USB Powered Desk Lamp and Fan Gadget Review

Today we review the $6(US) USB powered fan and lamp desk unit, purchased at our local Big Lots store. This little combo proved to be a great value. Watch as I plug in and play with my latest tech toy on the Guru Brew.

Big Lots, Inc. is a Fortune 500 retail corp. Its department stores focus mainly on selling closeout and overstock merchandise. I find a lot of good bargain computer gadgets at this discount store.


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MrMac5150 says:

I am surprised they were allowed to sell that, would not pass safety test, unsafe for children do to no shield on fan.

Ariel Mantupar says:

By the way,where did you bought it?

NothingWrong WithThisName says:

Brillant idea

MrMac5150 says:

Big Lots and the 99cents Store all in the same catagory.

hankus253 says:

Our local Big Lots store hasn’t seen this item and doesn’t expect it will. Oh well.

GuruBrew says:

Bummer! I should travel back to that store and get more. If I get a chance I will and let you know. thanks

mindsoulbody says:

Thanks to you, now I know another site to go and buy stuff from. THX

Harryson Why says:

my reaction to seeing the computer was…What nthe fuck…i have a computer that im disassembling that is better that that…and uits from 2002-2007

hankus253 says:

Thanks for the video. I’m thinking the LED’s would be a good replacement to the flourescent ring bulb I presently have around my existing magnifying lamp combo. I like the idea of having instant on rather than fiddle with trying to fireup the flourescent bulb with the phony press and hold type on/off switch it uses. I’m on my way to BigLot.

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