USB / Android Endoscope review – cheap!

A quick review of an endoscope for use with PCS / Android devices. £4.60 from AliExpress


Tony Oliveira says:

I wonder if there’s an adapter to iPhone. Most people have iPhones, iPads and an adapter to apple would be great

arif bugga says:

only one disadvantage of this camera that we cannot change wiew angle while inspection

Sanat Gofurov says:

Hello Kris, would please share the link for the cam. there are many cams on ali expresses, however I’m bit skeptical on their sharpness. but the one you’ve reviewed has pretty nice sharpness . I would like to buy exactly the one you’ve. thanks

Cesar Vigne says:

A friend brought me an equal of USA and did not come the cd with drivers. Can you tell me if there is or know a web page where to ask the drivers? Thank you

Rex Le says:

Is this compatible with the new Google Pixel XL device?

francois van Schalkwyk says:

why is mine not working….. i have a huawei p8 lite…. should i get a otg adaptor?

Andy Courtney says:

why no work video me text alcatel onetouch android.try different download video none also email

Villages -Vincent K says:

Liked your video. Can you tell me more about the spec’s on the camera. Is this a 5.5mm lens size? How long is the actual camera body? I want to be able to check 1 1/2 kitchen drain pipe and go around 90 degree bends

Mie GoPro says:

please endoscope snake model??

szmitu123 says:

Damn the quality is so good ^^

Tanio Mendes says:

meu motog2 nao reconhece o endoscopeo , alguem sabe me ajudar?

Tony Oliveira says:

It won’t be long before someone will have a YouTube video of trying to use this to check hemorrhoids… or give himself a colonoscopy.

bridgendesar says:

2 recommendations from me on having one of these
1. get the semi-rigid version, it’s pretty limited in it’s uses otherwise.
2. get a wifi transmitter (gets past all those compatibility issues, and has it’s own battery)
The semi-rigid camera will set you back £8-10 and the wifi transmitter about £10
search ebay for wifi semi-rigid endoscope, and you’ll find loads under £20

Michael Lack says:

You are the chosen one by God himself to give you a endoscopic camera that works with your phone…there are millions of us that cannot work this Chinese crap… Try doing the lottery as well.

J F says:

With tiny lens glued on the end, a make shift camera with focal distance of far less can be achieved. I used a splash drop of clear epoxy. Optics not brilliant but can now easily inspect down to 0201 level (about 5-10mm focal distance). I don’t have a light control and now too bright. Also need polarising filters or diffuser for light, really. A mod for another time.

Paul Manning says:

What’s the in line switch button for? I have one on mine , but it doesn’t seem to do anything? The snaps are taken on the phone itself, so I don’t see the point of the button, Perhaps your’s is different, mine is Wifi though. Any idea’s?

Stuart McKever says:

This works well on a MacBook if you download Digital Viewer first.
Get it free from

Maddogface says:

Have you the android apk drivers link please?

Mike Aguailar says:

Would anybody have an idea why my endoscope camera is showing pink that look like negative images?

Robert Ashby says:

I received mine, today. haven’t had time to use it on my phone. I need to get a double USB female adapter cable, before I can use it on my phone. it works well on my tablet.

plirofor says:

I just bought one of these from a well known site for very cheap price and it is defective. In android CameraFi does not recognize this usb camera. In computer the ViewPlayCap software, and oasis software both recocgnize device usb2camera but the picture is like a thermal camera picture, strange colors, not clear shape of the objects, strange shapes many pixels intereference in image. I tried the adjustments by software but nothing changes. Seems there is an issue with image sensor. I wish I could send pictures from this camera but I dont know how to post them here

Jordan Pask says:

Gunna grab one of these for work when I’m pulling cables through walls and drop them or can’t find them !

friedchicken says:

I bought the same exact one, works fine on PC but not at all on my samsung s2plus nor my huawaeiyey (I cant spell that) they are both androioiyoiyd (maybe I’m stupid)

Michael Angielo says:

nice I’ll buy this, thanks Kris

RT Rey says:

I plug the endoscope into my HTC M8 phone the light comes on at the end No Picture ?
The UBS Port Connected does not come up What’s wrong ?

Vladimir Radulescu says:

can you please post the aliexpress link?

Most Wanted says:

this is great I have order myself one about a week ago and still waiting on it. very good on spying. lol just joking but have a coolant leak and seeing smoke coming from the air vent so I have to see where it is inside. but most likely it’s the heater core.

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