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QQ Tech Mini Bluetooth Keyboard –

Every so often you uncover something cool and unexpected on Amazon. This mini wireless keyboard happens to be one of those things. It’s only $23 bucks!

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AlexBorza says:

he stole this idea from a smaller youtuber named RandomGaminginHD

duf101101 says:

I’m leaning back on the couch watching Unbox right now !!! What are the odds??!!!

J Clar says:

I prefer the one w/ track pad in the middle. Better finger reach. They also work PERFECTLY with Samsung (maybe other smart TVs)”Web browser” app. Buy them retail (or online) at Central Computer in SF, San Jose and Bay Area, dirt cheap, “Comkia” brand have Backlit keys and a D pad too. Also perfect for mirroring your phone on a wired TV connection so you can work it from the couch.

Michael Pay says:

2:17 Fact: half of Lew’s views are from himself when he’s testing various gadgets.

shanhearn says:

Thanks for recommending this item. I got it so that I could play my keyboard based on my computer. You haven’t lived until you have played Mass Effect or some extensive based computer game that needs to have a full keyboard and mouse to play. I played through an entire level for an hour and it felt like old times with a game controller. My eternal thanks to you man.

marcoportuga says:

Actually there have been smart phone apps that control your mac or pc for years. Not to mention universal tv apps and the like. This is just another needless physical gadget. That said. The $30 headphones you suggested last week I bought and am extremely happy with. They’re excellent for everything. The bass is great. They’re especially good alternative for gaming too. That’s my two American cents. What’s that in Canadian cents?

Mr Frosty says:

I was going to buy this

Gadget Sleuth says:

Great product.

david o grady says:


John Berry says:

its shite dont buy it.

james clary says:

Jack will never be reveled

Dab NOW!! says:

Me too

anonymous kid says:

I had that gadget its connected on my TV and olso I subscribe on you

Angela Kincade says:

And does this tech work with a smart tv….

Levi Coates says:

i had one of these years ago it sucks half of the functions DO NOT WORK

David Busey says:

Anyone tried using this on a Sharp Aquas smart TV?


Nice eye glasses brother!!!!!!

Teejay Tindle says:

Think you could play World of Warcraft with it though?

Alan Fung says:

2:22 cheeky Lew, putting a thumbs up on his own videos.

Mike Conkey says:

qq is a chinese company

Corey Kevin says:

works great with any Android STB or Amazon Fire TV Sticks

Taggart Maher says:

I clicked this cus I have this keyboard…. WHOA!

boscorner says:

I think I’m going to get one , mount it to the side of my digital drawing tablet, and use autohotkey to have a small keyboard with a ton of macros right at thumbs reach

Chelsea Hsu says:

I want one!!!!!!!!

Iqbal Hussain says:

Anyone know what the battery life is like on this?

Garnet Deman says:

that tatata sound is cute XD

suraj punjabi says:

does it work with samsung smart tv?

PAN' D21 says:

Stop complaining about your mom.

Moif says:

I love when Lew slips in some marital advice.

XenoContact says:

Outro song?

Hamza Hayat Khan says:

I wonder what he does with all those million things in his house???

angelan831 says:

we can already see his face so why

charlie Gonzalez says:

go check aut this guy top 5 top 5 his new but has cool videos

drewk538 says:

They break after 6 months. Buy a Logitech K400r instead.

Andres Martinez says:

I would love to see a pc gamer use this keyboard.

Yaseen Saad says:

stop trying gadgets on mac please … god damn it.

Kayomi plays says:

did anyone see his notifications?

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