The Best Portable Hard Drive on the Planet…

WD My Passport Wireless Pro review.
Spoiler alert; it’s the best Portable HDD for traveling photographers and videographers…. or just “normal people” and families… EVER.


Elias says:

Wow, that’s exactly what I was hoping to find!

michael martin says:

So glad I found you! Very informative and clearly explained . I subscribed, great stuff!

S11DJ says:

Ohhh this looks ace. I love the streaming ability for movies etc, what a brilliant travel gadget. TAKE ME MONEY!!!!!

KiddsockTV says:

They just keep getting Bigger and faster. nice lil touch with the Battery Light/Progress.

Eden The DJ Guy - Perth Wedding's DJ says:

Thanks Nate. Will definitely get one after your review. Sidenote: The set looked nice too;-)

Andrew C says:

Can you access and edit, say from an iPad?

†GuArDiAnAnGeL†™ says:

Excellent video, great info.. +subbed! ;L)

CJD says:

If I didn’t know you don’t to paid advertisements I’d think this was one. Obviously you love this drive. I too am a fan of WD products, (since the last century) though I’ve never used their wireless drives.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

0:17 thought you were gonna start singing a daft punk song

Baigan News says:

Thanx alot blunty for in detail review. You answered all my questions in the video

georgi5000 says:

if only I had the money to afford 2TB…I barely bought 1TB my passport ultra metal edition 😀

martinaee says:

This…. is amazing for photographers. I’m going to get one of these in the future for paid-shooting. So awesome. You can literally just pop the second card in (from my Nikon DSLR) and have a 3rd copy of files. So nice.

Thanks for showing this!

SourceCodePhil says:

Is it possible to change the actual HDD inside if it’s damaged ?

Jouri Verhoeven says:

Great video.

cinepaulis says:

Thanks for the great video !
I’ve purchased the 2 TB version today. After your video I’m quite confident that it will be the ideal solution for me on my next holiday when I plan to shoot everything in 4K. Offloading SD cards on the move without needing a laptop saves me from buying a couple of dozen SD cards 🙂

satay71 says:

Is it possible to set it to automatically backup your files to a cloud server such as Dropbox?

Shawn Clay says:

Question for you Blunty – if my camera shoots to a CF card and I bring the USB card reader and plug it into the USB2 port on this, will it automatically suck it down with the progress indicator? Pity it’s not USB 3.0 on the port. Also will it read exFat formatted cards?

Jeff Cameron says:

You sold me. I use the Nikon D500 which has SD and XQD cards. Of course I’ll have to buy the XQD adapter. Now how large of capacity. Two seem seems fine but might jump up to the 3T.

Eric Klein says:

Lovely video. You mentioned you can hook up another external HDD to it to pull data *from*….I was wondering if it’s possible to PUSH data to an external HDD. On trips I’d like to carry this and one more normal WDPassport drive so I could first dump from my SD card to the Wireless Pro and then make a second copy onto the normal WDPassport. I’d be moving large video files, so a file system that supports them is a must, btw. Think this is a thing I can do? Thanks Blunty!

eLJaybud says:

Nice but expensive. Also no USBC.

Daniel McKenzie says:

was gonna insta dislike this video because seriously, a external hard drive is an external harddrive. how wrong I would have been to do that

bublebuble2004 says:

what about cf cards ?

Power Chord Gamer says:

i remember when blunty got this, it was delivered during a twitch stream

Robert Miller says:

Have you used these hard drives with a Mac at all or just with Windows PC’s?
Reading the specs on the drive makes it seem very PC-centric, i.e. must format the drive using NTFS.

Josh 〈b〉Test〈/b〉 says:

Sounds really cool! Can it clear the SD after it’s backed up? Like is there many configuration options?

Just Sub says:

when you find that guy that does perfect reviews with education at the same time.

LS_scape says:

Thanks for the video. Quick and dirty and lots of info without the unnecessary banter. One question: any differences between the sizes (now available: 1 through 4 TB)? Obviously in storage, but I wonder if there are significant differences in reliability, speed, batterylife or weight. I would only use it for RAW files on the go, so I would never top off even the smallest size of 1TB in one day, so my thoughts are to buy the 1TB (or 2TB) version if there are no other significant differences.

Ruckus IIV says:

This is a massively awesome review and now I will be looking into the Passport vs the earlier version. Thank you for putting such a great production together.

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