WD My Passport for Mac Review 2TB – USB 3 External Hard Drive

Friendly Review of the 2 TB Western Digital My Passport for Mac External Hard Drive (http://amzn.to/2oSKNVi). The setup, size, connector, fit and finish, utility app, security app, and read / write speeds are reviewed. The drive is pre-formatted with HFS+J so it is ready to go for Mac Computers. You can reformat it with exFAT so it will work with both Apply and Windows computers.

WD My Passport for Mac 2TB – http://amzn.to/2oSKNVi
WD My Passport Ultra Metal – http://amzn.to/2ovEDrB

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uphill248 uphill248 says:

Hi. I formatted my 2 TB external drive. Now it’s showing 31.8 gb…what happened? How can I change this?

Philosophy says:

Thanks for your review.

Snzorkal says:


Raunaq Puri says:

I used the Time Machine on the Hard Disk, it erased the format on it and made it corrupt. It wasn’t readable after that.

antonio garcia says:

i had one wd set up on my mac..
and i bought another one and doesn’t want to work what can i do

Adam Foster says:

can you please tell me what is the rpm on this drive

birdie2107 says:

I just bought a WD 1T for my 21.5 iMac to put all new data for 2018. (I have a Omega for all data prior to 2018). My question is do I leave the WD plugged in all the time and on? TM will backup as stated. Or should I eject and backup myself once a week? (Opening up TM and WD hard drive) All videos I have watching nerve says about leaving all on all the time. Thanks. Linda

Raunaq Puri says:

What about reformatting the drive completely to take Backups from Time Machine?
Then the WD Software would have to be erased, right?

A_T_ Rox says:

Does anyone know if this will work for a ps4

Aaqil Faizal says:

Dost it support otg and on tv?

Dustin Valdez says:

Can you rename this drive without having to reformat it?  I know that if I go to disk utility I can select erase, then rename it there, but I don’t want to erase all my files.  When in finder, I can control click my drive and it gives me an option to rename it.  Does this work?  I was gonna try it but I didn’t know if it would mess up my drive.

Jabelemaximus says:

I have a Mac but I bought the my passport wd but does not say for Mac. Should I return this one and get the one that says for Mac?
I mean I do want to have that ability to share to a pc in case I need to

Nizar Ahmed says:

yeah, hopes are they are going to release hard drives with USB c ports.

Basnican says:

Does anyone know if the windows version will work on MAC? thats the only one I could find at the store.

Mark C says:

Great review! Clear and concise

Mark Robinson says:

can my wd my passport mac 1tb store apps?

Roman Ash says:

what is the same size and well size but faster?

Katie Maggioli says:

Thank you

Phillip Paul Bauer says:

Great review!

Marsha Carroll says:

What adapter do I use for my iPad? I haven’t found one that fits.
Other than not having
that piece of info, I liked your video.

natansh kumar says:

This vs Seagate backups plus??


very nice

Wu Ritchie says:

if you have a MacBook Pro you have to format it then you can add stuff

Din Moriel says:

good luck Paul the friendly reviewer, put some music and talk faster and cut “no talking” bits

AZ Claimjumper says:

My IMAC has a 2.0 USB port. Am I going to need some kind of adapter for it to work on my IMAC

Traxxasboy9087 says:

i purchased this and i am wonderinh before i recieve it can i use this to store my video files in between a chromebook and a windows laptop

Atharva Pawar says:

the initial icon for my hard drive is not showing.

The Pussy Diaries says:

he’s giving me serial killer vibes…

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