BEST Portable Storage Hard Drive? WD MY PASSPORT 4TB HD Unboxing & Initial Impressions – BEST Portable Storage Hard Drive? WD MY PASSPORT 4TB HD Unboxing & Initial Impressions

WD 4TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN. Check out the BEST PRICE, User Reviews, and Q&A on Amazon at

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Baram Burum says:

That GIGANTIC size !!!

Martina Vaslovik says:

That drive is just plain fucking ugly! The drives I bought from WD over the last ten years were nice looking drives lined up on my desk and I liked the look of them but now this ugly piece of shit! I guess they are really just trying to turn me off to doing business with them anymore, because they have.

Alexey Kruchinin says:

Unboxing starts after 3.01

Jack Stark says:

I bought this today 😀

bhanu pratap singh says:

which is better wd my passport or wd my passport ultra

Spiggle says:

What’s really irritating is seeing all the mixed opinions of what is the most reliable hard drive. They even have a WD 2TB Exclusive edition drive on eBay selling by Currys/PCworld, i have no idea what makes it exclusive but it has a 5 year warranty instead of 3.

Mr Nocebo says:

Dear Matt from :p,

I have a little dilemma because in januari a local shop is going to give a VAT discount ( 21%) of all the cameras and lenses they have. And my first intention was getting the canon eos 80d but with that discount it made the nikon d500 affordable. the problem is I come from the canon eos 1000d (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS). and I can keep my 55-250 IS lens plus i can buy a L lens. but when i buy the nikon d500 i can only buy the body and then need to wait a couple of months before i can buy a good zoom lens. why my doubt because i like the dual AF on the Canon and the more useful Touch screen. but the nikon is just fast and good in low light and is a bit more future proof then the canon 80d. The most pictures I take are: landscape, portraits, airplanes, and animals. what do you recommend or do you have a better option?

Makinja says:

Is their  256k encryption on that drive or is each set of data being backed up encrypted  on demand,  using the internal software?

Ricardo AN says:

loved the axiom!

604rioso says:

If you were to get let’s say two per year…when would you do your second back up? As the year progresses or at the very end of the year?

Beef Supreme says:

are you to young to have ever used yahoo photos? How can you say you’ve never lost photos online. Anyway…. Is there a cable to power this externally when on laptop? as it has an underpowered usb hub? if so what is it called?

Jj Li says:

I bought one of these as a plex media drive? not a good idea?

Muilisx says:

WD is the MOST RELIABLE out there….stay away from seagate

Matt DeWitt says:

my question is there an advantage to using a my book over the passport for speed or power? I am debating on getting a passport or a my book for my Imac desktop. why do they make the big ones for doesn’t everybody want the smaller drives?

ILoveCheese says:

Hello, are these drives 7200 rpm or slower? thanks.

The Super Psycho Killer says:

It looks like a miniature X-Box 1

Vincent Famulag says:

can i store movies in it? and connect and watch it in a smart tv? pls reply tanx…

fiqipraramadhan says:

It’s true, i own WDs (with & without adaptors) and they’re awesome. Now i need a new one, i’m thinking of buying this 4TB MyPassport (without adaptors). I had problems with other brands (w/o adaptors) so i had doubt buying this product but i consider it glorious im likely gonna buy it.

walkabout16 says:

Latest ones are USB 3.1 gen 2 10Gig speeds or what about USB 3.2 @ 20Gig speeds? or thunderbolt 4 @ 80Gig speeds?

Kevin Clements says:

I got this on a deal of the day on Amazon just last week. 4TB for $64…I was astounded

Clinton W Salvato says:

I just picked up this exact drive today,. My primary purpose for it will be to move my Plex Library to a larger drive. I have it connected to a usb 3 hub that is powered, so it’s not taking anything from the computer. I don’t think the drive is going to see heavy loads once the initial transfer from the server is complete, as it iwll just sit and stream video as Plex requests video and music files.

My initial Plex Drive is a WD green 3 TB in an older computer i purposed as the media server. Now i’m going to use this drive and move Plex to the mac since the mac has a better CPU and can handle transcoding better.

this is my first day with the drive, but so far it’s working well. it’s transferring 2.79 TB over a 80211ac network from a gigabit wired connect. I have to do it this way because linux and mac os file systems don’t play nice directly. But it’s only about 12 hours for the size so i think that’s great , and it’s going pretty fast, so it’s more likely estimated time so it could be done sooner.

Tom Florczak Jr. says:

Buying this to add more storage to my Xbox One

suraj bhan singh says:

difference b/w my passport and my passport ultra

Op Op says:

I just bought the 4TB version today, since I dropped my 2TB WD My Passport Ultra and I am trying the best to my ability to save all my songs and files that I had stored on it before it dies ;_;

Frank Uthaug says:

I have the 2TB USB 3.0
Very happy with that, and now that I need to increase my storage capacity, of course I stick with WD.

Edward Villarreal says:

QNAP TVS-863+-16G will hold 8 drives, is a PC as well as storage, supports 4K video and 10 GbE networking.

danny wang says:

could this be used for gaming as well?

WestHam66 says:

Ok to stand this on it’s side rather than flat on its back over an extended period of time?

MrBeefy says:

Just got one for 110

PopeeFrog says:

[Waste] — Start here: 2:55 —- [Good]

Yalçın Meriç says:

this design looks so cheap

Louis Luzuka says:

just wondering if this is a good buy because i’m looking at getting a thunderbolt drive until i can save up for a new macbook

shurdigurdi says:

whos here cause of the ps4 update?

Dennis Burke says:

can’t wait for the user review thanks for this video

Muilisx says:

i need one to backup my main storage drive as it’s failing

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