Unboxing and review of Programmable USB LED Fan from BangGood

This is a review of a USB powered fan that has a row of programmable LEDS built into the blade – as it spins, the phenomenon of persistence of vision creates images and text floating in the air.

Here’s a link to the product:


everhorison says:

I’m…Yttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I love you to%%%%%%%%<< B Vy ra. Y T ỷ bày va y Vy v v G ý Vy. B. Y va y. G. V y. Ty ý. Y fhhgc

BiloHazard says:

can this fan do the clock?

furqan ali says:

I need its soft wear….

Jay Hack says:

very nice

Gonzalo Martin says:

Nice review!!! I got one, but can change the message. Does anyone has the program for Mac? Thanks!

Jack Huang says:

I have the software

daddy Cafiero says:

whath app

jack pott says:

Does it work on a ps4?

Omer Azoulay says:

it fails to load…what do i do?

Furqaan Ali says:

I lost the cd… so send me link of softwer …..

Rj Sanjida Nimu says:

iTs lovely !!! ^_^


Could I ask for a copy or a link to the usb driver please. thanks

P Lane says:

So cool

Vinh Thế says:

some one help me download this solfware? PLS!!!!

Disha Jain says:

wer do i buy dat fan from??

Nagamani Hegde says:

I want.one..!Can I buy it. ?

Andrew Spencer John says:

The CD that came with it is not working. Cant be detected. Do you have the CD files somewhere online that i can download?

_Keyholda says:

when i make *download to USB device* the program say failed to write the data 🙁

Tom Riv says:

116 116 views

iguana red says:

how or where can i get the software ?

hanna samy says:

i have same LED fan
But lost my software CD..
please send me this software download link.

العشق الاسود says:


لوليروك لوليروك says:

عندي خضرة غير شكر

furqan ali says:

Wil u pls send me

thecrazy8888 says:

Its a shame that absolutely no efforts is put into balancing these nice little fans. Mine shakes so bad and the noise is so annoying that I never use it. Hmmm… Is it me or the blades orientation is messed up on this one?

Wolf Reviewing says:

waht the F ? mine caught fire im not joking i plugged it in to programme and it started smoking DAFUK > i havent programmed mine for years but still wt

Tony Lee says:

how do I get some fans

Nain Gómez says:

Nice ♨

Dinesh Vyas says:

Do you have it’s driver?
Mine CD is broken

Justin Avery says:

It probably would not have been so jumpy if you straightened out the blades.

Jannik Bock says:

i cant program mine 🙁 when plugging it in the pc the fan does the blinking pattern (signaling programming-mode) but the program itself keeps the status “disconnected” and tells me to plug in usb device.. am i missing a step here or is my product broken?

efehasan kor says:

Where is your program

sherif alii says:

there a message come to me when i write words
failed to write the data

wolf dark says:

connect it as samples in the video, but he began to release smoke, and now longer the leds :'( help me, sorry for my bad english

李KaiBin says:

mine was a total garbage. i cant even connect the usb to the device and use the program.

Doggo says:

Are the LEDs only blue?

ELBRAYAN2.0 says:

driver please

kauan fm gameplays says:


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