WIMAXIT Portable Touch Monitor / Display Review – 13.3″ IPS 1080p USB powered

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/pkuld (affiliate link) – A lot of you are interested in portable displays so I’m always on the lookout. This one offers touch functionality, an HDMI port, and is powered by USB. See more displays: http://lon.tv/monitors and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:50 – Hardware overview and display quality
01:11 – Price & buy at your own risk
01:42 – Connecting to a PC / game console
02:47 – Build quality, case, and weight
03:09 – VESA compatibility
03:29 – 10 point touch display test
04:05 – Mac and Linux compatibility
04:39 – Brightness
05:19 – Gaming with game consoles
06:02 – Input lag / latency
06:52 – Speakers and sound quality
06:59 – Confusing side controls
07:51 – Works with USB batteries

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Or Haham says:

it look really cheap and the price is very expensive

Snowy556 says:

Hey Lon,
Have you seen the pine book 64? It’s a $99 linux laptop based on a pine64 board, a competitor to a raspberry pi. I would love to see your take on it.

Hugh Dinwiddie says:

Hey, Lon, thanks for another good review. Because it has speaker/audio out it seems to me when traveling and not using it for work, you could plug in a Chromecast or similar and use it for watching Lon.TV on YouTube or something on Netflix or whatever else you wanted?

Doris Latimore Johnson says:

i have some usb external drives. cables included just in case the pc didnt have enough juice on the one usb. Maybe that is why they provided second csble for this monitor?

adam cooley says:

Too bad it’s not TB3

Zeron' says:

For a portable solution if you have a really light laptop with high res display, just get the Elgato Cam Link (a video capture device). It is as small as a USB drive. Voila, I can use my laptop’s much brighter screen now.

Doris Latimore Johnson says:

windows and linux?

Examinator says:

Wow, I hope to see more products like this in the market.

Angultra says:

Looks a bit cheap, would be nice to see more big players in the portable monitor market. I have a Lenovo LT1421 that may be due for an upgrade.

Mc says:

Way too pricey for a 2nd screen. 🙁

Akeem Bruce says:

Great review. I have also been seeing i surge in these portable displays. I am looking for one that has wireless capabilities, either built in(chrome-cast/miracast support) or a wireless dongle, have u seen a product like this?

Montisaquadeis says:

Lon the 15.6″ Porttable monitor I own doesn’t need to go beyond 60% brightness even outside its plenty bright so I just think Asus skimped on their Zenscreen in that regard. AKA this screen for $170 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C5LPZMW/

Bolling Holt says:

I may be off topic, but I want that SE/30 and that IIgs in the background! 😉

Justin Frost says:

$249 too much, you can DIY one cheaper

jagardina says:

I’ve never found a monitor with reasonably labeled buttons. Just press until you find what you need.


Wow. just what i’ve been needing!

Joeys Cleaning Lady says:

would love to get one of these and package it into an old laptop computer shell with modern components

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