Best External Hard Drive for Video Editing? — LaCie Rugged RAID Pro

Quick look at the LaCie Rugged RAID Pro — a cool new external hard drive for video editors and creators. ****** Big thanks to VidIQ for helping make this NAB coverage possible: I’ve using VidIQ for a few years and now and it;s one of my secret weapons for getting more views and subscribers on YouTube. Go to to start using VidIQ FREE today!

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1. Introducing The LaCie Rugged RAID Pro | Lighter, Faster, With Built-In UHS-II SD Card Reader & USB-C

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(Video Gear I Use) Sony 4K Live Event Video Setup

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**** About This Video ****
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media checks an external hard drive for video editing. Is the lacie rugged thunderbolt usb-c the best external hard drive for video editing? Check out the video and decide for yourself!


#HoodieNation says:

Seagate slim ultra plus 1tb does everything I need but I love the rugged Lacie drives simply because they make u “feel like a real youtuber”

Star Sky says:

Im always wish to win for your give a way before for want grow my channel .but now not coz my dream never come true only dream lol ☹

Geoff Lee says:

am i the only one that love the intro style and the soundtrack everytime i see new vids on this channel?

Techno Dad says:

I use a G-Raid Studio 12TB Thunderbolt 2 external HDD setup as RAID 0. I think it has two 7200 rpm spinners. Pretty awesome, and VERY fast!

Shaun Tarry says:

G-Drive 1TB for around $100 not the fastest version of the G-Drive line but works great. Peace of mind knowing it’s all back up. I rarely fetch data off of it, so speeds not an issue right now. Thanks for the video good info!

Soumie Soum says:

I want to get a LaCie hard-drive but not sure which one to go for as they have multiple ones. I am using a MacBook Pro, want a 2TB +, and have a budget of 400$ max. I am gonna use it to save both footage (videos) and photos as well as editing on AVID Media Composer. So guys, can you please tell me what do you recommend?

JosieM says:

Thanks for teaching me new technology! I use a Seagate regular hard drive for my backup YT videos and photos for videos. I like this idea of having editing software on an ext HD.

Mango Tango says:

im a new channel. im also a birb. check me out! (ps love your vids. so helpful)

Zenith FPV says:

Link to product?

Gerard Mcveigh says:

Hey you don’t no the date this will be out?? i no you said mid year

Bogey Bognar says:

Hey is there a way to delete all my comments without having to delete/restart my channel?I want to start youtubering regularly but ive made some immature/controversial comments in the past that I would like to clean up so it doesnt associate with my channel once I grow it so people dont take me less seriously just because I said something stupid in the past.

Andre Kreitlein says:

I like this Disk basically, but I stop buying them, because I bought 3 and allways the USB Port broke on the disk. I’m not sure if they really solved this problem, I really found lot of people who had same problems. What is your experience?

Neoray says:

I use western digital passport 3.0 to backup raw footage

Run N Gun says:

Thanks for the tips Sean! Personally not a huge fan of the Rugged Lacies. I’ve been through 3 in the last 3 years. External protection is awesome, but the drive likes to eject itself from Macs and die soon after. I’ve had one last 1 year tops.

Marcelo Gori says:

Amazing portable HD, especially with 4TB !!!!!! I have few of those with small capacity ( 1TB ) and I love then

Chris Mega Games says:

And sold with that data recovery

Joey Serna says:

Maybe I missed it but does this hard drive have an internal power source?

Joseph Moser says:

Anyone know how this would compare to an ssd. Say the T5? Would thunderbolt on an HDD make it faster than an ssd?

Fantastic Calamity says:

RAID Striped… Not strip. you are not stripping anything. Not stripping wire or on a pole. Stripe, like a stripe on a skunk.

RAID Striping. NOT RAID Stripping.

striping, mirroring and parity… Simple.

stx333 says:

What’s this song?

tina posts stuff says:

LaCie is the best! So glad they’re adding these new features!

Ryan Schneider VLOGS says:

I need that so badly! I havent figured out a good storage system for all my footage. I really need a RAID or a system that will hold a lot of 4k Data and be backedup

Pdalefaja ! says:

Hey Sean, I’m currently using a Samsung T5 500GB SSD Drive. I got it because it was one of the most affordable SSD’s on the market. But I’m curious about this Lacie drive. Is it an SSD, u didn’t mention that in the vid? Thanks in advance.

Jacob Hallberg says:

#QOTD I’m currently just backing up my footage to my computer, but I also keep the most recent stuff on my phone (which is what I use to record all my footage). And once every week I upload to YouTube and use that as my cloud backup.

ComedyClubE SERIES says:

Great camera

Nicky Furmage says:

Can you use this to dump SD cards without a laptop at hand?

Tylers Fishing Posts says:

Very cool I can see where a lot of people can use this.

Seedubya Tech says:

I like the look of the lacie ones. I need some thing for travel that’s tough.

Igotsole Inc says:

I currently have the lacie mini 4tb

Captain Steven Markovich says:

Nice video. Is it available? I can’t find it anywhere Thanks

bubble says:

I just bought Lacie 2TB HDD (not the orange one but the Porsche Design with usb-c) for storage videos and I’m using Samsung T5 500GB as a FCPX library. I started my youtube channel like in the end of January and I’m currently working on some videos to start upload regularly.

Juan Camacho says:

Your intro video is great! Can I ask who made it for you?

Thunderholdt says:

Not yet, but this definitely helps to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Keinth Badiang says:

who won the giveaway?

A Family of 5 says:

Who created your intro?

Think Creative says:


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