Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim Review – 1 TB or 2TB Portable External USB 3 Hard Drive

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Seagate has a new and very slim external USB 3 hard drive that performs well, has 2 TB of storage, and is affordable too. See more at and subscribe at

0:41 – Hardware overview
2:21 – Windows backup software review
4:54 – Performance benchmarks
6:02 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is a pretty simple USB 3.0 external hard drive. It’s relatively fast, well constructed, and offers 2 terabytes of storage for only $100. There’s a 1TB version for $30 less.

I don’t like their packed in backup software, however. This is primarily due to the fact that it didn’t work at all :). But as a hard drive (its primary function) it’s a really good deal. I can recommend this one.

I’ve reviewed some portable SSD drives here that are much faster than mechanical drives like this one but also more expensive:

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FreakyTurtleGaming QUIT YOUTUBE says:

Not first!!!

JIM K says:

Would be interested in a backup software overview/review. Thanks for the great videos!

IraQ Nid says:

Can you use the backup software from your WD MyCloud to backup data to this drive? Can you do a comparison of all the types of backup software you have used?

Md. Siam says:

Hi Seidman,

I need a software which will help to keep backup my files from my laptop to an external HDD..
Suggest me a good backup making software for Windows 10.

Thank you

DREW says:

Can this be used as drive for a pc

Al X says:

Cool i got the 2 tera on sale for 69 bucks on black friday. it rocks !!! its fast usb 3 and it works great its quiet as well.

i_n_s_e_k_t says:

Dell vostro 14 5000

JP 1405 says:

Great vid! Do you know if this would work as an external drive for an Xbox one console?

Daniel Santana says:

got mine yesterday and it s perfect

TotoFrancey says:

Lon, a great review as always, but isn’t this a step backwards? I know the cost looks appealing, but right now I believe the solid state drive is the way to go (even given the added cost per giga byte), and in a couple of years this drive will start making its appearance on recycle piles across the western world. This comment is coming from a person who still occasionally uses a removable floppy drive.

Saul Guznay says:

This drive does NOT allow me to drag and drop files. In fact, it doesn’t even pop up in the “MY Computer” area. What am I doing wrong?

EposVox says:

I really want their new 8TB external, though I don’t have a USB Type C port atm.

Chris Wheeler says:

last comment of the history of youtube. lon seidman beat that please

MMAMeetsBoxing says:

I ordered the 2TB Gold version off Amazon. Opened it up today and connected to my desktop (used 3.0 and 2.0 USB ports). Nothing comes up. The light goes on in the Seagate Ultra Slim HD but nothing shows on the PC. I am using Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, i7. Any suggestions?

Aeronomx says:

When writing continuously to the drive, does it get hot to the touch and is it loud when doing so?

Amrit Rastogi says:

Very systematic and well organized review.

MRrwmac says:

Lon, after seeing your Kangaroo Mini PC review, I bought one. In this video you talked about backups using this external drive. I’m looking for an external drive as a secondary drive for the Kangaroo since it has so little space. Could you please recommend and review a good drive for that purpose? Thank you for the great videos and information!

WorkingCog says:

Would this be a good hard drive for the Xbox one?

igloo2 says:

You should have opened the enclosure.

wudz says:

very informative. thanks

gonigeena says:

this isn’t new, they just replaced the top cover from their old design.

Jacob H says:

0:21 “I don’t believe they want it back, either”, oh, well, same story with me and every Seagate drive I’ve owned. Has Seagate changed?!

Dusty says:

Hmmmm. That’s about it.

Karsten Jensen says:

I took my out of it’s case and put my 2tb in the ps4

aman khan says:

as u said, its mechanical. so it not recommend to be used for smartphones via otg cable when i’m traveling?

Gopal Khatri says:

sir can we can play music, video, may More directly by this hard drive

Junal Morales says:

its not connecting on my tv:( why is that ?

Mark II says:

I never use the backup horse crap. Never even attempted to use it. I use my hard drives to store my stuff, which I guess, is actually backing up my stuff.

Milan Kragujevic says:

Under50 views club!

MinBCraft says:

I like the backup plus seagates better as it comes with a ums connector which is basically a SATA to USB3.0 converter which is so useful if you have some hard drive without enclosure lying around

Mauricio Ortiz says:

Nice review Lon! Quick question, How this drive compares to WD passport ultra series? Which one you recommend?

Chris Wheeler says:

can this work on a chromebook

Bk says:

which drive do you recommend for the nvidia shield tv?

Xander Zoolander says:

is it a 2.5″ drive on the inside? Scavenging drives from portables is, from what I’ve noticed, a lot cheaper than buying an oem drive.

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