WD My Passport Wireless Pro Hard Drive & Plex Server Review (2TB / 3TB)

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00:30 – Hardware overview
01:30 – SD card and transfer speeds
04:45 – Web based control panel and configuration
05:37 – Security concerns and lack of username / password
09:25 – Media serving options
10:50 – Disk speeds on wireless AC and direct connection
11:43 – Plex server and performance / transcoding
15:21 – My Cloud mobile app
17:53 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The drive is an improvement over their prior version, with a new industrial design and larger battery. The device doubles as a backup charging battery for mobile phones.

It very easily copies (or moves) SD card when inserted including the ability to do incremental backups.

WD also included a Plex server on the device although it’s not well suited for transcoding. See more about Plex here:

My biggest concern relates to security: there’s no username or password securing the file share. So when it’s on a local network everyone on that network can access the drive without any authentication. That’s a big problem.

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Jan-Peter Mohwinkel says:

Sorry but it is not a NAS device. It is connected to Wifi ok but that´s it, far away from a full NAS

John T Mcdonough says:

Calling a 7 gb a large card ? How old is this ? And a 128mb card I never even heard of one.

Tinashe Gumbe says:

#Bus speeds on the motherboard are another factor that determine bandwidth, speed as well as read and write speeds on the device, love raw .mkv files you can never go wrong

Paul McElligott says:

It’s probably best not to let the drive delete your files off the SD card anyway. I’ve always reformatted the card in my camera after I had offloaded the contents.

jnmpablo rg says:

Si pudieras hacer un tutorial en español de como conectar WD My Passport Wireless Pro 3 TB al PC por WiFi…. Muchas gracias…

Juan Carlos Albanese says:

Do anyone know if WD my passport wireless pro is the only one compatible with Plex? or  are they previous models compatible also? regards

Al Isaac says:

Is it able to do incremental copying from a USB stick?

Would you advise making this the ultimate drive containing all my media? I mean should I still get another 2/3TB drive to back this drive should anything go wrong?

Andrew Lewis says:

Lon – I really appreciate the time you take to review products; keep up the great work. Question – I have a My Passport Wireless Pro and can’t seem to access the drive when I am not at home – the message I get is Drive Offline. I believe this device is supposed to be accessed from anywhere, but just not having any success. The device is wirelessly connected to my router that is connected to the internet and using the WD Cloud app. Any suggestions, reading material, etc ?? Thanks again!!

John Arian says:

Can I use this as regular HDD via USB 2 or 3 without battery power?

asghermansoor84 says:

different folders for different devices/people???

Luchen Minott says:

Good evening, first let me say good info, second can I up grade the harddrive meaning, putting a larger size harddrive?

Debbie Taylor says:

I would like to know if this capable of backing two cameras without rewriting over numbering system? I have a canon 80D and my Husband has a canon 70D. If our camera’s file systems are doing continuous numbering, Is there a way to differentiate the cards?


An awesome review, is it possible to connect it to a smart tv in order to play movies directly from it and in the same time to be connected to the home network so I can access it with my PC and maybe download directly to it ??

jpthsd says:

Hey Lon,
So can this be considered a type of NAS, wireless NAS? Can I access through file explorer as NAS like deviceID\xxxxxfiles?

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel says:

Can I check the transferred data from the SD Card by using the app? Just to make sure it has been copied?!?!

Rahul Uppal says:

is it possible to connect storage devices like pen drives and external hard disks to the usb 2.0 port ?

Donald Brown says:

I’m still on the fence. I’d be all in if the USB port was 3.x.

Kangar Diggs says:

Hi Lon,
thanks for the tutoral video. I purchased my My Passort Wireless few months back from Amazon but unfortunately, it came with a Security that i don’t know. How can I used it wirelessly without entercountering this security code problem?

Leighton Milton says:

I’m climbing Kilimanjaro in a couple of weeks and want to get this. I’m just wondering if I store all of my 4K footage on it and then clear my SD card to continue filming. When I re-upload will it wipe the previous clips on it as it will be filed under the same name MOV1.mp4 and so forth?

Trent Curtis says:

For the thumbnails to work, you must connect it to your home wireless network, update metadata of the plex library and you’re good to go!

Jiří Pospíšil says:

This was awesome and very helpful review… 🙂

Jerry Private says:

so you can charge the hdd while connected wirelessly?

Pierluca72 says:

12 or 13 minutes for copying 7 Gb? That’s slow. Is that because of the card? I hope so..

Mychal Simmons says:

I just bought the 2/3 tb to hook up to my iPad

Rays RCs says:

Can I use this to import from my CF cards, I assume using a USB CF Card Reader, I use Canon RAW, will it copy that type of file also ? I dont need it to read, I really want a in the field back solution for my cameras.

Mychal Simmons says:

The difference between this one and the SSD? Why does the SSD version only offer less storage 250 GB.
Vs 2/3 TB

Nir Avniel says:

Hi Lon,
I have this device and I have comments that maybe you can help me.
1. Running Plex when the device is not connected to the internet (just connected to my ipad) most of the movies are barely playing, lots of buffering, but when I’m playing the same movie through their WD app on my ipad its ok with no buffering.
2. when playing Plex while the device is connected to the internet and to my ipad there is no buffering, why is that?

thanks, and hope you can help me

John Edward Teraza says:

Does 3rd party apps can work to stream videos? For example mx player or vlc player

Peter Rees says:

I’d like to wirelessly load videos onto this from my computer upstairs and play them through my downstairs TV via a direct USB connection (rather than streaming). I’m guessing this would be possible as long as I unplug the USB cable when loading content over wireless?

Praveen Vijayshankar says:

Can we encrypt the disk and still access it over Wifi?

AMA says:

Does it have a guest mode to share movies with people but not personal files?

Alecio De Paula says:

Great video, everything I was looking to learn about the hard drive, I bought it and I am happy

Carlo Ciccone says:

I give up. My Wireless Pro lets me click “Configure” under Plex, then sends me to the Plex web page, then says it can’t find the My Wireless Pro server.

Constantine Trofimov says:

It’s think can replace iCloud for me

Òscar Cusó says:

Thanks for all the useful information. Can it also instantly send photos/videos from camera to it on wifi ?

Mosaddegh Allende says:

Crew cut circa 1967. Background PC circa 1997. Wifi drive circa 2017. Mind BLOWN!

William Young says:

Will this work for Mac and for PC? Where I can use on both?

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