LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt Hard Drive Review Setup + Unboxing

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We pick up a 1TB LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt™ from the London Apple store on Regents Street to back up our Vlogs Videos Pictures & MacBook Pro. Check out our review, unboxing & set up on both Mac with thunderbolt & windows PC using USB3 USB 3.0

Equipment Used to produce this film:
– Apple iPhone 5s
– Canon Powershot S120
– Blue yeti USB microphone

Edited Using:
– Apple MacBook Pro
– Apple Final Cut Pro X

London vlog vlogger


EmptyAtoms says:


Chris Chen says:

Nice Video it’s very helpful
I just got the Porsche 9223 today, it’s nice too

tinktwiceman says:

Great video. I wanted to ask if you feel any vibration while touching the drive whenever it’s copying files? I was curious if this was normal or not. Thank you so much.

UltimateMoralizer says:

Hi there. I purchased this external hard drive a few months ago from amazon … and it was working well until I accidentally unplugged it without ejecting it properly, thus corrupting some of the files. I decided to reformat it, but sadly I lost the LaCie Setup Assistant file. Is there any way I could get it back? I checked the site, but I couldn’t find it.

Firebrand55 says:

All you need to know about Rugged installation is in this excellent How To. Proper job!

Coby Lyons says:

I wish you had shown the actual connection. I found out (the hard way) that this requires an extra USB-C cable… ugh.

Jack In the Photo Box LLC says:

Turn off the music

George The Horse says:

I love how the music almost synced with the Mac boot up sound haha

Coby Marcum says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Bartosz Migas says:

I bought this drive today .. I’m worrying about bad reviews on the apple store. Disconnects and heats up if it’s true?

Ned G-M says:

I noticed Casey Neistat using one of these….. Cool product.

baldymarius says:

£150 for 1TB, thats the apple store for you, My Apple store recommended the 4TB drive, and where to buy it for under £200 !

element19961 says:

Great video very helpful

John Inglis says:

Music is nearly loud as your voice 🙁 good vid tho

Nizar Fakhoury says:

Found this review extremely helpful, thank you! Is it possible to use this external hard drive for both Time Machine and Storage if you set it up for Mac only? Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!

AsFewFalseThingsAsPossible says:

Could you post a version without the background music ?


Great video Robert!

Chris Bruning says:

Hey! What’s the benefit of using the software that it comes with it? You said that if u do decide to use the software, it uses us some data right? It would still work perfectly without using that software right? Also, what’s the difference in using the hard drive as time machine and not? Should I have a hard drive specifically just for time machine and then another for random documents? Thanks!!

Health & Peace Alchemy says:

Super helpful! Thanks for sharing.

Alex Mathew Mendoza says:

I have a question! I’ve just recently purchased one of these for my 2014 macbook in order to store videos and photos from my canon dslr. When I reached the part of setup regarding “Formatting will erase all data currently stored on the desk,” I stopped because I’m afraid it will erase all data (including my large music library) from my startup disk. Is there any truth to this?

Simon Palacio says:

Are these normally sold at local Apple stores?

Tyro says:

I am new to mac. Can the drive be set up for time machine as well as for saving video files while out on the road? Thanks!

NAJ TV says:

thanks 4 the video
I hope to know what’s the kind of backpack with this guy at
0:34 🙂

Urbano Moda says:

nice video, grateful for sharing, noticed in the setup its limited to 4gb single file upload, thats going to put a lot of video makers up that shoot high format video. Otherwise its looks nice and the choice of mac or windows partitioning is very clever for people that dont understand partitioning.

XXbiz says:


Sid B says:

Just so happened to be watching this a year after it was uploaded

Turtlegawd says:

Can I use this on a 2012 mac book pro?

subbbass says:

is it possible to open this to change the HD to a SSD?

civ1993 says:

What is the title of the background music?

claudio cristaldo says:

hola que tal robert muy bueno el video hace poco me compre un lacie ruggen igual a la del video y sera que podes subir el por que perdi la app

Dale Estes says:

Is the 2tb the same speed as the 1 tb?

jcmgarcia says:

about to get one later 🙂

Nick Lane says:


Sassy Unicorn says:

My name is LaCie

Jurez Hollie says:

What’s the music played for the intro I like it bro

Marcelo Matiello says:

100gb in 1hr? It should have been faster since it’s thunderbolt right?

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