LaCie Porsche Design Mobile USB-C Hard Drive Review (2TB Model)

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – LaCie has a premium external hard drive that comes complete with a fancy Porsche Design and a USB-C Connector. See more storage: and subscribe!

The drive in this review is their 2 terabyte model that retails for $149. It’s much more expensive than comparable drives from sister company Seagate and others. It performs about the same as those less expensive drives but its casing is better designed, more rugged, and of course comes with a USB-C connector that those drives lack.

All in it’s a good drive, but those looking to pay less will get the same or better performance out of less expensive but less rugged options.

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rick piepers says:

You didn’t test on the usb c port. It’s a bit stupid that you just test it as a USB 3.0 device!

EposVox says:

Very pretty drive! I’ve always wondered how good LaCie’s products were.
Though at this point if I were going to pay a premium for appearance/etc. of an external drive, I’d want a big SSD in it, not just a 2.5″ drive slapped in an enclosure.

Brandon Graham says:

Browsing your channel, I subbed after seeing that you do disclaimers. Looking forward to seeing more.

maZec31 says:

Thank you Lon! You are awesome 😉

Slayer_X_Killer the Killer says:


Lee Ice says:

I have always liked the styling of Porsche design drives by Lacie, so much so I purchased one of their 3.5 inch models. That was before Seagate purchased Lacie and I had no idea what manufactures drive was in my external drive. If I had known it was a Seagate drive I probably would not have purchased it. I’m not a fan of Seagate drives in general, they are less reliable. I since have replaced the Seagate hard drive in my Porsche designed Lacie drive with a Hitachi hard drive, now I have style & reliability. Really I can’t wait for 2+gig ssd’s to become affordable.

On a side note, Lacie’s customer service is top notch.

Mr. Montag says:

hello Lon

Rafael Sazo says:

good video, question can this work with an xbox one, please answer thanks.

Eric Brunhammer says:

Oh wow, LACIE is still around. I still have Firewire and SCSI cd burners from them lol

Luis Blaze says:

Is this password protected?

NoemoRetro says:

Is this a SDD or HDD?

Arnold Roa says:

they anounce the disk as 5gb/s is a lie right?

Asdruval Ramirez says:

I think 5Gbp/s was Usb 3.0, no?

I really like the drive design though. Looks much more durable than my WD Portable.

Michael Harries says:

They couldn’t design a box without the help or Porsche?

lactobacillusprime says:

LaCIE, a brand that I had nothing but troubles with. I avoid this brand as the plague personally.

Justin Lowery says:

Anyone Know how to open one of these as I want to change the internal drive to an Samsung 850 Pro SSD. Thanks for any advice.

Ankur Kini says:

they had to ask Porsche to “design” it?

Robin Díaz says:

Love that dad aesthetic

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