The New WD My Passport: Unboxing, First Impressions, Benchmarks, & More in 4K

Here is my unboxing and overview video (in 4K) of the Late-2016 My Passport drive from Western Digital.

In my hands-on overview, I quickly cover a few things—including my first impressions (which really is just information about the drive alongside commentary), benchmarks, things to know about before buying, and more.

This is a good drive, but may not be the most visually appealing piece of tech you’ll ever see. It’s a design that is subject to individual taste; not many people will find this drive attractive. Regardless, should you get one? Watch my video to find out more about this drive.


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Muhd Amirrul says:

can it be used as my primary storage?

bimmjim says:

*BUT* is the data actually in there. Because, on the box that my “MY PASSPORT” came in, it says that it is only ‘software’ . Is it sending your data up to the cloud or is it just compressing your data and put it on another drive on your computer, like D drive for example? There is something funny going on here. I’m going to try “my passport” in another computer that is disconnected to the internet. Read the box. What is the password for my “MY PASSPORT” …
I don’t know. …
And why does it say “3 years” on the box? What happens after 3 years? Do they hold my data for ransom? After 3 years, do I have to pay them another 135$ or loose my data? … There is something wrong with this deal.

Mohammad Sobhy Moghazy says:

Is it work if connected to Samsung TV

rs san says:

I bought a yellow one!

señorinternet09 internet says:

hi this WD run on TV for view movies?


It advertises as 5Gbit/sec speed.. it means 635 MB/sec.. but it is not the case.. it has a speed of 100 MB/sec at max!!! most of the 2,5″ USB3.0 HDD drives are 1Gbit speed.. not 5Gbit 🙂

Edrick Mendez says:

I bought the 1tb version for playing games on my PC but the download speed it’s to sloww!! Why it’s that.. something wrong? Any help please.

Ian H says:

If you can get past all the marketing fluff, assuming it’s a good device for professional use.

jpthsd says:

Seagate backup slim suck!! I had 2 failed in duration of 2 consecutive years,, will NOT buy seagate expansion backup slim again!!

By saying that because my old WD usb drives still work while the recent seagate slim 2tb failed miserably !!!

I will get WD passport 3TB with WD backup $89.99 today!!!

rachael phillips says:

Also…. the ‘documentation’ is NOT documentation. There is NO guide. It is only the Limited Warranty, in 4 pt. typeface, in 12 different languages, all unreadable.

grace mcclellan says:

How do I use it?

demon6937 says:

Of all the reviews about wd my passport only your review have a 90MBps read and write speed

SideTrack Beatz says:

I see windows on the back but can it work for MacBook ?

Amit Kumar says:

I actually want to comment yesterday but due to replacement issue i comment today
.wd is worst quality hard disk and more over its costumer support. I purchase wd hard disk but after 1 month it got damage they they having only 3 service centre in delhi and very low class people in-service centre . nonsense kind they told to come to replace hard disk but when i reach there after 2 hour from my house they reject to accept hard disk because they having server problem . And is that right you purchase new hard disk from market and if it was a wrong piece then they will give you second hand hard disk why not they give new hard disk. Samsung is much better from wd in case of quality and customer support.

1 says:

Is this a good drive for long term storage? I just need to throw old pictures and videos from old phones onto something so they’re backed up

Happy Mask Salesman says:

One thing… I’m hearing a high pitched noise in this video

william fitzpatrick says:

How come you think we’re smart enough to decide what storage capacity we need but we need help in unboxing it.

Deyvid's Channel says:

this or wd element

Keoki Holguin says:

I was thinking about getting one of these (2tb) for my PS4, would it be fast enough for games?


I have one on my ps4

Don Khatamov says:

I just ordered it online, after one year how do you feel about the hard drive, is it better if I cancel my purchase and buy some other option?

mingus lion says:

I am little confused, so it doesnt work with both windows and ios?

Cai Chen says:

How does this guy only have 5k subs he videos are so high quality

Software Learning says:

Thank you man

djbillyrae says:

Don’t buy WD My Passport drives if your information is important. They do not work!!!!!!!!

Agumon5 says:

Bought it to use with Xbox One lol

Justin Gebert says:

I used this for PS4 and it crashed after not even 3 months of use

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