnAnGeL†™ says:

Btw, it’s not silver color –it’s white! ;L)

jalene150 says:

Looks like a bootleg version of the Xbox one.

Clubbeats97 says:

then you find out they designed it like that so Xbox one customers will buy it for the external storage just because it looks like it

xxnike629xx says:

Do we know what kind of WD HDD this uses? Black, Green, Red, Purple, Blue?

Andre Leander says:

can we get someone who speaks proper english next time?

Itan Hant says:

do they work with Mac too?

pirbhoo lal says:

6tb hdd internal pakistani price pls tell me i buy how can this product pls tell whatsapno 923114319995

Gabriel Gonzalez says:

Do these both work on a PS4?? I might order a 4 tb just don’t know if a book or passport ??

Air Planet says:

which wd portable hard drive is good in terms of design, quality, size and speed like Wd my passport ultra 2016 or wd my passport ultra 2017?

flaccid acid says:

U could put 2 4 tb my passports side to side and its smaller than the 8tb my book what is wrong with them

Nduka Smith says:

tot i heard red 4 porno

nuohk says:

Dong, everybody knows the red hard drive is for……you know, BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW

gsh0ck3d says:

Hi Mr. Ngo, can you please do a review of raid drives? If you already have done one could you please post the link?

Alexander Cooper says:

Ok will someone tell me. Should I get this one for my Xbox one s? Or should I get the old one?

FiscalRangersFlorida says:

Very limited review. No benchmarks, no review of comment ratings on Amazon or NewEgg which are worse than the prior models. It seems both Seagate and WD have downgraded technology and the ratings have fallen due to early failures. This should have analyzed what changed in the tech that led to lower quality (and prices).

brome says:

This guy is amazing, I really enjoyed the videos where he is present.

MasterJP28 says:

Dong is a living legend.

roy says:

@ 2:25 does he say what I think he says. “dong low”?

Kai Bradley says:

*Please help me get to 100 Subs before Christmas!! I’m so so close <3*

Hector Garcia says:

came here to find out which was faster – got that answered thanks to Dong!

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