Don’t Buy The Wrong Hard Drive!

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Dmitryzakharov says:

Raid is not a backup!, have it streight! How can you talk about drives if you don’t know shit ?

Mr.Mister says:

I bought a wd black. It has a really horrible noise. It “beeps” as it spins. For me it does anyway and I can hear it all the time. It’s as if it beeps each revolution of the disc inside.

Sorin Silaghi says:

Why did they blur the labels?

noki says:

I have a DVR with WD back 2 TB. I noticed that you recommended the purple drive for the DVR. will that back drive 2 TB will do the same job ?

The Constantine says:

I am still stuck with green.

MemeScreen says:

Update with a new video?

Dzezik 23 says:

Professional buy professional disk not pink, red, blue or black. Professional means first of all no SATA. professional uses SAS. good SAS drive can handle all application in single firmware, because SATA is primitive WD build optimized firmware. I have several WD disks: WD RE SAS. but HGST builds much better profeessional disks. toshiba and seagate also have good PROFESSIONAL disks, but HGST are he best, then WD.

TheMANshow1000 says:

I’m a North Korean surveillance officer ensuring our monitoring systems keeps our prisone- I mean happy citizens in check, and this video was very useful! The dear leader thanks you. We will contact you soon recommending you to take an “overseas vacation”.

Connor Tustison says:

who else watches unboxing therapy for that dank background music

mitropoulosilias says:

F@ck that…
Seagate always better..

Elvis Ramos/ ERB systems says:

Wd green is missing broooooo

Idaho Spud says:

No, I don’t think I know everything there is to know about hard drives.

MirkWoot says:

So in my mind… id always want the purple then.. most reliable.. but black is best performance, and just the best it can come across as.. confusing. … but the black must be most reliable since it has longer warrenty?

Ali Wahyudi says:

Where is the green?…

Splash says:

i have a light green… it is 3200 rpm….

Greg Slone says:

Donatello drive. *snort*

Viktor Maibach says:

I will never buy Segate again. WD ist much better (also Black edit is almost like the Blue one…exept extra Waranty)

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

You have shit. I own enterprise class NVMe SSDs that hit 6/3GB/s. You can’t afford them and you don’t own equipment to take advantage of them, including ECC RAM.

BMR Studio says:

Thank You for show Us other brands, other solutions, other purposes and other interfaces!

Jin Luncheonmeats says:

“You’re my boy Blue!!”

Jayvie Reyes says:

Had a very bad experience with WD, never again!

George Giannoulis says:

this video has 999k views… help him reach 1000.000 😀
Share the video.

koka gamer says:

I make we black raid 7 it’s really fast and there is 1 red sea ice Aziz well

Brando says:

What about the new wd gold 12tb with the intel drive boost.

Chester Rivas says:

What about GREENS?

Samuel White says:

I gatta get a new hard drive

yeoh yuanxi says:

I have a green one, who can tell me what’s that?

HUGSaLOT Valkyrie says:

There’s also Gold, Green, and Yellow. So whatever happened to Caviar and Scorpio?

Kiwi says:

I got a blue hard drive not knowing if it’s good for gaming or not (Because I’m building a gaming pc), but now that I watched this video, I found out way more than I should have. Thanks.

Not A Rapist says:

so for the average user it doesnt matter whitch one u get right?

Mystery User says:

Even if you use a Solid State Drive for booting, you’re never wrong on any of the Hard Drives (as long as you no longer use a Hard Drive to boot and only the Solid State one). But you can still use the Hard Drive for additional storage.

broderp says:

Good video, but still confusing. It depends on what the user is going to be doing. What harm would come from putting a RED in a desk top or using blacks in a RAID box? The only one that seems dedicated is PURPLE, but so what if you have a drive designed for constant use in a desk top system that will only get occasional heavy use? What you don’t mention, and what I assume will make more of a difference is SPEED, cache disk access time etc.. Someone doing video editing on a PURPLE that maybe runs at 5200 RPM (just a random speed for my point) may get rock solid performance in reliability, but crappy performance with the video work. I believe that in most cases, if the specs are the same, you should go by cost.

Nice WD add BTW.

Crash UK says:

riad is not a backup. rule one of backup

DarklingGolem50 says:

I Used:
Red for my PC
Purple for my Bedroom PC
Blue for my NAS
And Black for my CCTV

Is the world gonna explode?

Plain Rock Daily news and songs says:

I got a new HDD from eBay it turned out to be a 6 year old one with 50GB 3400RPM slow as fuck

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