Review: RAVPower’s Wireless Card and USB Flash Drive Reader – RP-WD01

I’m stoked to see more gadgets like this. Getting files on and off our tablets and phones can be painful. As much as these devices claim autonomy, often we still need to resort to plugging them into proper computers. Wireless drives afford us more flexibility in handling our mobile data, allowing us to build portable clouds, and providing us easier solutions for sharing media with other people. Let’s take a look at RAVPower’s entry into this gadget class with the RP-WD01.

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Joseph Martin Augustin says:

Range in meters and Read/write transfer speed of RAV Power?

Gabriel Graells says:

I am going to Thailand for the next month, I want to make a video of the whole experience and as I don’t want to travel with my laptop, I was wondering if this gadget could help me. I want to transfer my files from the SD card to an external hard disc.
Thanks I am waiting for your reply

Divemadness Esquire says:

Can I transfer files from iPhone to the hubs micro card?

Plus Pack says:

Have a 4TB Hard Drive. Will it work with it?

Toby Hines says:

I was very happy to see Your video, But still not able to use device. I have a kindle fire 5 gen and old Ipod. Kindle has google play on it. 3 lights turn on that’s all I get device not listed on WiFi networks list.So I just use as battery only

WEI CHEN says:

By the way can I just download a movie on my iPod 5 and store it onto the ravpower?

rockbroncos1 says:

So do you need to be connected to the internet for it or does it make itself a wireless ap. Because I want to use it in conjunction with my passport ultra.

Sanu SC says:

Hi Juan. Good review. How long does it take to transfer video to the ravpower ie 900mb video to a micro ad , usb flash or a usb hdd. Thanx for your help.

Dr. Daniel H Rubinsky says:

I need to use my RAVPOWER with my iPad 2 and a Surface 3 Pro. I have a 2Tb external HD and SM cards with my data. Is it necessary a special format? Now I can not see images but a single icon in all of them, nor I can see MP4 or read my files. Can access them but not see its content.

MagicianFlip69 says:

Does this have enough power to open my files in my 2 Tera Harddrive?

Gerardo Quintero says:

I am thinking of buying the ravpower 6 in 1. The reason is the ethernet connectivity.

Parheez Gimi says:

Does it support Mac and IOS?


Does this work with apps and games?

SkateNation01 says:

Can I use these storage extension for stream movies in a plane?

Bilgütay DURSUNOĞLU says:

can my wireless keyboard & mouse be connected to this? can it be a Bluetooth bridge except file transfer?

Ride at 80km says:

hi, gr8 video & many important comments from other users cleared almost all doubt but I like to know how much time it takes to transfer video file of 1 gb (HD quality) from memory card to 1/2 TB HDD ….. so we r just using android to see which files we are transferring , correct me if i am wrong. i need this device to backup my daily videos from my action cam memory card to portable hard disk …… expecting expert advice bec. i am really in need to buy this product.

Optimal Prime says:

does the tablet and rav need a wifi network signal to connect or does it just use built in wifi to connect both devices like bluetooth?

Carl Bradley says:

1. As a photographer I’m just looking to transfer files from my SD card to a USB drive. I read somewhere that the mobilelite will only transfer JPEG files not RAW files, is that true?
2. Can the either device transfer files directly from the SD drive to the USB drive?

Geakatom ! says:

will it work with widows, linux and mac

Wes Köhler says:

PLEASE CAN SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION ASAP, I’m going on holiday next week. I am not bringing a laptop, I am taking an iPad and android device. I want to transfer photos and videos from an sd card to an external hard drive or memory usb stick. Is this possible firstly and will I retain the same quality?

Fiqih Trihanda says:

Can it transfer from SD card to an SSD drive directly?

WEI CHEN says:

Do you have to be connected to the wifi for this to work such as at home, or does the ravpower creates a hotspot for you to use on the go?

Sammy Deew says:

can i connect WD 2tb harddisk?. will my mobile detect harddisk

markreif1 says:

Question: I drive around with a D Turbo feeding an internet signal to a laptop, an itouch, and a an ICON. I have a GN4 feeding music via BT and Transcend OTG connector that’s housing a 256GB SD card filled with tunes to the head unit. Will this device allow me to create the NAS /hub/music server that I’d like to feed to the head unit with my entire music collection of 850GB on a USB Hard drive connected to the laptop or to this device itself -using the only internet I have either through the Turbo or the GN4?

GunSmoke852 says:

Does this work on an iPad Air 2

Devshi Babaria says:

Dear Juan Bagnell, Nice Demo with good English pronunciation. Just like OTG does such Mobile Smartphone should be compatible with RP-WD01 then only its function or any Smartphone can access from RP-WD01 to Tablets or Smartphone ?

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