Silicon Power A60 Rugged Shockproof Water Resistant 1TB External Hard Drive Review

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Kevin Korn says:

Bro the scream at 4:00 scared the shit out of me, im watching in a quiet house at 3am.. why

IGarrettI says:

Is it the best one for the price? There are others for 50 pounds (im looking for a cheap one) ones, but which one is the best?

Bryan R says:

Thank you for the review.

Andy Cheong says:

Just purchased 1. THanks for the review.

Kathy Harris Ndouga says:

Liked your review, but at the end you say that when USB cable is connected and pushed in all the way the blue like should show.  I didn’t get that!  disconnected and tried again, no blue light just red.  Did you actually get a blue light?

sina wasiq says:

I bought A60 2TB not test it yet. It is written at the back water resistant I’m not sure for that. Can any one make a video for that brand too. Thanks in advance.

Susan Meyer says:

Figured it out… I needed to ‘format’ after ‘initializing’ each step being well hidden in my ‘control panal’ programs. I also partitioned the thing so I only had to spend 8 hours formating half at a time. All is well and it was the red light hint of yours which was my only indication that there was any connections until I looked deep, deep, deep. Thank you.


lol that scream 🙂

HarisNoor says:

first scream was amazing

Joe Zackary Beltran says:

does it works with mac??

Cartoon Artisan says:

Thanks!! I am getting one 🙂

Average Consumer says:

is it still working good?

Kathy Rayon says:

Video was very helpful. Just received Silicon Power Armor A60 yesterday and still little confused. Downloaded manual but unable to open. Down loaded free RAR and still unable to open manual. Any suggestions?

Echolyktuz says:

Hi I was thinking on getting myself a much needed EHD for personal use, not as console hard drive, and saw this one but I’m seeing that some people are having problems with it such as “files gone missing”. Is there a way to avoid such problems?

And how frequent are the problems of the unit not working?

cherina amante says:

hi can you help me? I recently bought this type of hard drive from our local electronics shop and used it to back up my macbook. When i plug it in, the blue light appears and works perfectly fine. A week later, I try it on our TV and other laptops and the red light shows up and the hard drive isn’t read by the other laptops or the TV. Any insight would be great. Thank you! +JohnyTechReview

Sarah Ettinger says:

How do I play movies I have stored on this device on my xbox 360?

AlexeyDnepr says:

Better to take A60 (green) or A80 (Blue)?

Lone Wolf says:

i bought it, the 1tb green model, stopped working after the first day, RMA issued….. lame….

Stacy Tran says:

How can i factory reset my A60? It stopped reading on my xbox 1 after one day of it reading and working. Pleae help

Smite India says:

nice review bro …it was short n sweet n informative at d same tym ….thumbs UP

Yasir Ali says:

what is it rpm???

Splashh_23 says:

Is this good for an Xbox One?

Mainland TV says:

I have one and it suddenly stopped working. Hadn’t been dropped. I have over 300GB’s of footage on board this drive but when I plug it in it says there are no file’s although it shows in properties that there is a third of the space used.

Susan Meyer says:

I get a red light (meaning 2.0 speeds) hooked up to my laptop USB 2 ports, but cannot find anything else. The book of words shows a USB Y cable to hook up to a USB 2 port, but besides making one, or waiting a month from China, I can’t find one locally or on-line and the e-mail to Silicon Power remains un answered. Thoughts?

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