The MacBook Pro Survival Kit [2018]

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You know that feeling you get when you upgrade your tech … and it almost seems like as big a step backward as forward? That’s how I felt when I switched from the 2015 MacBook Pro to the MacBook Pro 2017: it gained some power and lost some weight, but it also lost a lot of ports that I needed — and the battery life has been a wash. If you’re in the same boat (and switching to PC is not in the cards) I’ve found some accessories that can help. Join me for the MacBook Survival Kit for 2018, brought to you by Squarespace.



HYPERDrive USB Hub for MacBook Pro:

Verbatim USB Hub for MacBook Pro:

DockCase Hub/Sleeve for MacBook Pro [Amazon]:

DockCase Hub/Sleeve for MacBook Pro
[, use code “MFisher”]:

Dreamvasion Magnetic USB-C Adapter:

Anker PowerCore+ 26800:

Anker PowerPort +5 with PD:

Anker Valentine’s Day Promotion:

QWERKYwriter Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard:

LoFree Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard:

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse:

Rain Design mStand 360:


Sponsored by Squarespace.

This video was produced following several months acclimating to a MacBook Pro 2017 using a variety of accessories. The HyperDrive, Verbatim and Dreamvasion products were purchased by Mobile Nations, while the remainder are review devices supplied by the respective vendors for the purposes of this review.

The lone sponsor of this video is Squarespace; none of the featured manufacturers provided compensation for being included.


TweakTown DockCase Review:


“A New Departure” by Vincent Tone, available at Premium Beat:

“Glowing City” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:



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Ed Green says:

Hopefully Apple sees all the videos like this – YouTubers that need to help us by literally demoing a collection of non-Apple accessories to help Apple users still deal with the latest MacBooks. This is one area where the Apple-haters have it right as far as them really not making these things worth their huge price tags.
Apple gets so eager to be the first to take things out of the Mac, that they leave us with jack shit.

Gayle Grant says:

Synthetic leather?? AKA plastic?

Obito Uchiha says:


Puxan says:

Definitey want to check out those magnetic USB C’s !

Deadly Pie says:

all of em looks like a waste of money since they have pretty major downsides smh

aya Ich says:

Good video lots of info!

Vico Yonanta says:


Flames says:

Time to order all these products from WISH

King_Bidoof says:

I still got dat 2013 MacBook pro

Six Cycle says:

Hey I really enjoy your videos. What do you edit with, premier or Final Cut? If you use Final Cut, which graphics packs do you use for your transitions? Thanks!

Chris Anthony says:

Hyperdrive is a must.

Julian Chan says:

You should mention the downside of the hub; the main problem being if you use higher powered mouses with wireless dongles, there isn’t enough power supplied to the hub and the cursor mouse will lag. Problem can only be solved by using a direct USB-C to USB-A adapters.

nageorgiou2 says:

Why do you need a survival guide for a $2000+ laptop? I feel you should get all you need for that price alone!

Harry Superzilophone says:

This guy sounds exactly like Lester from GTAV

Alex Voytovich says:

Now make one for the matebook x pro for us PC weenies

Baluwii says:

Where is this backpack from?

Game Truth says:

Bruh this is a sellout vid

xxnickthegreekxx says:

My 2017 pro runs out battery in 6 hours 13” has done from new charges quick tho think I still prefer my 2015

shuhlissa says:

all these singles and things we need for the new macbook is so stupid they rlly want us to pay for things when they could’ve put it on the laptop. that’s the biggest thing i hate and i’m thinking if i should just get the macbook aie

Neven Pavlova says:

Funny guy lol ;d

DCM says:

….. so when you bought it, you didn’t notice it had less ports? What no research?

N. Roy Singh says:

2 ads per vid!!! This has gotten really annoying.

Spartan08 says:

How SAD is this video?? I just bought a used 2015 MacBook Pro with an i7 and 16gb of RAM and don’t have to buy ANY of these ridiculous ugly dongles and devices

meowmeow says:

Rename video Macbook barely meets standards kit

Aditya Pande says:

How compatible is the Microsoft arch touch mouse with the MacBook? Is it worth buying?

1amngstMny says:

This macbook product is so aimed at thick people and they never disappoint in buying it.

AloneWolf Gamer says:

Why getting Mac if you gonna get new mouse new keyboard and lots of other stuff

appolospbvxr says:

Pocket now called , they said “Why are you not a presenter on their channel anymore?”

King Ech says:

How do we keep them cool and not overheat.

Jawad Shah says:

Lovely video bro

Pulse01 says:

How about you just don’t buy an overpriced surface?

Guy Marley says:

Hey MrMobile. Are there any portable battery chargers that can charge the old macbook pros? the ones that dont have USB-C?

Olivier Xhaet says:

Could you give me the trademark and model of the packback of this video et 0:51 ?
Thank you

TinyNewspaper - NewsPaper Template Google Docs says:

So nice.

atjgraphics says:

I am using a Charjen Pro Premium Hub Device at the moment and it was working fine. Suddenly now after a few months, my hard drive keeps disconnecting. Now I’m unsure whether it’s the CharJen Device or something I can do with my MAC? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Amirhossein Keshtkar says: you can get it for 58 dollars with free shopping

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

Step 1: Don’t buy a macbook

Anmol Shah says:

I miss the MagSafe and I need the MagSafe for latest MacBook Pro 2018. Please suggest the best converter!!

Apavlakos says:

Im Subscribing just because of that Tylt Energi Pro bag, I’ve got it too and its amazing!

Charlotte Li says:

i like that small one hub. ihaper also nice for us. i have used it, not bad

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