This Painful Gadget Kills Your Bad Habits

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Pavlok Shocker –

The Pavlok device has helped create the most painful Unbox Therapy episode yet. Can this help you quit your bad habits? Probably, but it’ll still require some discipline on your end.

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Jeremy on Poker says:

Train yourself NOT to hit the button.

Michael Smith says:

I’ll save you 200$, wear a rubber band around your wrist, when you get a urge, pull and release for an unpleasent snap. Bam, your welcome.

destroyer_of_ducks says:

This is shocking.

Vivek Jadhav says:

This should been made for Penis.

Jonathan Cyrus Francisco says:

You can use this as an alarm clock or something, sure thing that will wake you up in the morning

yoso tattoo says:

Just Stab yourself lol!

Random Topics says:


Thought it actually meant something


korv liten says:

just buy a taser

butterfly says:

i got one and it is brilliant , it reboots the brain, so you start from fresh with no bad habits or addictions.

king raider says:

When you want to quit beating your meat but you can’t.

Wire One says:

Hey it’s that piece of shit from Shark Tank!

JediDojo says:

Will it stop me wanking 17 times a day?

Serjohn says:

how about a rubber band on your wrist and you pull it

Erin Pickels says:

You know anorexics are gonna pounce on this. Just sayin

Xone says:

Wonder does this help with opiates

Chang Gian says:

Damn I really want this device, but it’s too high above my budget…

Daniel Grima says:

Gets PTSD from seeing the chips…

Serjohn says:

how about a rubber band

Pankaj Das says:

should use on else

Sean O'Brien says:

I don’t really think it would work cause your delivering the shock yourself, you could just decide not to shock yourself and the whole thing becomes pointless

Dtr146 says:

I think this fits more as something a friend or a loved one would have that they would shock you every time they see you doing the Habit you want to break

Dilan says:


SniPenguins says:

So it gives you ptsd of you bad habits

Unknown Youtuber says:

This guy has 8m sub
But the views is very low

Buy me pornhub premium says:

rip jerking off

OL WolfMaster says:

Sounds like shock therapy from insain asylums. 🙂

Angel Cruz says:

Can smashing moms a habit

bucklaw says:

I used this to stop watching videos. One more. OUCHHHHHHH!

I'm racist to racist ppl says:

Why buy this when u can just slap urself when u think of bad habits

Ilyaas Arsala says:

And like someone else said, the fact that it is self induced defeats the purpose.

Murad Mammadov says:

The case is, when you do something that you used to but want to quit, you feel instant self hatred) And it’s might be enough to punish yourself… The logic af psychological aspect is quite clear. Though there are some other hidden tools available to human limbic system to avoid punishing with physical pain) So… It’s needed to be studied. By the way, some morons tried to “heal” homosexsuality with this clockwork orange type manipulations back there in last century… Will you guess what was the results?

Gecko says:

The moment he pressed the pavlov itself, my watch alarm went of… I got scared 😀

Gabriel Kosik-Desmond says:

Becomes addicted to shocks

choudhry ali says:

Can I put it on my penis

KrIZILLoX Krizi says:

i need that i love shocks 🙂 love your videos 😀

Greg Harrison says:

A hammer costs less and would be about as effective. One whack on the toe for each craving.

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