ZUS – The Worlds First Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator

ZUS The Worlds First Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator
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Best USB Car Charger: Max 4.8A output, fully charges 2 iPads in 3.75 Hours
• Smart Car Locator: Download the free iOS/Android app to locate your car in crowded parking lots
• German Design: Sophisticated European design that breathes class
• Top Quality: US Military MIL-STD-810G Grade. German Bayer PC + Titanium
• 2X Lifespan: Lasts twice as long as a normal USB Car Charger


Aldi Palucio says:

this device works with out been charge??

Jack Dong says:

im more interested in your knife…

Aldi Palucio says:

what about if you move the car???
to a different location.

Caklutfi says:

so it have built in battery, can i track it without plug it in my car?

arek 558 says:

ZUS kradnie

Aldi Palucio says:

can you use it for something else like suitcase etc.

brian dias says:

can it work like a mp3 player

داهية مدريد says:

my friend
? is zues working if the internet of line
zues should be connecting when i get outside the car ?


blackbushido1 says:

EXCELLENT video bra!!! My question is, I have ios and in the store it has you purchasing the “locator app” for $1.99 but if the ZUS is a locator anyway why am I purchasing this AND the app??

Mon legaspi says:

will it tell which floor my car is located? i might standing just below the car on the third floor but i’m actually on the second floor! 🙂

Hoang Le says:

What is the farthest you’ve test it? What happen if your car is stolen? Would it be able to track it?

Priyanka Singh says:

I buy from Shopclues at 249/rs—-Hammer Car Charger3.1a Dual Port Car Charger For Apple Iphone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy And All Other Mobile Devices And Tablets


Just grab this piece on Google Express thru Fry’s for 26 Bucks. When I get it in I’ll let y’all how it works for me

david f says:

i use now but i have questions
1….when i off my car and come back,, i open the app and they show open GPS ,,,and i turn GPS on ,,,they said can not find out my car ? i think my is not turn on yet,,so the item no on yet,,so it is stop ?
so some one can help me how to use ?

Kristian Petrano says:

i got this for my girl as a gift

Jhon T says:

40 bucks just find your own car on the same place, with military technology??????BRAVOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ABOUT U BRAIN ???????????????????????????????????????????????


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Kevin Wong says:

Ur videos are always so professional, and it’s always hard to invite you review product

Paul C says:

Can this work guiding you inside the car parking lot building with tons of floor? For example, if your car parked in 5th floor and you walked 2th floor thinking it park in the same spot on the top floor, does it guide you to walk to the 5th floor , when you are in the 2nd floor same spot? I’m not sure if i’m explaining it right.

Hercy Chang says:

I like all the reviews u did, really great job.

tmitchable says:

awesome, I going to get one, fyi I saw in Walmart only $24.99

Jes Wracker says:

i can not find…..how far can you go with this thing????
how far can you track your car…?

SulfuricAcid says:

Can you play some music via this usb charger (like with the one in the car) or do you have to go bluetooth ?

Mueed Khan says:


Justin Seah says:

Guess it doesn’t help if you are in a multi storey car park?

Michael L says:

You have to do a video on the cool knife.

Alphonse Capone says:

Lol. Disnt exactly send you in a straight line direct to your car. Does it have an anti-ice detector too as it directed you around the ice?

Patrick Harmon says:

does it have quick charge 3.0?

0dq0 says:

On a scale from 1 to 10 it’s a win)))

Skywind007 says:

Do you need data plan to use this?

NeATaNDtURdy says:

does your phone needs to be on LTE to use the locator?

Sam Dish says:

I like how he rough handles his tech , rahh lol

speeder2k3 says:

does it have an internal battery to stay on once you switch off your engine?

Ariel says:

That’s great, I like it

punjabiexplorer says:

Nice batman knife. What model is it. Where can I buy it. 😉

Geo one says:

What’s up brother about to order the car charger, how is yours working after a year. and where did you get the Batman knife

Ryan R says:

Lol that transition tho I was like woah

Aldi Palucio says:

i think this works only because it safe your location basically you can do this with out the use of the device there are free apps that your can save the location and then the GPS will take you back so if this is true this is a scam the only way to really see if it works is to move the car to a different location and see if you can find it

skiboyscuba says:

Bad ass

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