Review – WD My Passport Wireless SD Card External Hard Drive – WIFI USB 3.0

WD 2TB My Passport Wireless Portable External Hard Drive – WIFI USB 3.0 – WDBDAF0020BBK-NESN

This is the SD card slot edition. It’s great for videographers and photographers who want to quick transfer files out in the field without the need of a computer.

So far from my use, it’s been great aside from the slow transfer speeds from the wireless setting. Also, the speeds weren’t as fast as I would have liked or as advertised when transferring from SD and USB 3.0 to computer.


DM says:

Does it come with USB adapter for charging from the mains 120-240V / 50-60Hz? Or must it be charged strictly from a USB port in a laptop?

What I want is to keep it plugged into the mains and use it as a media centre in the house.

Jon Saw says:

Can I wirelessly connect this to my computer while I am connected to the internet wirelessly? At the same time, I want it to be charged too.

Ahmed AlQassem says:

Loved seeing your cute daughter in the video. She’s about the same age as my daughter 🙂
Now about the device, you said it’s quite slow while transferring files wirelessly, is that still so after a few firmware updates?
I’m only considering it to use to stream videos to my devices and also to backup my files wirelessly. Thanks

Intense Productions Inc. says:

How do You transfer data? Via FTP?

DavePlaysGames says:

The slow speed could very well be bottle necking from your computers USB 2.0 to the Passport’s USB 3.0, then of course, HDD’s have a tendency to be slow anyway.

TechnoCraft says:

is there a place i can buy just the case around the hardrive if i want to add a ssd instead of the included hardrive so the product without the hard drive inside.?

trinidadparaminman says:

When streaming videos, will it play wmv and avi formats?

JohnnyBeFilms says:

Hey, so it’s not easy to make sure everything was copied from SD Card to this HDD because the files aren’t always showed via the app? Is there any other way to make sure everything was copied without access to computer?

Btown Dollar says:

Ha I got it ur daughter is a Genius. She’s not saying dadda she’s saying data. Lol

RZ Vlogs says:

hows the durablity

md faisal says:

how long it takes to transfer 64GB data from SDcard to this hardisk?

thanks I love your channel

Roed Bacomo says:

hello can i use CF card on that?

SplatterFrog says:

Do you need your phone to transfer? Or can I place SDCard straight into the External Hard drive (without phone to assist)?

Mudman Harley says:

Is this Windows 10 compatible? Subscribed!…thanks

DJG fun says:

Love that Clarissa joined you in the review! Cute!

kmka10 says:

Great review. Watched several other videos about this HD; yours was the best – straight to the point. Kudos.

Петър Колев says:

0:34 min 😀 hahahahahahahahahah AWESOME 😀

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