Review: USB-C to Lightning Cable – a must-have for the 12.9″ iPad Pro

Should 12.9″ iPad Pro owners invest in Apple’s USB-C to Lightning Cable and USB-C Power Adapter? Watch the video, and see why the answer to that question is a resounding YES:

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Maureen Longthorne says:

Your video was very helpful, as you said another trip to the Apple Store, thanks for sharing.

Nguyên says:

why can’t they just drop the lighting cable on iOS devices and use USB-C on both ends.

Luis M. Pérez Suárez says:

Does it gets a speed boost in data transfer? With a MacBook with USB type C or thunderbolt 3 in the Pro

Jason Blossom says:

does those anker quick charge 3.0 works the same ?

HD_POWER says:

Can I use Macbook Power Adapter to charge an iPhone 7 with smart battery case? or it will blow the battery?

loloythegreat666 says:

can i use that with my iphone?

Brian Quinn says:

Excellent video. Watched quite a few after receiving my ipad pro and yours has been the only film so far that has commented on the reversible nature of the lead. Thank you!

Tun Soe Activities says:

Can I use it for iPad Pro 9.7 inches?

Mexican Jesus says:

Ladies and Gents, before you lash out on Apple for being greedy and not supplying the usb-c adapter and cable with the iPad Pro, please note that the slow charger is actually preserving the battery life for a long run. The faster you charge the battery, the shorter battery life will be. And finally, a fully charge iPad Pro roughly lasts about 8-10 hours, and I personally think its enough to get work done. Give your eyes some rest and let the iPad charge while you sleep.

Peter Harper says:

Thank you……. I definitely pull the BS flag on Apple for NOT including the charger and cable; like you pointed out it ships with 12″ Apple computer.

burly636 says:

Yes, it is. Darn cheap or greedy Apple. We shouldn’t have to buy it for ipad pro customers. You can’t use ipad pro with out it discharging and that plugged into 12w brick.

Raiden Uchiha says:

I’ve been questioning if I should invest in one of these and I’ve arrived at work and my iPad has been sitting on the charger and it is dying slow but it’s dying on the charger I paid over 1000 for this damn tablet and now I have to invest 80 more.

toocoolforu says:

All fast charging will lower your battery life expectancy.

Likas says:

Hello,i have a question does it work when i try to load my iphone faster with this than the normal 12w?


Great presentation!!!

James He says:

This new lightning cable is thicker and doesn’t break in 2 days!
You only need an iPad Pro which is the only compatible thing and 48 dollars.

AnThony Quinn says:

If you use the power adapter and the usbc to lighting cable on a iPhone 6s… would it somehow damage the iPhone??? Perhaps you know a wall plug power adaptor for an iPhone specifically. Thanks!!!

Harrison Spatz says:

Will this work with the 10.5 inch iPad Pro?

Phil Rey says:

It‘s annoying to buy so many accessories for my Apple products. This should be already included!

Bhavik Singh says:

And it still isn’t included in the new ones. They just shortened the lightning to USB A cable

David Farlow says:

Can you use the USB-C to USB Adapter to attach to the USB C charger then charge from that with a normal lightning cable?

Jack says:

If you want to charge your iPad quicker, on amazon, there is a $20 60W charger with 4 USB ports which in my opinion is much better value than the $50 Apple version. Just saying.
I might have saved you some money lol

Minsy S says:

Hi will the charger work with iPad Pro 9.7

Kio Milenium says:

Are you doing the iPhone 8+ fast charging speed comparison between the Apple USB-C Power Adapters (29W Model A1540, 61W Model A1718, 87W Model A1719) and the 12W that comes with the iPad? Cheers!

Minh Duc Nguyen says:

Will it work with Ipad Pro 10.5?

Miguel Arias says:

Hey Guys! I bought these Lightning Cables on Amazon and they were great and a super deal comes with 3 to a pack.

Dark Star says:

oh shit you moron you bought that fucking ugly battery case.

Nasir Rasul says:

I just bought the USB C to Lighting cable. Should have bought the 2m one but firgot to ask for it. I do agree Apple should have shipped thus with 12.9 ipad Pro. But heidi ho welcome to the days of stinginess, despite the initial cost this is a great buy.

Nopiw says:

tried so hard to make it to the 10 min mark, but I guess you can’t “review” a cable for 10 minutes

bean eating says:

I bought the 29 watt cube and a usb c to lightening cable and this won’t charge my I phone 6 plus. Can u please tell why.

Ian Tindale says:

The USB port on the power supply units are, as I’m sure you know (and all your viewers realise) is an output – power comes out of it – and not acting an input as you stated several times. However, if you want to get super-nerdy to recover your position that stated that they were an input (but this only applies to the 29W one), then yes, they are inputs too in terms of receiving the request side of USB-C Power Delivery negotiation data sent by the iPad. Hence, as you were.

Armando Oyos says:

I was in the Apple Store this morning and the genius doesn’t recommend this charger for the iPad Pro,he said the 12w is designed for the iPad and this 29w will damage the battery in long term,so I will keep the 12w. Is a $1000 toy and don’t want to kill the battery for save few hours Just my opinion and genius advice

Kio Milenium says:

I need your guidance mate, I used to have an iPhone 7 Plus but, I’ve been mugged. So I’m facing this dilemma, Should I buy another iPhone or an iPad Pro 12.9 gen 2 (price is almost the same) Taking onto account that I can only afford one. It will become my daily(only) driver. I’m almost always at home (I work at home) and almost never commute, so I’m perfectly ok with the fact of giving up the cellular comunication factor (I can get an affordable smartphone just for calls). My main concern is about the apps, (I have had all iPhones since the 5S, but I have never own an iPad of any kind) the apps I use the most are for fitness, jogging and counting steps (Argus tracker from Azumio, Human, Moves, Runtastic, Walkr (I totally love this one), walkathon, etc), so the big question is, In that regard, is an iPad the same that an iPhone? Will I be able to use it like so? I almost forget, The messaging apps, Can I use Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc?
I reckon this is alot to read, but I hope you will ease my worries. Thanks for been so nice.

Miller Chen says:

it can work on iPhone 7 plus? I worry iPhone 7 plus battery

Phoenix Kam says:

Will this charge my IPhone 7 Plus faster??

Likas says:

Does it work with the 10,5er pro?

Joseph Antenucci says:

I need a female lightning to male USB C adaptor, but can’t find any

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