USB Arctic Breeze Fan Is My All Time Favorite Useful Cheap Gadget…

Barnacules Nerdgasm shows you why the USB Arctic Breeze Fan is one of his favorite useful cheap gadgets that has nearly endless uses many of which will save you more money than the fan itself costs. You might be surprised by how useful these USB fans actually are and how much money they can save you!

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ARCTIC Breeze USB Fan Link (From Video)

Aukey 30,000 mAh USB Battery Pack Link

Anker 5000 mAh USB Battery Pack (Tiny One)

Yamaha MG10XU USB Mixer Board Link

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GT20Modding says:

Under desk ball cooler?

Clobercow1 says:

Welcome back Barn!

kees wassenaar says:

Now you see guys even Barnerd bought Fans!!! although they are USB none the less. haha Keep up the great content Barnerd!

Silverdown says:

10:53 is my favorite part of the video REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Below Average Gaming says:

Gonna grab a couple of these and bolt them to my sim, the Oculus does get a bit hot after a while.

Zoltán Szőke says:

8:11 ohh that dmx cable on the lamp

PJ Duffield says:

I have one of these I use in the summer that I used on the passthrough USB on my corsair keyboard that i aim at my face


Good to see you back man, god bless you and your family.

Turk says:

Nice one dude !!! I thought (I do that sometimes) there was something different about you, kudos on the weight loss geezah. I too have gone down a trouser size, which has just saved me a pretty penny in the short department what with summer round the corner and a 3rd bonus I can once again fit those 2 or 3 pairs of fav trousers I couldn’t let go of last clear out to the charity shops.

Scott says:

So run time duration estimates (assuming 1800mAH=6 hours of runtime); 30,000mAH will run for at least 100 hours, (ignore the following, bad math)if you have a 70WH battery in your Blade Pro, the fan will run upwards of 970 hours, if you have a 99 WH battery, the fan will run upwards of 1370 hour

Actually wait, crap, I messed up, the 99WH will run for 89 hours while the 70WH will run for 63 hours

Berean Academy Gaming Club says:

Makes for great open bench VRM fans.

Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

Thank you so much for watching my 3rd video I’ve uploaded this week rebooting the channel after a long break. This USB fan is one of my favorite cheap gadgets that really help’s me out and I’m glad I could share it with you. I hope you’re enjoying the new content and you get a chance to come to watch me LIVE on Twitch during the week with the link in video description or come hang out on Discord. If you have any questions about the fans just ask them below or research them with the link also in the video description.

marshalcraft says:

problem is things are becoming unobtainable thanks to apple and google, the windows era of cheap and affordable fully programmable, and most powerful computer are being taken away by fokes over at intel.

paul30003 says:

Your a genius! Raspberry Pi cooling.

TwiTch says:

I have 4x z-5500 systems, and never had an amp overheat or burn up.
1 died due to lightning.

GT20Modding says:

My wireless router gets insanely hot imma stick 2 on it. Also imma buy like a couple million for other uses.

McBen87 says:

You’re right brother!
*Fat Fist Bump*

Przemek Kutek says:

Is good to see you back

Drew Pickard says:

Don’t experiment with airflow and ferrets! Short answer they love it. Mine I have real issues with his love of sticking his face on a vacuum cleaner tube

Dr. Fastestinthewest says:

I’m a fan tastic fan atic fan of yours dude. Eaglegards…

Ben Moore says:

This is something that I actually needed. My PC is in an old-time computer desk with a slide-out drawer. This works great and looks nice but the RTX Cards (2080 in my case) are ridiculous and pump out heat into the cabinet. Over time it really heats up back there. My dogs hit the drawer slide and it pushes the computer back in sometimes too so these fans could both exhaust hot air and pull in cool air. I’m buying at least two lol.

Also! Great to see you back on youtube so much! Can’t afford patreon currently but congrats on the weight loss, you’re looking great!

andydsm says:

Jerry, two years ago I was also looking for better and newer “PC-centric” 5.1 systems to replace my ageing Z5500 and I pulled the trigger on an Edifier S760D.
Glad to report, this thing is absolutely awesome!
Sounds a million times better than the Z5500, it has a remote, the “control pod” unit is similar to the Z5500’s with comprehensive settings, the S760D has much much better amp and components, not to mention the satellite speakers are a lot better sounding, since they have separate tweeters and mid-range drivers (BTW, the Z5500 satellites are not shielded).
The 10 inch woofer with two passive radiators (similar in tech to a Sunfire sub) is also quite a bit more powerful and better sounding.
I guarantee, you won’t be sorry if you go ahead and buy one 🙂

cthulhu mons says:

Festival season is upon us and i now know a way how to keep cool while raving thanks Barnacules

DethGears says:

can you please review some keyboards that have silent keys that are good for use during live streaming?

Skauber says:

Arctic is a really underrated company/brand, use graphics card coolers and case fans from them, awesome products

Drew Pickard says:

Really glad to see you back. And those fans are pretty neat. I would really wonder if those are just a normal 12v PC fan but running them at 5v keeps them really quiet and last a while. Huge congrats on the 44lb!!!! That’s like a whole human child!

Mario C. says:

Nice to see you back Jerry 🙂

Scott says:

You liked stuff so much you put a fan on it

cthulhu mons says:

Fan tastic

crackingfish3 says:

5:38 well I guess you have to put a fan in you wife

Anton H says:

Id put one with a power bank in the car

Edwin Pallens says:

Can be plug in the phone and direct a fart to your friend location

Vinnie Sims says:

This is great!

BLUUEER Eletronics says:

To work it out I need the battry capacity and how much amps the fan draws

narapon says:

glad to see you back, we want you!

Nils Björklund says:


Crazyblox says:

Still watching the vid but one thing that came to mind would be to combine it with a power bank on a hot day to cool off 🙂

W. Shawn Wilkerson says:

How about at the back of a computer tower forcing the exhaust up and away from the case.

Matman B says:

You sir have many fans.

chris velie says:

thanks jerry just bought a couple of cool..will find many uses,,,your the man..

JustStony says:

I would love to see your house like a wonderful tour of your home 🙂

Nielsen Nielsen says:

0:06 Its good to see you sir 🙂

Nick P says:

who are you? where have you been? !!! how dare you go away for so long!! 😀

Chad says:

Man, i dont think you plugged your affiliate links, merch, and your patreon enought, jeasus christ

Diego Ravago says:

I was actually just thinking of getting a small fan for my external harddrives and router, they’re in a little cubby that gets really hot, good call Jerry.

expert gamers says:

I used these for ASIC USB Miners and the cooling of them is amazing i used to have to wait about half a hour for it to cool then when i started to use this i could instantly pick them up

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