How To Install PS4 External Hard Drive – Worth The Money?

A quick guide to extending your PS4 Storage

Seagate 4 TB

Seagate 3TB

Seagate 2TB


USB 3.0 or later
250 GB minimum, 8 TB maximum capacity

Sony Support Page—hardware/storage—data/ps4–external-hdd-support/

*Proper operation is not guaranteed for all external hard disc drive models.

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Wreck-It Rolfe says:

Suffolk boy, ey?

E3BLS Gaming says:

I got the 5TB one of amazon. Thanks for this.

Genairo S says:

Does it work on the regular ps4 too ? (2015/2016)

Lee B says:

Have you had any issues with yours?
I have the same model and size as yours, only been using it for 4 months and I’ve got to return it. Games running from external started to crash while playing and now the PS4 won’t pick up the drive 90% of the time.

I also had one connected to my desktop which kept dropping out. So I removed it from the enclosure and put it in a different one and it now works flawlessly!

I’m starting to wonder if Seagate might be using crappy components/boards on the enclosure USB connectors. Pretty disappointing if that’s the case as the HDD itself seems fine. :/

Nina K says:

They are also good for Xbox One consoles 🙂

Matt Ludwig says:

Thanks for the video! Would it run quicker with a desktop hard drive? Or is it just as quick to go portable and not worry about having to plug it in?

gustavo garcia says:

Does this hard drive still work for you because I have been noticing a lot of people not really trusting Seagate external hard drives as they break down after just a couple months of use. Haw has yours been holding up? I really would want a Seagate drive but don’t trust the brand so much so I am more opting towards a MP or MyPassport drive as they seem a little bit more reliable. Would really help if I got the input of a person who has used a Seagate first hand.

Larry Bundy Jr says:

I ended up making one myself, bought an internal 4tb drive when the Pro came out, thing wouldn’t fit in the drive bay, so I bought a HDD>USB adaptor for £7 on Amazon, and used it as an external one.

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