WD Elements 1TB Portable HDD Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and review of the Western Digital 1TB Elements portable hard drive.
➨Intro animation by: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrimeGFX

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Arjun Manoharan says:

Can we encrypt this wd elements ? Coz I just got one and wen I try to google only wd passport can be encrypted (it shows). Please help

D'sFitness says:

does it work with xbox one?

johnavgos says:

very good hdd,but i have a problem doesn’t play in my samsung tv(it’s not smart)…the old WD Elements that i have,play perfect all the types.
i am a bit disappointed…

- king- says:

hey mine is going into wire disk protected mode,as when copying files when I extract the USB,also writing speed is extremely slow,and always have to format is every now and them,worst item ever bought,also bought transcend HDD,and no problem with that,can you tell how to remove disk protected without formatting it,,not working with command prompt method,and last this company sucks


Do you recommend use this hard drive to install and play games?

Andrew Dupuis says:

I just got it today 1TB it was on sell $69

Ana Korošec says:

I’ve just bought one last week and I’m really enthusiastic. It works perfectly! 😀

Neo says:

will this work on a xbox one?

Do Good says:

U accent is good

Calvin Laarakkers says:

Everybody here is complaining about this drive being bad. While i had one since 2012 and its still working to this day (i bought 2) and both still work properly so….. maybe you guys are just rough with the HDD’s.

Ignacio says:

Mine didn’t come with that software it had 931g of memory nothing came with my hard drive. Model WDBUZG0010BBK how can I install that I want to password protect my hard drive.

Abhilash Routray says:

hey man just need to ask u one question that does it make a very quite sound like crick crick along with the vibration sound when we touch it or get our ear close to it ? should i need to worry about it ?

Yasir Ali says:

what is it rpm???

SuperMilhauz says:

OMG! Just download any software for speed test and don’t bullshit us with copying 1GB file :D,

Rinus Dusschoten says:

press more details for more details about the speed and estimated time?

Jarvey 24 says:

Is it a Hard Drive or a USB?

Dwika34 says:

could you make this an internal hardisk??

Andy Neale says:

Do you know if I can connect this any way to a samsung tab 4? I can’t get the tablet to recognize it. Thank you.

Suraj Kumar says:

some prblm my 1tb hardisk ! I copy my data but speed is too slow…plz hlp me

Que Curioso says:

Good video

bob z says:

Would this work to download steam and play steam games such as CSGO?? Not wanting to upgrade my hard drive for my PC so thats why I’m asking.

venkat dasari says:

hey bro how to recover data from wd elements ?? plz bro fast my 298 gb is stuck and i cannot copy anything

Emre S says:

Can I use this to back up my PS4? I’ve tried it but it doesn’t work can anyone help me

furballbear says:

Very informative video. Thank you for making it!

1000 Subscribers With No Videos says:

Can you use it to game? Like on games like Rainbow Six Siege? Or games like Minecraft? I want to know if I can store about 500Gb if games into it like my Xbox, but on my computer.

Mohit Kulkarni says:

Is it Linux compatible??

Shadow Grill says:

Can I download the game and play it? (the size of the game is about 20GB)

Ashwin Muthu says:

Does work on windows 10?? @Babbling Boolean

Sethuna says:

Can I use this to see high bit rate 4k movies? How many bit rates can this drive read/play?

Manuel Clavijo says:

is this a hdd or a ssd? i have that question?

Jagbir Singh singh says:

i have same hard disk but it is password protected. i forget this hard disk password please suggest me how to remove it

petra perle says:

this ext. hdd has a very very lowliest quality…dont buy !!!

Rohan Shinde says:

my hard disk light is not blinking and also not detecting in my pc what should i have to do , please help me i have important data in my hard disk

Santosh Persad says:

What is a backup-program for this?

Saurabh Kondkar says:

i have same tv but it sucks while casting youtube videos through smartphone

Sourabh Nandwana says:

does it have password protection feature?which one should I buy element or ultra?

Paul Brooks says:

I had one of these that I purchased in 2015…that piece of junk lasted no longer than a few months!!

Yeski says:

can i use this on the xbox one s?

Krzysztof Blazejewicz says:

i got all blue color including USB cord to the 3.0 version. I got it to just use to use connected to a smart tv. If needed I can get one two for the PlayStation 4, great drives for that. Seagates failed since they bought maxtor out. Western digital drives so far are top unless you get tO buy toschiba or Hitachi.

Barkat Ali Bande Ali says:

thank you

Happy Weed says:

Does it work on ps4

mikro70 says:

Can you use it for games on your pc?

pankaj barnwal says:

i have New wd 1tb hdd but only showing 633 gb why can you help me

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