External Hard Drive for Travel — LaCie DJI Copilot BOSS (No Laptop Needed)

First look at the new LaCie DJI Copilot BOSS external hard drive for travel and content creators (No Laptop Needed). ***** Check out CES Video Playlist here: http://bit.ly/ThinkCES2018

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**** Show Notes, Video Gear and Links ****

1. Check out the LaCie 2TB DJI Copilot BOSS USB 3.1 Type-C External Hard Drive on B&H here: https://bhpho.to/2DrO97h

2. Seagate 2TB DJI Fly Drive External Hard Drive (Older Version that needs a laptop) https://bhpho.to/2CWL26d

Check out the Seagate DJI Fly Drive on Amazon here:


Check out other video is our CES 2018 series on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/ThinkCES2018

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4K Live Event Video Setup (Our Gear for CES 2018)

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Very Cool

Mark Fisch says:

So my ipad pro is out of memory due. Does anyone know if I will be able to edit the videos right off the external hard drive with out loading the video directly to the ipad.

dboywhogotlucky says:

tnxxxx please sUBscrIBE my instagram gallery and channel here USERNAME is dboywhogotlucky hehehe, :), hehe, thanks friend!

Scott Hervieux Photography, Art, and More says:

Please do a compare between the copilot and the gnarbox. Including the apps.

brian lewis says:

I need this, you dont realize how much footage 4k takes up until you record in it.

Network Unplugged says:

great gadget, laptop is sometimes a nightmare to carry

Caprice Guarino says:

Does Western Digital have anything similar?

mrz 1342 says:

Hi what’s the advantage of this vs the wireless version? Pls advice

Carl Hewlett says:

Very cool

apoorva kumar says:

Amazing.. Love your videos.

saurabh459 says:

Make it in SSD

Johnny Ring says:

It states that you will be able to charge your phone via this device but nothing about the mAh. Anyone knows?

Nate's Escape says:

So could i plug in a memory card reader with a cfast card?

MoAlamin says:

Western digital my passport pro….

Heather Anne Ultimate Travel Adventures says:

Thanks so much for posting this. I take long trips capturing travel video footage for my channel and I never have enough room to store it all – plus I worry about my files getting corrupted or inadvertently erased (been there done that!!) I can’t simply re-film this content later if anything happens, so having enough storage, and safe storage, is exactly what I need and this drive seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Sheila House says:

What all does the software allow??

Chris Cloud says:

Gnarbox competition on the way

Cody says:

Another great video! Killing it my man.

Marko Milojković says:

thought it was pronounced lacy…welp

Arty Bryja says:

Bro hate to say it but you look tired man

Junaid Kureshi says:

It has everything what i have been looking for except bulky design and expensive price point.

KwasnikPictures says:

Wait… So you can’t charge it with a USB C?… The gnarbox 2.0 does it.

Freelance Society says:

Trying to find this answer, but I am assuming you can connect another drive to this and transfer footage? As a backup.

iEdit Projects says:

I like this a lot !! Does it support CFast 2.0 via usb? Also can I connect a Red Mini Mag card reader up to it? If so this is a no brainer!!

Paul Groseclose says:

This is so freakin cool!

Fritz Colcol says:

Product looks decent. Gotta check it out!

ucheucheuche says:

That LaCie Copilot reminds me of the Jobo GIGA Vu PRO Evolution, years ago.

Josiah Cohen says:

will this charge via USB-C?

AdamMannProductions says:

I like this but GNARBOX have already done this (albeit smaller storage) and WD has done a similar thing but NextoDi have been doing this type of thing for many many years. Would love to see a comparison between the Lacie, WD and GNARBOX

Bartosz Twaróg says:

can you charge it from a powerbank on the go?

Roaming Foodie says:

Pop filter is your friend

Achisachis73 says:

too expensive!

Christopher HannFan says:

Do i understood it Right that this is an external SSD ? Hope this is Not a External HDD

kodefa Shmodefa says:

Shopping for devices that do this sort of thing and the price for this is around 380ish. There are alot of other devices out there same capacity 1/3 of the price. I guess this looks cool but i cant bring myself to pay that much for 2tb

Mitchell Zenda-Johnson says:

So like a GnarBox?

CapturedbyMD 1 says:

Is this an SSD or HDD?

maurice porcelain says:


Christoph Rödiger says:

Is this a mechanical hard drive?

David Chomiak says:

Why do you work wuth such a shitty old setup? You no longer need to have a mic in your hand

yinshantang says:

Three complaints: 1) It requires a dedicated charger for power charging instead of USB cable which adds extra bulk/weight to my travel bag. 2) It doesn’t recognize the photo/video files on the SD card that have already be copied. Every time you have to delete the files on the SD card that have been copied or they’ll be uploaded again and again. When I import photos from SD card to my computer the old files are recognized and won’t be uploaded over and over. 3) There is no way to save the uploaded video files to the camera roll of my iPhone so they can be edited using my iPhone apps.

Bexy Holder says:

Great product just super pricey

maurice porcelain says:

2TB stores over 60 hours of 4K video, based on 1 hour of 4K compressed footage at 30 fps that creates 30GB of data

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