SSD vs HDD vs T1 – Fastest and most stable mobile storage test


What is the fastest and most stable portable storage option??
Links to products tested:
Samsung T1 SSD:
Lacie 1TB HDD:
Lexar 64gb SD:
Transcend 256gb JetDrive:
Kingston 128gb USB:

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Birkhauer says:

that bloody flickering screen in the background is too annoying.

L says:

Now he just needs to learn to make a decent video.

João Maria Vasconcelos Fontes de Barros Taveira says:

Jumpdrive is from Lexar, not from Transcend!

producedbyRiff says:

Good Review! I also got a speed test and review in my clip. I tested the ScanDisk Portable SSD. Visit my chan if you like to. ✌

Joey Gonzalez says:

Thank you for the real time test. Its great to see what we are getting. Knowing that a different drive can shave minutes to second when working with large files.

dfhdjlfh says:

I was just wondering if you had any problems using the T1 on your Mac? I was considering buying one but kept seeing reviews saying there were issues using it with Macs; something about drivers or encryption, or something to do with samsung bloatware associated with use of the T1, idk. I was hoping you or someone could help me with answering this question. Thanks to anyone in advance!

Hardware BBQ says:

You should check out SanDisk Extreme 500 and Extreme 900 series.

77dris says:

The Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB USB 3 drive has SSD speeds near the Samsung T1 SSD with 4TB of storage, and it’s portable with only 1 usb cable! It’s 5x faster than a good WD external USB 3 drive

octap79 says:

That flickering on the background monitor is super disturbing ….do your 1 + 1 math and set a proper shutter speed to your camera dude.

Robert Montoya says:

The T1 got Encryption AES 256-bit built in if you want to use it.

Wojciech Chwalny says:

Pytanie, czy to zrobione jest w chinach
(People’s Republic of China). Krótko mówiąc chińszczyna ?

Darthen X says:

AWSOME video!! Two thumbs up!

Kevin R. Whitley says:

Love this!  Was just looking for a SSD option for backups in the Moroccan desert, and it sounds like the T1 is a clear winner!  What people sometimes fail to consider is how critical transfer speeds can be in the field… every second faster that transfer completes is a second less the laptop needs to be powered on/draining battery.

Review The Cheapest says:

I don’t trust flash memory to store my data.

AB says:

what a bald baffoon you are… waste of time and space.

Nello Johson Photography says:

Samsung T1.  Samung the last few years really been making some great SSD cards top 2 or 3 best ssd card on the market with out a question.

Foto Hysteria says:

I recently put a SSD in my Toshiba laptop. The regular hard drive took 2 1/2 mins to boot all the way up. The SSD takes about 15 to 30 secs. Very happy with SSD.

Luis Miguel Silva says:

you don’t tested your red seagate HDD ?

raredreamfootage says:

8:59 “OH” priceless

Rahin Dawjee says:

That T1 did not take 3 seconds, it was more like 1 second.

Blu3raNger88 says:

there is no such thing as stable storage, if you dont want to lose anything, have a copy on your main, your raid and across the country, blu-ray disks honestly are the safest way to store photos for a LONG period of time, create and archive.

Mihai Bruma says:

what about read speed?

Lee Bilcliff says:

I boot my iMac from a T1, works well, very happy.

J Morris says:

can’t pay attention with that picture in the background….

RoaR3000 says:

…Nice Jacket,Either you need heat on,Or your going to the slopes ASAP 😉 😛

Salvador Sanchez says:

excellent video bud, reeally help made up my mind …. thanks

raredreamfootage says:

1:10 Solid State is still less reliable than spindle hard drives.  I don’t know the exact technical reasoning but I think it is because each memory cell of an SSD is required to pack in more data and therefore has increased wear and tear combined with the less reliable nature of NAND technology.

The more data each cell carries the more times that cell is being written, read, modified and erased to.

But I think what you were referring to is the reliability in the field as opposed to long term storage and long term read/write/modify/erase.


10:36 until 12:32 theres a woman in the back round (in a picture) with her boob hanging out.

Tim Bert says:

I have many different storage devices that I carry around, cards, sticks and I also have a USB DVD burner for when the requirement for one arises. That tiny burner is Samsung with the same obsidian finish as your card. I carry them around in my bag with my cameras. I use a 2 terabyte WD My Passport for Mac for most of my storage requirements but it is not solid state, it is a magnetic hard drive. USB 2, 3 and Thunderbolt compatible but I made 2 partitions on it, one Mac and one MS DOS. All my other cards and such are MS DOS. I use the Mac partition for most things as I use them at home and university, but that DOS partition does come in handy if I have to use a PC or if I want to plug it in to my smart TV box which is Android. Do you do this with any of your storage devices? It is nowhere near as small as that Samsung card of yours but it is small enough to easily fit in my trouser pocket, side by side it is the same size as my wallet but I always keep it in my bags.

Dion Chapman says:

got 2 of the Samsung T1 500gig because of this video

storyfrontier says:

you should have used the free blackmagic speed test app dude!

Luis Miguel Silva says:

You must trying the lexar 128GB jumpdrive P20 .

Iftekher Islam Sunny says:

Matt, I’ have a 128 GB storage macbook pro. which storage should I choose, JetDrive or Samsung T3?? It’ll helpful to me, if you help me to select proper storage device 🙂 🙂

David Weiley says:

Great comparison

Bahget Abdalmalek says: 😀 looooool

Robert Carter says:

wow long drawn out foreeever even with spiking most of it, was torcher, simple and sweet the are best reviews

Marco Sartori says:

ahahaah your reactions with the t1 😀

Peter Cruz says:

These suggestions are the result of 3 hours of research:

Large cheap storage that you’re not going to take places: get a 2.5 HDD drive

Best compact USB storage: there’s a new Lexar micro sd USB that’s almost twice as fast as the one he tested (similar price)

Cheap Samsung t3 alternative: buy a 60gb kingston msata ssd (£28) and an msata enclosure (£6) = £35 for similar speeds, same form factor. But no security and less durable

Tiny, durable, super fast, expensive: Samsung t1 & t3

Shoop da Whoop says:

whats up with the jacket? are you cold?

Romgenas says:

Can u use a Win10 to see a real transfering speed???

David Lean says:

I’m not sure why you were surprised by this result. Even thou they all appear to be using the same USB3.0 interface, they aren’t all the same. Newer devices like the Samsung T1 support the faster UASP protocol. They get more useful bits per second compared to transfers using the earlier USB 3.0 protocols.

In addition the Samsung & other vendors SSD drives have been bottlenecked by the SATA 6G interface speeds. It is only now we are seeing SSD drives that use the PCIe NVMe Interfaces that people are realizing that the memory in the SSD drives can actually transfer at speeds above 2.5Gb/s. ie Approx 5x what you get from a normal SSD drive.

Artem Lokhovitskiy says:

Yep! I got one ssd for my old laptop which had hdd before and now it has another life! Better life! So freaking fast and smoothththththtt 🙂

A. Ü. C. H. says:


not real says:

Dude, you are on a mac use the unix dd command…

拖泥塘 says:

try SSD x USB-C port x Thunderbolt 3

Chidi Anuforo says:

I really appreciate this video. I’m a film student and I was required to purchase a 1TB G-Drive that died in less than a month. I’m now looking for a replacement and wasn’t sure what to get. Based on your video, I will purchase the T1. It might be expensive but I spent 189 on a hard drive that died in less than 4 weeks. If I would’ve purchased the Samsung to begin with, I wouldn’t have this issue. So once again, thank you for the information and I will be buying the Samsung soon.

Lord Vader says:

Is the new SSD T3 Faster than T1 ?

Jonathan Goff says:

Great video, but my head and eyes really hurt from that flickering monitor in the back. 🙁

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