USB Killer vs iPhone 7 Plus – Instant Death?

What Happens If You Plug a USB Killer v2.0 Into iPhone 7 Plus? or Note 7? The Fastest Way To Kill a Computer!

I bought mine here:


Apple Inc. says:

Guys I swear I just got free $4132_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

david bosevski says:

4:00 screen is death like i phone

Zachary Zdanczewicz says:

Why you gotta kill a perfectly good brand new phone? Kill an old one or something

Fireblaster 5500 says:

4:04 wth was that

Jiandale Ambal says:

where did you get the U.S.B killer? and where to buy it? because i want to kill my fucking computer

Tanuja Priyadarshani says:


grade one direction says:

I wish the note 7 should explode on your face

х ѕĸycoмpacт х says:

Just give me the phone instead of killing the phone

Earl Jan PVP Gamer says:

What if you put the usb killer on tv please

х ѕĸycoмpacт х says:

Stupid people wasting money (not talking bout u)

Vivian Muñiz says:

That’d why Samsung is better than iPhone

Bingo Bango says:

Just wanted to look up how they were called. I ended up in a government black list lmao.

مجهول[FM] says:

الله يلعنك

JAVA Javier says:


Alex The railfan says:

The back screen of doom lool

Максим Кондратьев says:

Он походу не знает как работает юсб киллер, раз на айфонах испытывает. Физику учи!

Emma Vega says:


Jim Propert says:

The Power IC would have been damaged. Easily replaced by someone who has microsoldering skills.

Cefk3 YT says:

this is very good,but do you have to destroy tahat many good devices?i mean i don”t now anithing about this,there are some very good devices that nowone whants to destroy…RESPECT FOR YOU (:

Jeffy says:

Oh a USB killer what does it do? It kills UBS what do you think

JAVA Javier says:

2:47 lol

Eva Mourujärvi says:

If you look at the iPhone 7 Plus its an airplane there

billy kibaki __ the jamaican says:

can it kill your monitor if you plug it in it??

gionatan Valletta says:

Il telefono era tuo ????????

Adolf Hitler says:

Aqui é BR porra.

Clark Matthews says:

If you want to do an experiment like this, you should get static proof gloves.

XXProGamerDAB says:

Will the usb killer battery ever run out

Max ' says:

Why your note 7 will explode ? It’s bullshit what you’re saying !

The sonic plush Channel says:

R.I.P Computer

Izzard Blizzard says:

If i ever picked up a random usb drive, i will try it on Cybercafe first to see if it’s a trap.

Quasf AKA. Woo woolop says:

4:03 I thought my phone’s battery died

Muhammad Inaam Rasool says:

What is a tester unit?

Kimberley Maldonado says:

So wait the iphones Alive?

Yusuf TV says:

Is he TechRax

A7 Flips says:

How long is the shipping wait

virtual reality jeffy says:

It’s called a resister in the phone it gets fryed before any thing else

TV Thế Nam says:

(I am Vietnamese but I am good at English so I write for you to understand.) Video is also good.

Chris Wells says:

Why do u have Pokémon go on the Samsung galaxy

Camilo Quintero says:

hp bobo no entiendo nd

Marvin Poloyapoy says:

See that? iphone connector was fried by usb killer. but look at samsung! It’s nothing compare to samsung, even your usb “KILLER” thingy can’t kill it. Btw I’m not pro samsung or criticizing Apple company. PEACE

Cliff Tavares says:

This goes to show that iphone or anything related to apple is pure shit. Samsung AGAIN nailed it! RIP iCrap!

Lucas platinum says:

IOS and Android USB killer resistance (Android is better )

Andy 12 Daniels says:

Dude no one will hate for you having a Samsung product, Samsungs’ the best manufacturer of phones man. What an amazing company.

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