Lima Ultra NAS Review – Dropbox-Like Hardware Using External Hard Drives

Find other NAS drives on amazon – (affiliate link) Lima had a rough start with their initial Kickstarter but is now working to release an improved version with their new Ultra. It is a NAS device that uses external USB hard drives for storage. But is it worth the $129 price tag? See more NAS : and subscribe!

00:02 – Hardware overview
00:51 – Issues with their Kickstarter and need to make backers whole
01:58 – Using Lima with a desktop computer (Mac & Windows)
05:09 – Blu Ray MKV playback
06:48 – Mobile app overview
09:17 – What happens to the hard drive when plugged into computer
11:38 – Lack of backup options
12:32 – Upcoming features
12:46 – Commentary: need computer USB data transfer
14:15 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Lima’s biggest mistake is that they engineered out what could have been their biggest differentiating feature from traditional NAS: faster data loading.

One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard from consumers is how slow data transfer to a NAS device is. That’s because most NAS devices do not allow for a faster direct USB connection to transfer data. Many consumers use WiFi only for their networks which is glacially slow for transferring what could be terabytes of data.

Given that Lima stores its data on a USB drive it’s crazy they didn’t think to allow customers to just plug the drive into a PC to get started.

The drive gets encrypted and melded to the Lima that it was set up on. The data simply cannot be read anywhere else. Even copying its hidden folder to another drive results in an error message. Data must be copied slowly through the network as a result. The only way to backup data is to manually copy it off the drive, or (get this ) purchase another Lima to sync with! Ugh.

There is potential here, but it’s hard to recommend this as a NAS alternative when a NAS drive with many more features and automated backup can be had for the same price or less.


Chris Pistocco says:

This device doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Strider Wolf says:

liked the video, dislike the product…. there are tons of better alternatives to this lima nas. for that price i would just buy a netbook/old_pc and convert it to a file server…

im2crafty says:

I have the wd my cloud 5tb with everything on it and I can use it anywhere, it even cast my downloaded movies to anyones chromecast.

Вячеслав Б says:

I wonder what’s the real hardware inside? RPi Zero maybe?

Bob Wareham says:


Steve Bremer says:

bought this last year – total disaster – wouldn’t refund my money – the cache ate my C: drive before I realized what was going on – ended up formatting.  This product is absolute shit!  Can’t sell it because each Lima is connected to your email – when you need to reset the Lima you MUST go thru their tech help – 24hours min respond times – complete shit – I can’t believe they are still allowed to sell this shit.

Gold Solitude says:

not sure why I’d get this if my router is smart enough to do it on its own.

Techy Techerson says:

I don’t know man, I’m thinking i could work up something far better with a raspberry pi 3 at half the cost.

Dong Hyun, Dee Seo says:

total waste of money

Mike vR says:

Question, what makes this device better, worse, different than just using my Netgear Nighthawk router USB or Ethernet connection along with the Netgear software to access via IP address? Is it easier to setup? other?

Jonathan Bennett says:

I trust your judgment have and have made several purchases based on your reviews and have been pleased but, why even review something like this that provides little to no value to the consumer. Just buy a my cloud or something similar. I’m not trying to be critical of you but your better than this and so is your time.
Take care.

Pixle says:

This is like the PogoPlug all over again.

Nick says:

You can’t even call it a NAS for non-technical people, this is a NAS for hipsters.

Random The Guy says:

Well.. you can do sameting with raspberry pi… Overpriced?

Keith Keller says:

For goodness, sake. Just go and buy yourself an actual NAS. I just don’t see the value of this thing (seems a bit too complex).

Steve Mojo says:

good stuff. where do you get all that energy ? what’s the secret ?

Rud Dog says:

If and when the current form is improved it would be nice if you could connect multiple drives to a USB HUB from there plug into Lima. Is this possible?

Michael Cayton says:

Another good review, Lon! This is an interesting item, but I think for my money I would probably by one of the lower end Synology NAS’s like the 213J or something. Keep up the good work!

Ataman Atlas says:

I was one of the idiots that bought the first gen, and I won’t go near them again. Terrible, just a scam, never again.

Lima says:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to clarify a few things and answer questions we ran into:

Lima is not made for people who are currently loving their NAS device. Lima is not a NAS, it’s a personal Cloud.

NAS are centralized network drives which you can access from your network, and sometimes from outside your network even if it’s not the main goal of the product.

Lima is a decentralized system that syncs all of your devices together (through the apps), including with the Lima device at home which contains all the files on the hard drive. That means that with Lima, you can work on your files whether you’re online or offline, and everything will sync on its own when you’re online / back online (wherever you are).

It is made for people who want to enjoy their files on multiple devices without giving up control, and who don’t want to deal with complicated setups. It’s actually quite easy to set up as you just have to plug the device to your router & hard drive and download the app.

You then have a Lima Drive on your computer as Lon showed, and you drag and drop files into it to get them synced across all of your devices. Your mobile pictures and videos are automatically synced and the mobile app enables you to stream all of your content from your smartphone.

If you want replication, we indeed recommend to get a 2d Lima which comes at the price of $69. That extra device will sync and replicate all your devices from wherever you decide to connect it to the Internet.

For more info, check out our website

vidm96 says:

I don’t see any advantage in buying one of these. If you, for example, buy a WD 2TB mycloud you get 2 tb of network storage, no need for background software on your computer, mobile apps, cloud acces and all other standard NAS functions along with the option to add storage via USB for a price very close to that of the lima.

ig33ku says:

Like an onion, too many layers makes me cry lol.

MrBrymstond says:

+Lon couldn’t KODI transcode the movie files? And using MX Player on android has its own transcoding in addition to IPTV app so you’re using a m3u playlist at your url?

Stuffyou100 says:

A kickstater rippoff, gee what a surprise.

LTE 1 says:

this is the dumbest product I have seen in a while. especially because of the price.

Jamie Ward says:

Solid review as always. Thank you for a that. To me this product is just pointless. So many other ways to do what this thing does better and with less overhead.

MrGardoPR says:

This has to be most pointless product I have ever seen, it costs as much as an actual NAS and doesn’t improve upon anything that a NAS already does.

Victor Zsasz says:


Robert Wilson says:

This is a NAM, not a NAS. Network Attached Mess…

John Park says:

very helpful, didn’t realize their software had to run in the background always.

Hugh Dinwiddie says:

Lon, it seems at that price (maybe a bit more) that in addition to network storage, it should be able to also serve as a Plex Server or at the very least an HDHomeRun DVR server without needing another computer running on your network. Just my opinion. Of course watching some of your other reviews has helped create that expectation.

Ricky C says:

hi lon i have a raspberry 3 and want to create NAS server what you recommend better a app like plex or other option?

Lenard McLean says:

I am using a Netgear night hawk router that gives me similar functionality via 2 usb3 ports built right into the router, and it’s extremely reliable with any file that I throw at it.

saturnotaku says:

This is one of those things that sounds great on paper, but comes up short in execution. I think I’ll stick with my WD MyCloud Mirror.

vgamesx1 says:

Wow, what’s up with the price? Hootoo makes portable routers that work similarly plus you don’t need special software to access files and less than half the price of this thing.
At its current price, you might as well just spend a little more and get an actual NAS enclosure, that’s crazy…

Zero says:

hey lon, can you do a product review on the chinese SSK Cloud Wifi Storage? thanks

ericbazinga says:

I have a device that does the same thing for only $40-

Hari Namballa says:

I strongly think Lima needs at the least 2-3 iterations to resolve the downside of network throttling, transfer of files via USB and readable as NAS is a must. The most important thing is throughput on mobile networks when away from home is a nightmare with the personal cloud setups. The purpose it-selves is negated hence not worth. Standing by for some entrepreneur to come up with personal cloud similar to google drive or Amazon web services storage kind which renders lightning speed of content without congestion.

neko77025 says:

seem 100% pointless …

Pegasi says:

Software required for a NAS? Dealbreaker imo, even if there isn’t a real performance impact. If I want to quickly share files with someone and they have to install a utility, that’s a huge knock against it versus basically every other solution. Have they commented on why this is?

Add in the encryption and this seems like a rather misguided product.

Thanks for the in depth review as always. Getting information on the nitty gritty of stuff like this is part of what makes your channel great.

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