Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub is an excellent drive for your desktop

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CNET editor Dong Ngo explains why you’re not gonna get this external hard drive for free — and why you should get it anyway.

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PilotVBall says:

I never trust anything that is reviewed by CNET. They have absolutely no credibility.

oldschool1 says:

You’ll never go wrong…
with Dong.
Ngo way in hell. 🙂

Asim Siddiqui says:

Can this be disassembled and the hard drive be used somewhere else?

Niall says:

love. this. guy

hgfuhgvg says:

Can you make a video of how to take one apart without breaking the case?

foxroano9t says:

Dong Ngo could review the 3.5 in Floppy drive tomorrow and I would watch it because when you subscribe to Cnet you do it for one reason and thats because there is only 1 Dong Ngo and he uses USB 5.0

F. Rose says:

Good video! Later

the very hungry tohru says:

What a bout ps4?

Curious Mike says:

The Donger!

R Rob says:

Is a rumbling sound normal?

Heaven Doors says:

Great video! God bless you. In regards to this 8 TB external Drive, Can you tell me if I can transfer most of all that’s on my laptop (gigs) including programs to this external drive? And will my 32 GB 2 RAM laptop/tablet 2-in-1 still work as it should? Also, will I have more RAM, and not just more memory space? Thank you!

Roohalla Alekri says:

I don’t care what the product is, if it’s this guy, I watch the video.

Alessandro Filippi says:

8Tb not redundant drive? No thanks I don’t want to lose 8Tb of stuff when it fails.

Las Paredes del Castillo. says:

question, should i unplugged my system when not in use? or i can just leave it

i use mine for my ps4.

Thanks in advance

Jkawfoord says:

I LOVE YOU DONG #donteverchange

Andy Webb says:

Will it work with PS4?

ryan gosling says:

Ngo torious D O N G

fcfdroid says:

lol punk! I love this guy XD

Drift Taxi says:

I never thought I’d want more Dong in my life . . . but I do. Dong Ngo for president!

The_Natives says:

Dong Ngooooooo. Wish there was more videos with you other than router and storage previews/reviews.

Γιώργος Παπαδόπουλος says:


93Legit says:

do they only bring you out when reviewing hard drives and routers?

Qahtan Al-Aabidy says:

Thanks mate for this movie. Please is this external hard compatible with Linux(ubuntu 16.04 for example)? I will be so thankful if you can reply me soon because I want to bay one to backup my data. Cheers

Dango Ruiz says:

Dong Ngo for president!

The Moons Rival says:

Classic Dong

DeepCupsChan119 says:

it works for xbox one

MasterJP28 says:

Dude I don’t know what that thing is, but I’ll buy it anyway. This guy is a fucking legend. Never question Dong Ngo! Never!!!

Al Z says:

Can I have some Fried Lilce and Owrange chicken>?

Avais Hussain says:

Imagine Dong presenting everything on Cnet.. Like literally everything.. 10 million subs record within minutes

Redslayer86 says:

Also available in four and sick TB? I’m sold.

g4meboy13 says:

love his accent

Doug Funny says:

This guy kinda grows on you lol

Prranjal Shrivaastav says:

what? 250 dowla for 8 tewaby? that’s amazing value

theLMGN says:

Sorry, I only buy WD.

Bil Shaw says:

this guy is a tech comedian.. and thats a good thing!!

Weng Chan says:

0:22 either ways FUXK!? OMG!

lawlerzwtf says:

8TB for only $250? That’s fucking value right there. That’s basically $32 per TB.

Full Bore V8 says:

He is very cool. Says no more, or less… perfect.

jctai100 says:

Only one not two?

JJ G says:

Dong for president anyone? 🙂

HelpI'mLost says:

he could tell me to kill a man and I would, because he is Dong Ngo.

Djordje Cupic says:

If only the half of reviewers were as half as Dong…

Mr Leadfoot says:

CNet, just so we’re clear… I stay subscribed because of this guy.

way310 says:


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