USB Power Monitor Review – Pt1

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In this video I review / compare the following USB power monitors:

* USB 3.0 Power Monitor – YZXstudio Voltage Current Meter OLED Charger Doctor:

* USB 3.0 Power Monitor (Red) YZXstudio Voltage Current Meter High Resolution OLED:

* USB 2.0 Power Monitor (Black) YZXstudio 18-Bit Voltage Current Meter OLED:

* DROK Mini OLED USB Power monitor:

* DROK OLED USB Power monitor with extension cable:

* DROK USB 3.0 Power Meter:

* PortaPow Premium USB + DC Power Monitor / Multimeter / DC Ammeter Version 2:

* PortaPow USB Power Monitor Version 2:

Julian upgrades: ST uC Firmware for YZXstudio USB Monitors:

SDGMB #003 Amazon Mailbag! DROK® Mini USB Current Voltage Charger Detector:

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Aleksey Konovalov says:

good video

Walkertongdee says:

If that product doesn’t work why do you sell it on your site?

DragonFruitBoss says:

You look like Trevor Phillips in this video XD

Bin Kenney says:

@mjlorton to change the charging mode for the DROK, did you just unplug it, wait, then replug it? You sped up the portion when you unplugged and plugged it back in, so I couldn’t tell. I bought one just now, similar to your DROK, and if you could tell me how to switch charging mode, I’d appreciate it! Thanks!!

chongtak says:

The disclaimer itself motivated me to give you a thumb up.

mobuis juan says:

Whats’s the name of the guy your buying from ebay?

hulkhatepunybanner says:


Thanks, Google. I asked for “USB monitor review” and you give me something not that. Also, thanks for removing + feature so no one can direct a comment to no one else. Yay, social networking! Also, thanks for having to use shift+enter to start a new line. Lovely!

Bravest Bullfighter says:

Perfect video for troubleshooting why my Raspberry Pi 3 shows the lightning bolt indicator for low power. Now I can see the voltage and current outpust and cable length voltage drop from my power supplies.

gfx2006 says:

Thank you Martin for the reviews! Just a little clarification – the Yellow one you have is an older hardware version which has been discontinued. The new Yellow/Blue ones are actually the same size, and with the same 3-PCB construction as the Red one.

eugene snell says:

The YZXStudio Black is usb3 compatible!

one1 says:

I can’t believe that he made video of 30 minutes and yet it wont to replay on any comment

hachiroku says:

Hi, do you think you can test “USB Safety Tester”, they come in model numbers J7-4T or J7-T. they do not advertise that they can be zeroed or calibrated but they actually can. When you hold the key/mode button and plug the device in there is a bit of configuration available. Not really sure how to set this up though. Thank you.

AssimilatorX says:

Way too much advertizing of F’s ebay store m8. And i not even reached 5min far.

Broom says:

I purchased the “charger doctor” and the current shown on the device (1,15A) and the current shown in the app “battery monitor widget” (1,7A) are different (display off) with a 1A labeled charger charging my S5. Do you have an idea why? Is the app inaccurate?

msylvain59 says:

Please don’t tell the little blue one is bad, I did order one yesterday :-p

Engineer Euler says:

dude..they are a dollah a piece on Alibaba, bang good, and eBay, why do you get the overpriced exaggerated stuff

Mix Bag says:

do you know the minimum voltage and maximum voltage usb should read with no load and with a load ?

Mike Kremer says:

Informative and useful as usual. I learn something every time I watch one of your videos! I use Dr Wattson for basic USB power monitoring. Dr Wattson is already a trusted tool. To put it to work for checking USB ports and power draw by USB devices a couple of USB cables were sacrificed to make the pigtails.

jp040759 says:

What is the point of these.  Really!

1)  All devices designed to use a USB port is designed to draw a limited amount of current from the port.
2)  Who cares what current their IPAD or cell phone is drawing from the USB port?  Folks plug in the unit to charge their device and then walk away and wait for a charge complete indication.
3)  What are you going to use the electrical data for?
4)  If you are an engineer you already have tools for measuring this data.
5)  I guess it is just another item that they are trying to generate a need for instead of creating a product for a need.
6)  This lead to charging a large battery pack usually with a Lipo battery pack to charge a smaller battery pack in your handheld device.   Who today is away from a wall outlet to charge their device with a 120 vac wall charger or a car adaptor charger????
7)  People are too lazy to charge their handheld device let alone worry about a power pack device to charge now also.  

Another case of technology abuse!!

Chuck Freeburg says:

Just some of the intro info is really good! Still watching. I bought one and I don’t trust it (paid $10) which leads me to this video to see what’s up.

The Moto fixery says:

witch one from yzx studios wpuld be better for just testing the speed or output capability of a typical wall, car,or portable charger? the red one seems to give some information as to the plugs tntended purpose or output capability but the yellow one can induce a fast charge. could that be bad for certain chargers or cause some kind of overdraw and fuse blow? should i buy the red or yellow?

vgamesx1 says:

The YZXstudio is the clear winner IMO, so many features and they seem to get fairly regular firmware updates, plus even still manage to be cheaper than the updated Drock 3.0

Coenie Fourie says:

Do you have any experience with the YZXstudio1270?

C MJ says:

I like the YZX device, but I have found that they are not readily available for sale and the price is high at 35 dollars US or higher. I found one that has most of the same features for $19 dollars US and I am very happy with it, but it didn’t come with instructions. Lots of functions and no instructions can make a very frustrated customer. I wish they would send good instructions with these devices, after all they are not what I would call cheap.

SDG Electronics says:

The XYZ Studio one looks to be very feature packed and aimed a bit more towards more seasoned users. The Drock was a bit basic really. Look forward to part 2!

lee x says:

That was the issue I was having looking for one that could work upto 20v,,, as usb quick charge 3 (has a dynamic range 3.2-20v or fixed 5-9-12v on QC2) and usb-pd (5v to 9v typically on phone chargers) can be upto 20v

UnknownHandle UnknownHandle says:

missed this one for $12
“PowerJive USB”

MrCube17 says:

Noooo the one that I bought is the one that failed! Sod’s law!

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