The Tech Survival Kit 2.0 (Must Have!)

Top 10 Tech Life Hacks! (2017):
THREE Gadgets For Life? – AskUAC:

Ever come across a “tech emergency?” This survival kit should help with that!

Find everything here:
BAGMSMART Travel Case –
Chafon 6 in 1 Multi USB –
Alternative to Smilism Cable –
G-Cord In-Ear Buds –
Headphone Splitter –
Kuro Toga Mechanical Pencil –
Anker Ultra Slim 4-Port USB HUB –
Micro SD Card Adapter –
Kingston USB Type C Drive –
AUKEY USB-C Adapter –
Spudz MicroFiber Cloth –
Belkin Surge Protector –
Sandisk 128GB SD Card –
1byone 2-Port Portable Charger –
DragonBall Z T-Shirt –

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jayrock4ya says:

I’ve made mine out nasesity for about $150 over time, got all this stuff. He right it’s good stuff!!

Jeanne Sauvage says:

Thank you! Terrific information!

Tiiu Emily says:

Love this! Helped me find the one I wanted !!

Ignacio Gonzalez says:

who cares about the case, I must know where I can get that DB tshirt

david029014 says:

You should reviewing high resolution digital audio players.

Vela S says:

Only 4 of these things ship to my country.

Nailed it says:

You are copy of myweather:)

Carlos Figueroa says:

Great video!

sleepwaves says:

Great video, thank you very much. I am sold!

Daniel Vos says:

2:45 but it does eith your money! These things are all so uncesary

Kivencito says:

Chafon in México means something that is low quality hahahaha funny. Great video!

NolaGal2601 says:

The link for Alternative to Smilism Cable doesn’t work.
1byone portable charger doesn’t exist on Amazon. That link is for a scale.

Andie Meidell says:

I have to watch again… you’re so beautiful I kept getting distracted lol

Yourigames says:

this is al cool and all but i want something that can hold a rasperry pi, hdmi cabel, network cable, and this shown in this vid. if you wanna know why i want all that stuff with me then let me explain, on my school we have tech support but they suck at their jobs, so everyone just come to me and i do always have an hdmi cable with me (and my teachers needed it more then once) so yeah thats why

David Hsieh says:

Those 50c headphone splitters never works, spend a bit more 🙂 may as well get a 5 way lol, they appears to be generally better built than those POS

luke robinson says:

Can it works In the uk

Nicholas Collins says:

Thanks just ordered me a spur..clutch!

Susan Rose says:

Make a tech survival kit 3.0

GeekSoc says:

Has anyone figured out the total price of all this?
I would love to know!

Adam Ghosh says:

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this but the portable charger in the description directs to fat measuring scales… You trying to tell me something?

Edmund Castellanos says:

hahaha got to have the dbz shirt for tech survival 😀

neil harrison says:

Rockin that dragonball shirt.

WarGreymon117 says:

I see you Heavy Arms

gamer shah says:

like the shirt

Alex Laverty says:

We want a 3.0!!!

ROMEO 12 says:

wow its the gundam heavy arms

Just Here For The Comments says:

Great keeping everything in one place unless you lose it!

30minSolo says:

dude i love your videos and look up to you as a content creator and a tech genius.

Tim Gall says:

This is a year old now. Time for 3.0

David Hsieh says:

And that Belkin surge protector IIRC can only supply 2A across both ports, may not even have proper modern coding/IC for faster-ish charging, so whatever you plug in will probably charge very slowly

Mr J says:

Awesome video, I’m always pushing friends & family to have tech go-bag

durandal64 says:

Dem Heavyarms…

yoshihiro striker 667 says:

do you put a gundam for this video?.

Septicturtle 04 says:

Part 3?

Mario Rosales Jr. says:

What I especially enjoy about your kits, more than your commitment to constant improvement, is that you have consistently added capabilities that can be shared with others; I like that you have injected a “help yourself, help others” mind set. Keep up the great work.

turnaround bbq says:

How is this a survival kit? I wouldn’t survive in the woods with this kit

Xero says:

i took a cheap hard shell case put a power bank, earbuds, and a charger for the power bunk for total like $20

Ty Sanborn says:

This video is an obvious rip off from Jared Busch’s ‘Gadgets Go Bag’ video from 2016… He even “borrowed” Jared’s ‘did you see what I did there?’ phrase… How about coming up with your own material next time.

lilPopper says:

LOL, needs a spot to keep the Senzu beans.

HAZOX says:

Quick question, what’s the biggest portable battery that I could comfortably carry around in a gym bag or backpack

lawr0 says:

whats going on u guys
gurs avg consumer
everytime.. love it

Elijah Frisbie says:

“It’s got this strap on the side if you’re into that sort of thing…”
Yes. Yes I am into that sort thing you kinky fucker (Laughing Like A Lunatic)

IVeverm0re says:

Awesome t-shirt

Ann Elisabeth says:

This is the second video to mention the Chafon cable. But nobody mentioned the speed of the cable. A simple USB current meter should fix that. They start at about a dollar. So, check it?

gamer bruthuhs 13 says:

Hash tag 3.0 please

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