REVIEW: USB Lighter – Plasma Double Arc Flameless Lighter!

In this video we take a closer look at two Kivors USB electric cross plasma lighters. These next-gen lighters are safer to transport and can be partially useful in outdoor environments [windproof design]. Find out more details in this video first look and quick review.


Colors: Black
Material: Metal
Net Weight:about 90g
Size: 7.2×3.5×1.2cm
Electric Arc Pulse: Double

Package List:
1x Lighter
1x Usb Cable


Marco Soccia says:

can’t smoke out of a bong /pipe. lighter still wins

Nigel Smith says:

Does it support OTG?

frankie says:

very good video.arc lighter here to buy:

liQuid says:

fucking light a cigarette why dont you

worthless review

Electric Driver says:

Can it run Doom?

Nether Warrior says:

If your finger goes in it is like a mini taser, a coworker tried it

Dana B says:

Asked my girl if the noise would bother her, she replied, “What noise?”

Mr Potat0man451 says:

RIP headphone users beware

TheHoodiee says:

That second one.. stopped working in less than an hour. No fucking joke. They’re sending me a new one smfh.

Felix Baum says:

nice video. But i have a question: I need a lighter for rc plane, so in has to work in 100mph wind and needs to be easy to push. Is it easy to push the button? Because a simple 9g servo has to be able to press the button.

John Stiggens says:

How the hell do you light a cigar with one of these things?

Viktor Bakai says:

can you lit cocktails with it?

Ricky says:

can u use it in rains

Raketen Floppi says:

is this sound really so annoying?

horvis none says:

How many volts have the flame at that lighter?

Aspenex says:

Can you kill dogg with this ?

Young Bodybuilders says:

Can u light bowls with it

Akin2012 says:

Must give credit where credit is due; extremely thorough analysis and well done.

Ajchat says:

…but it sure as hell won’t light my pipes or cigars. I’ll stick to matches, an invention that will never die or go out of fashion.

mickey macmac says:

Show us you blowing the flame again.

Daehawk says:

A 1080p lighter.

Vodkaxx says:

Plazmastick lighters are much better than this one, I bought this one for my little brother :

xOverload86x says:

“laser” you’re a laser man xD

Gear Testathon says:

Nice vid! I subed!

scotty s says:

4.24…….”so as you can see there”………. Actually, no we couldn’t see. You went off camera lol

Selna Goodhead says:

Got Mine and Its Fine, but Haven’t figured out How long to Charge it to get a Full Charge Yet.. and It only lights about 40x and then needs ReCharging..

Cowboys 4Life says:

I bought one for only 2 dollars online the same as these,go on the app wish

alex prud says:

Color: Black with gold dragon
100% brand new and high-quality made
Lighter x 1
cable x 1
Beautiful gift box x1
Links :

MrGoodKill says:

What happens if I put my finger in it?

Wei Chen says:

why do retards need to talk for hours about a fucking lighter, i just want to see how it works, omfg.

PugKer Yes that says:


Tech Prady says:

What about Campher

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