Spy USB Voice Recorder +8 Gb Memory Stick in One – Audio Digital Sound Voice Recorder – Spy Gadget

BLUE: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Voice-Recorder-Memory-Stick/dp/B074S93MN4
BLACK: https://www.amazon.com/Voice-Recorder-Memory-Stick-Professionals/dp/B074S8WVBJ

2 IN ONE – Audio Recorder & Memory Stick (USB Flash Drive) – 8 GM memory is enough to record about 96 hours. About 10 hour continuous recording time on one battery charge. About 2 hour charge time. Not only works as audio recorder, but also can be used as a regular USB flash drive.

SPY VOICE RECORDER – Discreet & covert recording. Silent operation. This voice recorder is the perfect pocket-sized way to record discreetly or covertly. No one will suspect that it’s anything more than just a USB stick.

EASY TO RECHARGE: Just plug the spy voice recorder into a USB port. Depending on the battery level it will be ready from a few minutes up to 2-3 hours


Rad Dougherty says:

Thanks for sharing

Kalidas Barman says:

I have problem. How can I solve it.

mario reffo says:

ok, but how you listen the voice after recorder?

R F says:

How do you password protect it

Miguel Alejandro Lozano says:

Super innovative

KC Ong says:

Nice Audio Recorder

Heinrich Nell says:

Very nice and useful!

Mark Martin Chua says:

Isnt this a stolen video?

wolf and dragon gaming says:

how I can listen to the recordings my media player do not at this

ErgonFlow says:

Very cool gadget!  Nice review as well.

Michelle Walburn says:

Not sure what I would use it for, but it sounds cool.  Maybe stocking stuffer for my gadget loving brothers?

Yen Vu says:

amazing, will buy 1

WaneFawesome says:

It’s a bit dumb for them to call this a “Spy” recorder. If you want to leave it with said party and come back and get it later. With the obvious On/Off switch that doesn’t come on any other USB storage devices would make anyone who found it curious enough to turn it off. If they plug it in then they can see all your recordings……. If these companies had half an idea they would create simple software so that only you can read whats on it with the exception of some fake files for the target to read if they found the recorder or if you left it there in view on purpose to call and say you would come back and get it later. This is not a spy anything. It’ just a recorder. There are better less obvious spy recorders on the market.

Koundal abhi says:

rec kaise sune isme ..?

Curtis Jennings says:

thought it was 15 hr

Feliciano Matsinhe says:

Nice product…

Jeremy Ashton says:

very handy tool 🙂

Rhonda Hedgecock says:


S Malik says:

Hi….If someone forget to switch it off once the recording is done and the battery went down, so will the audio will be saved automatically???? Please assist as i need the one good quality audio recorder urgently or suggest me what should i buy….
thanks in advance

Tom Cam says:

I needed this 20 years ago.

Joseph Chung says:

Wow, what a great product! Very innovative!  How is the quality of the voice recording?

Nutritional Health says:

Love this!

Mika Laakso says:

very nice product

heirloomseedsinfo says:

Cool product!

Pretmanns says:

Great product!!

Annie Hof says:

What a great idea!  Didn’t know this type of thing existed!

Jerry Rhinestonne says:

I use it to get information on my Friends, Family, Girlfriend, and neighbors they all tell lies, but this gadget tells the truth. Example when I’m at the mall with some friends and girlfriend, I will excuse myself to use the restroom, before i will place it in my sweater and leave it behind, I’ll play it at home and get the goods on who’s who and use it against them. Cause it’s always the same thing when i ask what did i miss while i was away-oh just gibberish. You find out a lot, even bad stuff about people-I call my gadget “my little Watergate”

khoj media says:

I need please contact me now

Sunil Borana says:

dont buy this product worthless . after a few uses its all done

Bruce Todvin says:

Really nice looking and sounding product …

Lukman Mohd says:

need to buy one

David Lambert says:

Very cool Product! Love it!

Nigel Manning says:

100’s of uses!

Karen van den Hengel says:

Interesting product! Worth a look

Theron Andrews says:

This is awesome! So many uses for this… off to Amazon now to pick one up!

Kalidas Barman says:

Nice.. friend. Plz. Dn

J T says:

is it voice activated

GorillaZillas says:

Rubbish review, not even the most basic testing. Might as well read the description on the shop page for it. I could do better in 10 minutes. Put it recording in a pocket and walk around with a camera, talk to people ect, merge camera video with the recorders audio so you could get an idea of the audio sensitivity/quality in various situations. Very poor show. You can do better.

David Andrewartha says:

Great idea. I need one of these.

Pepe le Pew says:

Cool little gadget!

CathyGehrHDTV says:

Handy device to have around. Thanks.

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