Sonic LAB: Korg nano Studio Bluetooth/USB Controllers

Gaz Williams takes a look at the nw Korg nanoKontrol Studio and the nanoKEY Studio wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers.

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InsectInPixel says:


Perry Pelican says:

I wonder why a studio would use bluetooth considering the latency. Yes, the latency can be minimal but it is still much more than wired. In studio you are not moving around like you might be in a performance so why bother. I really don’t get it. I am amazed that Bluetooth keyboards are so popular. Just to not have that one cable!! Is it the coolness thing? Do you use any Bluetooth devices? If so, why? Is it worth having that latency, even if it’s not that much?

GreenHoleSun says:

I want to point out that there is a strange and annoying issue regarding the behaviour of the scale guide lights on the nanokey studio.
You can freely select the scale you want (ionian, dorian, phrigian etc.) and the keys will be accordingly illuminated from the behind, but this only works for the C tonality: if you change to another tonality the lights will not follow accordingly.
I don’t know why Korg has mada this choice: I think that this is a serious issue for people who have bought this equipment to learn and memorize scales. Hope this will be fixed in future firmware releases.

The Joker says:

Gaz: “Restrict to 8 tracks!”
Me: *looks at orchestral mix.

Christof Classen says:

1:50 *2 AAA-Batteries ?, here in Germany they use 2 AA-Batteries, Hmmm !?, why different Batteries in other Countries ??* *–> Stromversorgung über USB-Bus oder “2x AA-Batterien”*

Jan Minor says:

I just want a compact controller with 8 good faders and one xy-pad… doesn’t exist, sadly…

AdjustableSquelch says:

Looks like the camera wide left has a duff pixel, about 1/8th of the way down, 1/3rd in from the right. bright pixel whenever you cut to it

Perry Pelican says:

Also what’s a klagnut?

JoLu MSosa says:

great review!! thanks Gaz!!

Ja Ja says:

Sorry, it’s compatible with fl studio??

Orlando Rodriguez says:

so if I don’t have an Ipad. I can’t use the gadgets on my computer? on abelton?

Zetetik - says:

I see our Gaz is goin for the whole ‘Wildman of the Mountain’ look!


Joe Seven says:

Would this work with the MOOG Model D app for iOS?

Crabtaster says:

haha that jam at the end tho

Dani TheRealHucasys says:

I love Korg, and I want to but a controller like the KStudio, but apart from the poor color feedback, it just doesn’t seem that durable or well made…any suggestions?

alien brain says:

gaz you rock out man

Django Flaherty says:

Those clicky keys on the NanoKey got me thinking… A velocity sensitive typing keyboard could be quite cool! I’d imagine it’d find favour with gamers as well as musicians.

El Morto Beats Hip Hop Beats says:


JBlongz says:

Does the iPad Pro provide power to the NanoKey Studio with USB adapter?

Mike B says:

looks like Billy Connoly…

Holster_Gaming says:

I wish I had a beard like that

Ree Ark says:

Korg Nanostudio or M-Audio Axiom Air 25 or Nektar Impact 25+?

Joseph Swift says:

Your super Koop dude.

Jere Mi says:

How good is the ipad case, which is it?

PH4NT0M 117 says:

Can it be used on andorid?

andrewski Baba says:

talks too much

Cubebeatz says:

hello…can it be used to control more than 8 mixer tracks… like 8*5=40 mixer track is that what the Scene is for?

Roland Stoll says:

Is the Korg nanoKontrol Studio auto mapped to Garageband on the iPhone?
Thank you soo much! 🙂

British Boxer says:

what about repeater? like when you want a note to repeate 16th or 32nd notes? can you do this?

Navichord - chord sequencer and MIDI controller says:

Great review, thank you Gaz! It looks like NanoKontrol is not very useful for Gadget not only because it lacks features but mainly because it doesn’t fully replace interaction with the screen. You will still want to touch the screen to add a new gadget, edit notes, touch a non-automapped knob etc. The only useful thing there is transport control. Verdict from a Gadget user: Nanokey – oh yeah, Nanokontrol – nah.

Michael Lawrence says:

I love watching his videos. He’s always so honest and in a good mood 😀

CountDoucheula says:

We need to start a thing.

Meagain921 says:

Very useful overview, in fact by far the best I’ve come across. Many thanks.

dykodesigns2yt says:

Good review, I have both the nanokey studio and the nano kontrol studio. I use them extensively with korg gadget on my iPad. The only gripe I have with the nanokey studio is the arp tempo. I have set it to auto, but always uses the built-in tempo that I have set to 110 bpm. Somehow the if I change the tempo in gadget, the arp stays at the 110 bpm, as if they don’t exchange the tempo. I tried a the wired usb connection with both gadget and cubase on windows, but somehow the nanokey studio want’s to stick with it’s internal tempo regardless if the setting is on auto or external-usb. Using the tempo tap feature seems a bit inprecise as the the nano key does not have a display that indicates the arp tempo. Any one have the same issues or any pointers on this?

Hollow Hound says:

this really looks cool it might be what im looking for does it hook up to sonar platinum?

Terry Riley says:

Finally a full and descriptive review including warts and all. Good job Gaz. I think I’ll sub in future content in anticipation of getting my iMac.

ExStatic Bass says:

The concept of these is great. There are a few things I’d change if I were to build something like those. LiPo batteries would be the first thing because who really wants to buy batteries all the time and NiMh cells don’t last that long in comparison. The second thing that bugs me is the position of the USB port in that it’s positioned in such a way that one can’t put them in close proximity and have them both connected via USB. At least not side by side as depicted in this video which is how I’d want them. The last bit is this and it comes in the form of a question. Can they be run off USB power? If they can I’ll forgive the position of the port. If not it’s a bit of a fail for me. As I said, I really don’t like having to replace batteries all the time.

Silviu Avram says:

Karl Marx is alive and well playing synths.

Miles Briand says:

Nice video as always. I will throw out there that 8 tracks is very limiting to me, in gadget, because if you do any heavy parameter recording, unless you record some parameter data earlier in the songs, you end up messing up the sanctity of your earlier scenes with that same gadget. I end up duplicating my gadgets many times just to make sure I don’t accidentally mess up a previous part and have to find the sweet spot again.

Barb Just Barb all You Need says:

Yeah. Gadget Le ( limited edition emphasizes LIMITED) is free. Full version $40 and does not connect Bluetooth out of box. Needs free korg Bluetooth app for iPad or iPhone just FYI

Seen From Space says:

Just bought the nanoKey. At 4:50 he describes remapping the knobs. You’d think your custom mappings would be saved as part of your Gadget project… but seemingly not. Do I have to redo it all manually after loading the project in a new session? Everything else seems to be saved reliably as part of the project; why not this? Have I missed something? Is this the end of my great ideas of using gadget + nanoKey for a live set? At least until Korg fix this in an update?

fayekhelmi says:

i didn’t finish the video but my understanding is that the scale functionality is tied to korg gadget? not a built in function?

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