The Best Motion Detect USB Spy Camera In The World: 2017 UX-9 ScoutOut

The newest 2017 UX-9 ScoutOut is now available. Click Here To Order:


M R says:

How do you change it from motion to permanent recording?

Cathy Le says:

Can I leave the camera on all day long?

jarl balgruuf says:

Is there motion detection? Other than that great device! And do you ship to UK?

Yu Huan says:

Il like the video,how can I contact you ?

De todo un poco con Mayra Fuentes says:

How many hours can record at once??

Paul Childs says:


Eric Llanos says:

is the ux7 same as the ux9?

Robert V says:

this would be great if it had motion detection, otherwise you have to sit through allot of useless unwanted recording 🙁

Emmanuel Bucio says:


Eric Llanos says:

how long does it last recirding

fer kur says:

they should make a shower-head cam to check who is stealing your shampoo ;D

Love Elizalde says:

the best i ever had!!!

Sara Good says:

U have to have a pc computer to see the footage?

CRSoOfficial says:

I have a question, does it has to be connected to the wall?

Damkay says:


Debra Schaffer says:

ok but how do you retrieve your photos

مسيطر عبدالمجيد says:

how can order this my WhatsApp 00966 509014712 from ksa saudi arabia pilipino

Philocognition says:

~Superb R&D!

Allah Ki maa ka bhosda says:

How can I buy it…. I am from India

Cathy Le says:

I just lost my UBS wire can I buy one from you?

Katherine Wolfgang says:

Can you access this camera from your phone?

Gs5v5 7bv6tv says:

So how exactly do you start recording since it has no on or off switch?

Cathy Le says:

How do I delete all the videos on the camera?

Cathy Le says:

I wii buy one from

Sylvestre Amia says:

How much that it cost

Sha Rosales says:

How can u see your recorded video

Rogelio Toledo says:

is there an app to watch video from the phone while the camera is plugged to the wall ??

big murph says:

Can you hear audio in realtime

Haidon Moran says:

My man’s im fucjed. My parents out this in there room and caught me masturbating.but they won’t say anything

Jose Cordero says:

I have a fredi hd digital video camera the only problem is that when am in the apartment it will log in and show a live feed and record but when I go back out it will log out what can I do about that

Teresa Martinez says:

Will it still record if power is out?

Isaac Guia says:

In the description for this item it is specified in your shipping policy that there is no international shipping, but in the shipping details, it says you ship worldwide. Which is it? I’d love to buy from you but I’m not sure I will be getting my UX-7 to Mexico.

Anna ForsbergATS says:

will it work in europe? they have different voltage

Shak Salam says:

I want price my IMO Namber 966543930751

Cathy Le says:

Where can I buy this camera at?

Eye Yam Sofa King Stew Paid says:

I noticed the title of this video says UX-9, but in the video it talks about the UX-6? What is the difference? I love this camera, and have 2 of them. Is there a new version now?

John Oconor says:

what is the maximum sdcard can put??

Emmanuel Bucio says:

I have just orded one today.. waiting to check it out soon!

Ismail Khalilov says:

how to set up hidden camera to another router?

Mubarak Hamid says:

Would you plz tell me what is the price and haw I can hav this cam , I’m living in Copenhagen Denmark

bailz180 says:

HI MATE, is there an Australian version? Is there a WiFi live stream model. Thanks

JeffreysWorld says:

I bought this to catch my girl cheating. after seeing the evidence and how good she was fucking, I decided to stay shut and enjoy it myself. I know is sick but damn she’s good.

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