G-Technology G-RAID USB Hard Drive Review

Content creators need solid, reliable storage — here’s a look at a USB hard drive array designed specifically for them.


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James Michael Hughes says:

Super informative! Thanks for posting.

MonstercatForLife says:

Hey collin, i love your video’s and the quality is amazing. Is your microphone the at2020. What is your editing software. Lastly what is your camera.

Brian Bray says:

Enjoyed your review. Do you notice that the G-Raid makes frequent “accessing the drive” clicks? Granted, I just plugged it in, formatted it for RAID 1 and it’s a couple feet away on my desk. I hear it making that hard drive accessing noise pretty regularly. Still formatting to RAID 1? I’m now copying some big files over and it’s making the sound (of course), but wonder if you notice this as a constant noise on yours or only at first? Thanks

AmusingYeti says:

Excellent video 🙂

TalesOfWar says:

I’m seriously looking at the Thunderbolt version of this thing for a media server upgrade. Now all I need is for Apple to finally update the damn Mac mini’s and I’ll be all over this!

F ab says:

Very informative!

Spaztian says:

I absolutely love how good the production value is on all of your videos. You’ve taken the time to make sure the lighting is right, no jerky video, I like how you’ve spent time presenting the product you’re reviewing with good camera angles – but most importantly: You are very clear and concise. The videos are never too long, and I never feel bored so I don’t end up skipping through any of the video. Keep up the good work! I love all of these videos.

tqaproduction says:

great review! thx for putting the time into making it!

Magarat Katana says:

Your videos are super clean, keep it up.

Caio Proença says:

Hey Collin, could you make a Revo K101 Plus review? It is a device that emulates GB, GBC games, and a clone of the GBA. Thanks!

Clark Smith says:

Do you have an Amazon link for this?

Renato Oliveira Farias says:

Eu queria possuir muito um desses. Mas aqui no Brasil custa 3.000 Mil Reais é muito caro.

Dean Brierley says:

This channel deserves more subs. Amazing content, keep it up bud.

Elias says:

mine gets warm when idle a makes screeching noise every 10 sec, and vets extremely how when transfering large files. is that a normal operation?

KH9IZb says:

Good job! Thanx for a lot of awesome reviews of different stuff! Its really helpful!
Go Go Collin!

pol divina says:

great video! do you think if i buy the 12tb version it will be more faster? also, hows the rendering time using the raid1 configuration? Thanks!!!!

fullsleevetats says:

No link to the product or the manufacturer in the description, but plenty of affiliate links asking for donations and schwag purchases. Sigh.

LaceyFilm says:

I’ve had a lot of failures with gtech units in the last couple of years. Especially their 4TB drives, both on gdrive and graid products.

Felix Mooneeram says:

great review!
What would you get if you needed the drive to be more portable (i.e. doesnt need a power cord and lighter)

Cindy Seriously says:

liked and subscribed…thanks for your review

simillarian says:

I REALLY enjoy your style. Your audio and video is very clean and professional. Your clear use of language is a perfect addition to the style. On top of that the console modding, guides, and tech reviews are all content I love! I have been getting hours of entertainment from your channel. Thanks for all your hard work. Your dedication definitely shows and is greatly appreciated!

TheNorliss says:

Excellent, concise video.

Rubens says:

Hell yeah, new vid

Jack Beeby says:

What type of mic don you have?

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Good review, I bought a used G-Raid 4TB model on Ebay, but it only has Firewire 800 and USB 3.0 and unfortunately does not support RAID 1 or Jbod, that I prefer to use.

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