Review: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB)

SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD (Amazon: or B&H: can help pick up the slack on a storage-strapped MacBook Pro. This is a USB-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD. 550MB/s Read Max. Includes USB-C Cable and USB-A Adapter.

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JDW says:

Is TRIM automatically enabled when we use it with High Sierra, or is TRIM not necessary? Also, is there a benefit to format it as APFS?

ateb3 says:

why would they even say its usb-c 3.1 GEN 2. I mean from the test results its pretty clear the ssd its a sata one and sata speeds (750 MB/s theoretical) are not much faster than usb 3.1 gen 1 (625 MB/s) so it doesnt really make sense to say its usb 3.1 gen 2 (1250 MB/s) especially if the drive doesnt even go slightly over the 600 MB/s mark infact its even in the lower end of real world sata ssd speeds (550MB/s read and write)

Rick Valasek says:

You didn’t like the build material because it tends to attract lint! Really?

Patrick says:

They’re $192 now

Jose Angel Silván Garcia. says:

Oka. ; ) …

Danial Khan says:

would I be able to get the same speed as you if I plug this using USB 3.0? Since USB 3.0 supports 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s), it should not be slower than using without the adapter. Can you confirm this. I haven’t tested it.

Happy says:

Why not make it without cable and just provide an adapter for regular USB.

Die Ratgeber says:

Super Video !

Falls ihr nach Teifgehende Infos sucht, die findet ihr hier!


zaxis1812 says:

Its Can connect to smartphone on otg?

Jared Braun says:

Would this work with the new iPad Pro

surferdjnj says:

Funny how the Fan Boys don’t know jack about the tech specs of this device, including the reviewer. It matters a TON with SSD’s whether it’s SLC, eMLC or MLC storage architecture. If you guys are going to be doing “Video editing” as the reviewer implied you best go look at some enterprise drives or figure out if the expected read write cycles rating will work for you on a consumer product like this. U guys nvr cease to amaze!

Crazypole says:

Thanks to your review i ordered one. Answered all my questions. Liked and subscribed.

John Bancroft says:

Nice these small portable drives are what all of us who plan to buy the BMPCC 4K on it’s release will but using, writing 4K ProRes, needs large capacity fast drives attached to the camera.

Ryad Arlan says:

If you are trying to offset their robbery and pass it off smoothly after these decades. Not going to happen. No association with melbourne other them screwing me and big parts of the world for years. I want no part of it.

Dale Allen says:

Curious if this can be used with Android phones ?

Rupali Verma says:

I already have class 4 512 GB and 1 TB Memory cards smaller than half of my nail for my Samsung Note 9 . so i think this is outdated for new tech people.

Lili Sas says:

Eu văd așa Nu îmi place asta că e prea foarte urâtă

Eric Smith says:

Okay Please my me understand this. Everyone is always referring to speed when it comes to these new External SSD Drives. However NO ONE is talking about the capacity issue. They are advertised as 1TB however most of the added software is less than 1-5 GB in size. So why is that that these companies like Samsung, WD and Sandisk are only allowing between 910 – 950 GB of storage capacity. Where is all this wasted space and is this false advertising ???? If you asked me for 10 bucks and I give you 7 buck would that be fair ???

Abel Casanova says:

3:06 he says 487 I see 467…

Billy McMillan says:

Great review. Lots of reviews up, I’m having trouble finding tutorials about how to actually use this ssd for editing in premiere pro on a Mac. Very new to all this and trying to increase speed while editing. Any step by step videos for beginners? Might you point me in the right direction?

G.T.M. says:

Does it work with windows

Don Alan says:

SanDisk ‘could have’ designed a storage groove around the outside of the case for the connection cord. That would have allowed everything to be kept together and possible eliminating digging around for the cord among all the other cords we all carry. Some might argue the potential to lose the cord if it were to come out of the storage groove while carrying it on a carabiner. Simple design solution… one end of the cord would be permanently fixed to the drive. Lacie (sp?) Used this groove storage on ruggedized drives years ago and it was very useful for cord management.

5150 Media says:

does any one notice that when plug in and not in use it still gets warm?

Adrian Denila says:

so nice! too bad we dont have that here yet in Iloilo city, Philippines.

Ofentse Mwase Films says:

Very nice! Ordering

Ricardo Júnior says:

Does this model also fits in for Mac mini 2014 ?

bkboii24 says:

Anyone else thought it was SSD masquerading as an iPhone case at first?

No? Just me?


Vicky Dada says:

How can we order it for online in india

Kyle Dominy says:

I’m looking to improve load times on my Xbox One X, you guys think this’ll do the trick?

Md Hasmuddin says:

is this ssd works in ipad 2018 model??

Martin Norden says:

Hi, did you test this SSD with an older MacBook Pro (pre USB-C) using the USB-A adapter? If so how did you get on, were there any issues? I am interested in getting a SSD drive for my 2014 MBP but am concerned that the new technology is not compatible with the older MBP. Thanks.

Ben Ubaid says:

I almost buy this thing, than skip when see the prize….

Venkatesh babu says:

Can it go with a cellphone.

nin Singh says:

Very nice video you can buy here this product very cheap

Danielle Strijdhaftig says:

I want a 1TB thumb drive.

Marcus U says:

Can I use this for my Nvidia Shield?

Stephen Lo says:

Just bought one of this, i discover the SanDisk logo silver paint had smear off after just unboxing it (it shown in this video too!), i originally thought is the logo design, but it’s not! pretty bad build quality.

Maung Moe says:

can this be used with iPhone and ipad?

HGST says:

rubber/plastic will crack. prefer aluminum like samsung

red oct says:

A few days ago I was looking for a portable ssd card too. After watching a preview video I found what I was

looking for. You can also see it here

pranav js says:

Advantages of ssd hard disk over normal external hard disk?

Amy Racicot says:

Can you plug it directly into your camera for download?

Cul Giles says:

A number of people are asking how this compares to the Samsung T5. I understand that the T5 uses TLC flash memory blocks where write operations are cached to a buffer which is limited to 10Gb, so if you are transferring data that is >10Gb there is a significant drop in write speed. Someone on a comparison video has posted test results for data >10Gb showing the Samsung drop to 150Mbps – where the SanDisk (which uses MLC) maintains full write speed.

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