The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

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nicholai40 says:

Haha! It reminds me of invisible thread! You guys just ripped me off! lol

philipee32 says:

9 million comsumers fags

Mike Garofalo says:

Whats made in China should stay in China !!!! Junk …..

queenisking202 says:

I think u meen plastic light up shit stand

Johan Brandrup Bachmann says:

I wonder if the day we see holograms will it be in a product like this or will just be a feature on the next big branded phone?

Duc-Anh Vu says:

Its not worth for that amount of money and it will take space in your home

RAMPaGE # says:

anyone can make them no need to buy but
liked it

Mostafa Niazy says:

u r the most wonderful presenter ever ….

death1978 says:

Thanks! Now I know what is it and I don’t want to throw my money for this shit!

Anonymous Peanut says:

Why are you disliking?
It’s not his fault the product sucks

Twinkie YT says:

Once he said spooky I instantly thought.


Sckarekrow says:


Ridom Paul says:

I thought it was something that pop out of the base and project 3D hologram, without that skull.
Better I can make my own glass pyramid and project some holographic video by standing it up on iPad

Johnny Rogue says:

how is this asshole making money unboxing things….

COOL D says:

I wish dis dude was my mentor

Laurent Liu says:

I’m a Chinese, but I hate Chinese sanwu bad quality stuff

Shaun Smith says:

The outer cut messes with the effect. It’s much better when the etching reaches the edges. Oh well.

James Leck says:


Aamod Pandey says:

Lets make it the most disliked video in the history of this Fcuking Youtube lol

Glados 90 says:


gmjpharmd says:

it doesnt look 3D to me.

Gary Roberts says:

you should talk less and just open the shit up haha love your vids but i end up fast forwarding through them all


I thought it was hologram….
I’m gonna like anyways his videos are fun!

Khalid's Animations says:

I can’t believe it your on 9,000,000 subs you need less than 1,000,000 to get a diamond play button!! Hope you get it

King Smash says:

A letdown

Angel Gonzalez says:

Dumb. The product not the video.

Tyler Long says:

Maybe pay 20 bucks for a pack of 5 for Halloween but not 20 bucks each.

Mia zuki says:

thats not 3D tho

slutty fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck says:

I have one lol

RossHildick3D says:

Looks like I just found your worst video

iTs Ads iN There says:

The only video I disliked of yours
Because I thought it was without frame

Jsjsjajs Hsjfsd says:

I was scared of that illusion…… Reminded me the doom guy

John B says:

Fücking 2D

Ryder The Sherm Head says:


The1stFishBone says:

I think Lu Yao’s Bosom is the best brand name I ever heard. I’m not being sarcastic.

I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees says:

Oh I have an r2d2 of this

vidform says:

I first saw this on Pinterest (the camera instead of a skull) and thought “OMG! I gotta find out more about it.” Now I’m disappointed. I guess you could buy a lot of them to make something cool. But as it stands, there’s nothing interesting about it. Maybe someone could hack it into something cooler.

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