The Best External Drives for your Mac or PC

We’ve gone hands-on with 15 different drives that cover portable, tiny, blazing fast, ultra rugged, and super sized. Find which is best for you!
Drives in the roundup include:
Western Digital My Passport SSD:
OWC Envoy:
Samsung T5:
Satechi Enclosure:
Seagate Ultra Slim+:
G|Drive R-Series SSD:
Oyen Digital Raid Enclosure:
Crucial SSD:
Glyph Raid Atom SSD:
LaCie Porsche Design:
CalDigit Tuff:
LaCie Rugged:
LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt 3:
CalDigit AVPro 2:
OWC Thunderblade V4:

~Gear I use~
Camera I use:
New favorite lens for it:
Other great lens:
^But you need this adapter:
BEST affordable lens:
Microphone I use:
Mic stand/boom pole:
Lighting Kit:
Awesome portable audio recorder:

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The Best External Drives for your Mac or PC



Ralph Cazemier says:

You need to click above to punch in that game and i got an notification from you that you posted something and when i click that i click in stead of that button your notification…

Ralph Cazemier says:

You shoudnt posted it then

Ronald Vandermoon says:

#1. Who cares what an SSD looks like? #2. I don’t understand recommending “housings” for SSD drives? AND I’m just fine with my WD 4TB Elements external portable USB SSD that I got from Amazon for $99 last March! I found that cnet quotes the transfer rate as 5.0 Gbps (does not specify read/write speeds) using USB 3.0.

Kumar Gedela says:

Is there any device have the wireless connectivity with 2 to 4 tb capacity?

Mayowa Olugboji says:

You kinda sound like Ernie from sesame street lol, nice video.

Randall Robarts says:

Price and storage man

Gregz0r says:

Price and capacity options?

Mosab Mohammad says:

Your voice is very far!!

Ralph Cazemier says:


Loren Robertson says:

Dang, almost everything you went over is outside of my budget. I need to do a backup on my older PC on a disability income. Great to see all of the wonderful expensive stuff that you can afford, but what can a really poor person get that is reliable and easy to do a basic backup to save my data, pictures in case my PC crashes. I’ve already had it happen before and was grateful to have some older photos on a thumb drive…but I lost a lot of memories/photos and videos over the years. Help out the older generation please!

Gaza Don says:

Can you guys do one on thumb drives(flash drives) as far as which would be great for storing both mp3 and video files. I have over 30000 songs but I hate traveling with external drives. Any suggestions???

Manak600 says:

You sound like Chris from family guy

Ralph Cazemier says:


John Smith says:

Buy a NAS!

aditya ch says:

Just in time!!

Marco Borner SwissDataHoarder says:

Good video, a lot of external storage in only 14 minutes. your forgot some good external drives, but is already ok so

eduardoig17 says:

I have a Samsung T3 and I use it to boot into windows on my Mac and I have had zero issues with it. I love it.

Jason Lawson says:

The voice is killing me

Jack Beames says:

What would be the best drive for my Mac book air which would be for photos from my phone and also backups from my phone.

Kaitlyn says:

Angel bird ssd

djlive408 says:

Samsung T5 is the best I’ve own

Joseph Terry Bohme says:

Please call the companies you review and learn the proper way they want their name to be said. I cringe at how you make some names up- Is that too piss off users. Also most of this crap is not that crazy or that cool we are talking drives aren’t we, not staff at the cosmetic counter.

chris george says:

I just bought the Samsung T5 and I like it a lot. It’s fast, small, sleek looking.

D. B. Thomas says:

The Western Digital My SSD shown first here actually failed for me about a week after I bought it. After that incident it often over heats or just can’t be read at all when plugged in.

Bulat Schamiloglu says:


Arco Mxxnxn says:

I miss the G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD which also fetches 2800mb / s and works without extra power

Ralph Cazemier says:

Yes it is

yoavavr says:

pretty useless without pricing

Fitzjames Wood says:

Are you Kermit the frogs brother?

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